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  1. Oh no - seriously?! I am sticking to 2021 for the time being - until it cools down a bit. I've been experiencing issues with Undo usually after spending some time in the session and when I need to undo a few times - then it tends to break down. Sometimes it comes back to norm but mostly it doesn't and I prefer to relaunch the app. It's a shame to hear it continues through to 2022.
  2. Hi All, I had VW registered on my employer installed on my machine and now when I bought my own version I would like to change the organisation (company) name etc. The problem is I can't find where this is set up. Do I need to reinstall VW to do that? Or perhaps, when I am going to install v2022 in a couple of months time (when most bugs are fixed within some four SPs) I will be able to do that anyway? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if it is possible to set graphical properties of the Fence/ Railing tool to represent a fence in Top/ Plan view as a line type, rather than a 2D representation of the 3D geometry? I am sure I saw it before in a video, which I can't find anywhere. Is there any setting that I am missing?
  4. Hi guys. On that one, what size should an image be to be reproduced correctly as an object's fill? When I use images as fills for presentation, they are so small that the end result appear as granular solid colour. It's a shame this cannot be also controlled by Class and when image fills are used only in Sheet Layer Viewports. Unless I am missing something. Do you use image fills at all? I do, but it is a bit tedious at the moment. What are workflows you could recommend?
  5. Hi All, I want to ask you how VW calculates number of plants in the MoC mode. In v2021 where individual plants' 2D visualisation/symbol can be turned on, I tend to check if the number of plants make sense practically. I set my shrubs to be at 3 moc in a rather narrow swathe. The result is rather far from what was expected: I understand that this is an coding issue. To my understanding, at MoC the next plant should be no further than the required value. This is also rather annoying when designing a mixed-species green walls made of climbers. VW is still not capable of producing mixes along a line, so Landscape Areas are needed for that, coupled with a trial and error exercise, to get the numbers right. When I try MoC for climbers (or any other planting typology to that matter), the software doesn't help either. At 1 moc, the plants are either all over the place (in wider areas) or are too sparse. I would expect that if my area in super narrow, the plants would assume almost a linear arrangement. Unfortunately this is not the case, because the symbols are forced to arrange in rows. If the area is at angle different than 45 dg, the plants will be distributed with large gaps. Whilst back in the day, we used to draw them by hand at where they should be, one would expect that dedicated software would streamline the process. Perhaps this is actually subject to some settings, hidden somewhere deeper in Preferences. Any help or workflows recommended?
  6. Guys, thanks for your views on that. Very interesting what you referred to there, @jeff prince. I will explore the topic, however I feel a bit disappointed that there is no mention of that in VW - or I didn't get to that. It would be at least helpful if it was explained within the Text Style definition window so that a user understands what they will get.
  7. I had the same problem when trying to create a custom post symbol in the active drawing. When trying to select a symbol, nothing was available compatible. When I chose one from the Library and as a result it appeared in my Resource Manager, I could subsequently use it when trying to use a custom symbol next time, but nothing custom created in the file. I also second @line-weight's confusion about the Fence style/ symbol. Unfortunately VW doesn't have a consistent approach to styles for different tools. I understand that's because they are different objects and hence are defined differently. Nevertheless, it makes life more complicated - particularly when other colleagues ask you about it and don't understand any logic behind it and need to take it as is. What I consider a missed opportunity is the way Hardscape styles are handled. One can save Hardscapes as symbols in the Resource Manager and separately Hardscape Settings in the program or use Library. How I would love this to work is like everywhere else where styles are used - when one can change the style definition from one place and all objects using that style acquire that change. With Fence style, you save the definition but then you can't overwrite it when you make a change. You need to save it with a new name. Can you imagine saving plant styles with a new name every time you make a change?
  8. @Pat Stanford , thank you for coming back to me. How can I transfer that knowledge into practice and set up my text styles to get what I need?
  9. Hi All, One of my colleagues who works mostly in AutoCAD challenged me recently with a difference in text size seen in our drawings produced in AC and in VW. We have a number of text styles set up and let's say we are looking at 2.5 mm text. When I measure a capital letter in AC at 1:100 it says 250 and 2.5 in a Viewport/ Layout. I have a 2.5 mm text style set up in VW as well. I create my text/ annotation in SLVP Annotation mode. It's assigned to a class that uses my 2.5 mm text style. When I measure the same text in a SLVP, it reads 177 at scale 1/100. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  10. Unfortunately I must agree. This is very disappointing as it would have made life much easier and streamlined work. At least I know it's nothing wrong with my settings.
  11. I would like to explore the GeoImage topic a bit further. Is there something wrong with my settings or the quality of any GeoImage when exported to PDF is really poor? The colours and pixelation look really dreadful on the pdf exports. I am not sure if I can present such output to a client or local authority. Can you advise what settings to use to optimise it? Or, perhaps that quality is the limitation of Esri's licence?
  12. I have had this problem as well. Fortunately, it switches from backup to overwrite the original file, so mostly not much is lost (no more than 10 minutes). My guess it's the culprit no. 3 that @Benson Shaw mentioned:
  13. That's an interesting topic. I have been wondering about the correct workflow as well. I have moved my annotation exercise from DL to SLVPs, however, I keep struggling with at least those two aspects: Data tags react differently in DL and in SLVPs - when I annotate plants in SLVPs, the data tag picks up the entire bounding box, rather than the outline of individual plants or landscape areas. This makes annotation really difficult. I cannot figure out how to annotate coordinates - when using stake tool, different coordinates are produced in a SLVP. Have you guys got any experience and advice on those aspects? I would love to hear what others are doing - perhaps I am missing something important.
  14. In my case, the Undo very often only goes back to the last view rather then reverting the last command or action.
  15. @Poot thanks for referring to that thread. I searched for something similar using the Search tool, but didn't come across it. It is disappointing that this is yet another bug. I was hoping I missed something. I wanted to issue it as part of my site model, but it seems it needs to wait until this is fixed 😕. I did observe that the deeper the components, the higher the plants float over the surface.
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