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  1. Hi guys, I work from home on my personal Mac and I can't get the greyed layers grey when exporting to PDF. I have already decreased the 'gayness' to 30%, but they come out perfectly black. Am I missing anything here?
  2. Hi guys, Is there a way to do it through the Resource Manager? It would be great if all that could be done from one place. For example, to import dim styles one needs to do it through Document Settings/ Preferences. I also experience VW [on my Mac] 'quitting unexpectedly' every time I try to import layers from another documents. Shall I look into any specific graphics card settings?
  3. Hi guys, I was trying to do a few things with Existing tree tags, but couldn't find the way forward on my own. Perhaps someone could help. First thing I wanted to do, was to replicate the way we annotate existing trees in our daily routine in AutoCAD. I tried to modify the tag information to show what I want, but I can't go beyond the options VW provides as options. For example the number only, number + name etc. I want a bit more information and cannot compose the built in tag this way. I think it is possible with proposed plants, but not with existing. When I gave up I moved to creating my own Data Tag style, which largely worked. Two things I don't know again: how to then disable the automatic Tree Tag display and how to express TPZ in metres rather than in mm [by default]? With the latter, I tried to type in expression like /1000 in the tag data link, but it didn't work. I didn't expect it to, to be honest. I knew it had to be more to it than this. Any experience and ideas, anybody?
  4. Yeah, this is what I thought when I first did it, but after exiting the Worksheet Edit mode both of them got updated. Perhaps there is a relevant option somewhere.
  5. I noticed another interesting, but undesirable behaviour of the Landscape Areas. I changed the Category field of a plant style that is used only within the Landscape Areas, in order to get it picked up by the schedule. Nothing happened. It appeared that the changes to plant styles won't get updated automatically by Landscape Areas. I needed to go to them one by one and reassign. Like I described above - I think it's the same behaviour.
  6. Now I can see that there is a Selection State criterium. I need to play with these, but do I understand it right, that every time the schedule is to be recalculated the right set of items needs to be selected? Also, I understand that for different set of criteria, different worksheet templates need to be created/ saved in the Resource Manager. I noticed that when I simply duplicate one and change the criteria, all duplicates follow the behaviour.
  7. @Pat Stanford , but answering the query exactly, is there a way to limit the data to selection only? I have a feeling that the answer is NO.
  8. On a side note, is there a way to replace one plant style with another? Even, when the plant [to be replaced] is part of a Planting Area? I know this can be done with individual plants/ specimens, but can't find the way to do it globally, particularly for plants within groups/ mixes. I tried to create an instance/ specimen of the plant I want to get rid of and use 'Replace all instances', but that didn't affect the mixes :(. Any thoughts?
  9. I think I am almost there. The thing is I can't do this Select Item thing. It's grey. The only ones that can be selected are actually those 'duplicates' that are correct.
  10. I noticed that when I reassign the style again, it removes the instances with the incorrect spec. Well, at least a way to go, but quite laborious. Not sure even where this came from as I have only one style for these plant species. Perhaps a bug. The drawing was migrated from 2019, so perhaps this is a sort of redundancy.
  11. @bgoff, thanks for the tip, but I will require a bit more help regarding this. The Select Item is greyed out for majority of instances. Within the duplicated ones, only the correct ones are selectable. Then, even if I manage to select them, if they are included within Planting Areas the only thing I can do is to replace the style. But the thing is that I have only one style per each of these two species. How can I then identify what caused the problem or where the difference comes from?
  12. Hi guys, I just came across this problem with my planting plan and the associated schedule. It seems that within my plan there are instances of plants or plant styles with an alternative spec. This makes the schedule have two records for the same plant - like shown below. I can't find the way to identify where these plants are within the plan. In my Resource Manager I have only one style per each of these plant species, so don't really know how I got to that situation. Any advice on how to replace or rectify these instances, or merge their styles if there are two somehow?
  13. @archdaly, I have the same problem. VW crashes always when editing polylines with the Reshape tool. I work in file that is 2D only, so don't understand what causes the problem. And yes, I am centred on the drawing.
  14. @Tamsin Slatter, thanks Tamsin. I will try it out. I understand that this is VW internal thing and does not affect the coordinates shown in the topographical survey information. I need to revise how this works in VW, because I feel really unconfident about that.
  15. Hi Tamsin, I was about to send it through, but thought I would replicate it first to be able to explain. It seems that now it's not happening. In the meantime I installed the new SP so it was either rectified through it or when I experienced it it was just w bug. When it happened before, I just opened the drawing/ model and realised that it got misaligned and this had to be because our dwg reference got wider due to additional linework on the side (like sketch options for some features). This morning I tried to replicate a situation where the reference is already in, then it's changed in AutoCAD and updated in VW. Nothing bad happened. The other attempt was to change the dwg reference and open the VW file that has it referenced. Still nothing. Well, it seems to work now so that's the most important. For the future, I would like to make sure that I am not missing anything. I understand that there is no setting that may potentially control that behaviour? Something along the lines of always [dynamically] centering the reference files? We always use the recommended import option (the first one). Please let me know if there is anything I could/ should look into my settings/ preferences/ options. Regards


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