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  1. In my case, the Undo very often only goes back to the last view rather then reverting the last command or action.
  2. @Poot thanks for referring to that thread. I searched for something similar using the Search tool, but didn't come across it. It is disappointing that this is yet another bug. I was hoping I missed something. I wanted to issue it as part of my site model, but it seems it needs to wait until this is fixed ūüėē. I did observe that the deeper the components, the higher the plants float over the surface.
  3. Hi All, I am trying to build 3D components of Landscape Areas in my BIM project, but for whatever reason my plants seem to levitate over the slab. They hover 250 mm above and I can't seem to identify any parameter dictating that. Any ideas? Looking at these generated plant models, I would love to be able to define custom profiles or parameters of these, to indicate the shape of grasses, some perennials etc. - to be in control of the massing and visual qualities.
  4. Hi guys, has anyone got any idea why a geoimage may not be visible in a Sheet Layer? I keep having the same problem.
  5. @Tamsin Slatter, after a year I managed actually to try it out. I followed your instructions and it worked. Thank you.
  6. I used to have exactly the same thing. I did some trial and error and it seems it starts working when you geolocate (i.e. using the Geolocate Tool) your site. In my exercise I didn't need any specific location so I just clicked in the middle of my area of interest and that did the trick. Try it out and let me know how it went. Small update and query: I noticed that the Geoimage is not visible in Sheet Layer. I checked visibiliies of layers and classes and can't figure out what I did wrong. Any thoughts?
  7. I did some dog's dinner of my last posts so ignore this one.
  8. Thanks, @Boh My file is over 50 MB whilst the ifc ends up as 150 MB, so there must be something seriously wrong there. Do I need to attach IFC to all objects I need to export? These are mostly walls, some custom-modelled objects, plants, slabs and the site model. I tend to assign most objects to Site storey whilst a roof terrace I have in this project is in Storey 1. I will have a look at these resources @Wes Gardner posted.
  9. Hi guys. I wanted to give it a try and see how one of my projects would look exported to IFC. I ended up with a large file which I struggle to import anywhere. I followed the set up described on the hep pages, but perhaps there is more I need to take into account. Would you be able to direct me where I can find some more guidance and understanding of the settings?
  10. Thanks, @JuanP. I included my main machine's info in my signature. I used to use MacBook Pro from 2015 during most of the lockdown, but this is a bit too far behind for VW 2021, unfortunately. The issues I experience tend to come and go, but when they come, it's always when I am under enough pressure. Files sometimes go nuts in the middle of a task - sometime software restart is enough, more often the whole system requires a reboot. I try to save after every action - just in case. I don't have crash reports, because it's mostly freezing rather than abortion. I tend to quit after some prolonged Wheel of Doom spinning.
  11. I moved to another, more powerful machine, but most recently I have been having hard time with VW freezing every time I want to assign newly drawn objects to a new class. Nightmare. I sometimes think it knows that I want to get something done badly.
  12. That's true indeed. Thanks for highlighting that, @Christiaan.
  13. I have had the same problem - sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't. More profound mathematics behind it, I suppose.
  14. @bcd Thank you for that. @jeff prince, that is one way to do it before it can be considered and implemented by the software developer. The idea of the BS is to show the shadows to illustrate the potential constraint and how to do it in a simple way, but it can be more than that - the software generates shadows [in 3D] on a particular day and time, so useful for understanding how shading changes during the day. And what about massing models? Showing shadows cast by buildings would be so useful too. It wound be wonderful to have these possibilities available with a few clicks in such a comprehensive software, rather than resorting to sandwiching viewports.


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