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  1. Hi All, From time to time I seem to stumble upon some parameters and settings in the Existing Tree tool that I would like to customise to my needs. This applied earlier to the definition of the TPZ/ RPA definition and now I would like to understand what settings govern the Root Display. I can see that this can be a Critical or a Primary Zone or both or none, but how are these defined and if these definitions (ie their size/ radii) can be customised to align with local standards/ requirements?
  2. I am looking for a solution for the very same problem. I used VW to trace some landscape character areas and now I am trying to make them suitable for further use in my QGIS baseline file. I can't get VW to export anything to shapefile nor is QGIS able to use DWGs or DXFs exported from VW.
  3. I noticed that whilst my problem with sending to surface persists, other potentially related features don't work, such as Hardscape's Drape Mode.
  4. Any chance for any material comment on that one, Vectorworks?
  5. @JuanP, now I am actually working more in v2023.
  6. I am recently experiencing the following error when attempting to send anything to the model surface: Error on line-1: 695_697 Index outside array limits. Any ideas?
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has ever created a Graphic Legend for the Site Analysis (slope values) in a Site Model. I am new to the tool and can't figure out how to set the GL to pick the SA attributes. Particularly from a given snapshot actually, rather than from the original SM. Any tips?
  8. I seem to have a similar problem. When I execute Create Section Viewport [from the Clip Cube plane] it creates a small suqare empty viewport. If I go to Top Plan View, and choose to fit view to objects, it will zoom out and the section line seem to be somewhere within the model - so it's not associated with the model itself. My Internal Origin is in the middle of my model and it's properly geolocated. I don't know what to do. Wasting time trying to figure out the software rather than progressing with the design 🙇‍♂️.
  9. Hi All, I've had this problem for a long while. I actually contacted VW about it but no response from there. The problem is with the Image Fill. Some images are reproduced as expected - so that the size of the image "tile" is fine and the image pattern is clearly visible, like a texture. But, in many if not most cases, the image is so tiny that the filled area seems solid-coloured. I tried with different image presets (resolution and size) and I can't seem to understand how this works. Sometimes I have a bigger image that is reproduced microscopic whilst another image of the same size is preproduced as expected. What governs this behaviour? I know that one can change the size of such image tile via local mapping settings, but this is tedious and works only in Design Layers. What if I want to use different fill attributes in different Sheet Layers or viewports? Apart from some help - which I would really appreciate - it would be good to have such things (ie how to prepare images to be used as image fills) explained in the Help pages.
  10. Hi guys, I wanted to add several different aspects to my plant symbols by creating specific classes for bitmap representation, linework/ technical etc. I noticed that all those extra symbol instances/ aspects don't scale when I change the canopy spread. Maybe I am creating them incorrectly. Has anyone got any experience with this or is using a similar method?
  11. I think I've got it! To get the 3D contours the view must be set to Top (i.e. 3D). I conclude that VW cannot export a 3D geometry from the 2D view of a hybrid object.
  12. @Eric Gilbey, PLA, mine keeps exporting the site model as a flattened 2D symbol. Any import settings that need to be looked at? Perhaps you could send me or publish here screenshots of your export/ import settings windows and panes? Also, I was trying to produce a spreadsheet listing all 3D loci. They are not captured by the worksheet criteria at all - perhaps that's because they are part of the model as an etity? Do I need to copy them from the source and paste into a separate Design Layer?
  13. @Eric Gilbey, PLA, could you explain again what settings should be used? I changed min to 3D Contours and when exporting to dwg I desected 'Export as flattened 2D graphics' hoping this would preserve the 3D properties - but no luck. Any further advice?
  14. Hi guys, I've just noticed that when I update my ETs' 3D settings or try to send them to the surface they lose shape. In 2D plan they look correct and nothing changes in their canopy extents - they just assume a generic canopy spread in 3D. Any ideas?
  15. @Letti R, that's absolutely amazing what you've done! In fact, I used the code you provided before and built the routine/ Marionette based on Adam's first proposal and it all worked perfectly. I need to double check but I think I requested some time ago that this functionality be added to the ET tool. I know nothing about scripts but are they VW version/ release-specific? Will I be able to use the same script in, say, v2024? Or, there is a way to convert them from one version to another? - just like the models can be saved for different releases. Many thanks for your help with this - it will save me a lot of time next time.
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