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  1. In Vision 2017 I was able to connect from my Jands Vista on my Mac to Vision 2017 via sACN. I was able to do this on a network and even the same computer. Since changing to Vision 2018 I can no longer get sACN to work on my computer through a network, nor on the same device. ArtNet works just fine, but we prefer sACN for our network protocol. Has anyone else experienced an issue with sACN? I would very much prefer not having to change protocols just to program and then shift back for running my nodes.
  2. (See picture) Not quite sure how I have done this, but I have made a settings change that has altered how my lighting pipe and tick marks looks. If I turn off the tick marks and end markers this goes way but the lighting pipe looks like a standard line. I would like to use the ticks to show that it is a lighting pipe, especially since it is over the seam of some risers. I was making some adjustments to the class on a drum cage so that in the renderings it would be able to be seen through. After those changes my tick marks look like this. But I don't know what I changed. Anyone have any idea what class or other random setting I may have messed with that would cause the tick marks to be very large arrows?
  3. This may be something that is already there and I just haven't figured it out yet...Is there a way to do a Cyc or painted drop that is flat with no pleats? Currently I make the pleat size to .1" which is the smallest it allows. I still prefer using the Soft Goods tool over anything else for putting in these elements. If it is not possible to natively make it 100% flat without any pleats, I personally would love to see that implemented.
  4. Is there a specific way to do this within VW15? I have a show I'm building where the Director is having trouble seeing what projecting on the walls will look like. So I'm attempting to show him, however I can't figure out how to project an image from a projector and be able to still show the walls. Currently to do this I am just putting in a 90' wide screen, however I know this director well enough to know he will want to see the actual walls in the drawing. Is there a way to do this, without having to place an image onto each section of the wall and show the curves and angles?
  5. Thank you so much for the reply and tip. I've not done any coding yet but am trying to aggressively expand my knowledge and abilities so I will check it out and give it a shot. Thanks!
  6. So I've never created a device that is workable similar to the Stage Lifts that can be used in VW2015. I am wanting to create a ST-180 crank stand, that i can easily manipulate like the Stage Lifts, but I want it to look like the ST-180s so the client can see exactly what it will look like. Two quick questions, one of which would be a quick answer.... 1. Does anyone happen to have something already drawn that looks similar to this style crank stand? Global Truss 2. If no one has this, in brief, what steps do I need to take to make this a workable, configurable drawing/plugin? Obviously I need to draw all the parts, but how do I make it so I can configure it in the Object Info window? Still pretty new to VW so If this is a really dumb question I apologize.
  7. I am using Lighting Pipe, however the issue I am having is that I am rotating on multiple axis at once. So not only is it angling from one electric to the other (super easy), but it also hang from one height to another. That is the one that I am not able to get. Every time I try to change the height angle, I guess should say the Z angle, it either will not change, or changes the total height and not follow the vertical angle that I need it to set to.
  8. I'm trying to create some angled scheduled 40 hang positions. Basically trying to build a triangle out of schedule 40 pipe. But I cannot figure out how to get the pipe to show on the angle in 3D. I've actually already built this in the room, but am trying to do a drawing for use in ESP Vision. I need to have the angled lighting position go from my second electric to a vertical pipe hanging down from my first electric. This will connect the two electrics together with this angled pipe. I just can't figure out how to draw an angled hang position in VW14. I know it has to be something stupid easy that I am not seeing, but I can not figure it out and to be honest, it's making me extremely irritated.