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  1. @Tamsin Slatter, I've done it, but then all coordinates turn negative and don't match the ones shown in the OIP. I checked in AutoCAD and the old coordinates are as per the topographical survey. What you advise looks to work somehow, but not as I intend. I can send you the file to have a look, if that's not a problem.
  2. I have yet another question regarding the new release. I have just opened a job created in v2020 in the new one, to update the setting out for a contractor only to be surprised about the coordinates produced. Please see the screenshot below. The Stake clearly produces some odd coordinates (inconsistent with the XY values shown in the OIP). The magenta instance visible is from the previous exercise. Prompt help would be appreciated as we are on site/ in construction.
  3. @Tamsin Slatter, thank you for looking into this. Please do keep me posted. It is bizarre. I am eager to find out what caused it to be able to avoid it in the future.
  4. @Tamsin Slatter, thank you for looking into this and your response. In the project I noticed it, I don't have a site model. I would have expected that the level 0 would be assumed from the working plane/ Layer elevation (which is 0). 🤩 I would love to join. Where can I find more information about it? I haven't explored the website too much 😬. Is there a site with such news and scheduled events? I had never noticed that before. It's ok for moving, but I would still need a visual reference for rotation. The number in the OIP (which I use once I've learned the correct angle) doesn't tell me much, i.e. for example, if its perpendicular to the given edge - the object itself can be aligned at various angles in the model and yet the Rotation value is still 0 dg. Probably that is one of the handy things in AutoCAD hatches - when hovering over the hatch central vertex, it gives options what to do with it (align, rotate ...). Since, there is a handle in VW, it could work a bit harder than just allowing to move the pattern 😉. It might be. I can't find the source of this. I will upload the file to our Cloud storage in a moment. I recreated this problem. I did as you said and left the middle field blank and set the name to be as the Latin Name. It works when first saving the style. But, when I opened it again it duplicated the Latin name again. And again in another time I opened the style. I could save pass that point as the name would have been too long. It seems that every time the style is opened for editing, the algorithm duplicates the name. I understand that the engineers are looking into this anyway.
  5. Hi All, I downloaded and installed v2021 yesterday and worked in it today for the first time. There are a number of new functionalities which seem to be a way forward, but... There is always this but. 1. I like what has been done to Landscape Areas. Some of the implemented changes were very desired and flagged up before. However, I seem to struggle with picking up the LA settings in one instance to apply elsewhere with the Eye Dropper tool. I can't pick up the planting settings. I used to be able to do that in v2020 with no problem at all. What ED settings should be ticked to get that work? When setting up the component layers for the LA, the levels seems to be not as expected. I set my LA datum to top but rather than the top of the LA being at level 0, it protrudes some 185 over this level. Any ideas? 2. I created some specimen planting along a polyline with Plant tool and set the plants to be on vertices with the solid line. Unfortunately the line is not visible at all. Only when I hover over the group or select it. Is it controlled by any class? Perhaps I have this invisible/ turned off. 3. When I try to align the hatch of a Hardscape object with the Mapping tool, I struggle to snap to the perpendicular point. Is there any setting that controls it? Perhaps I need to set it up again in v2021. 4. In Plant Style, I noticed that when I have the Style Name Formula set to Latin name, the Style name will have the latin name duplicated. The images below won't illustrate it properly, because they show the result. When I create a style it has nothing in the Name Formula. I changed it to Latin Name and obviously gave the Latin name to the plant.When save the style, the duplication happens. That's it so far. Any thoughts?
  6. I installed the 2021 yesterday and used it for the first time today. Similar as with Hardscape, I couldn't work out what settings of the Eye Dropper to use to pick the new Landscape Area settings (i.e. planting specifically) from one instance to another. That was not a problem in 2020. When I tried to adjust the alignment of hatch in the Hardscape object, I couldn't snap to perpendicular point even though I used to have no issue with that before. I am not sure if this is subject to some settings that I need to adjust in 2021. Perhaps I should browse topics related to 2021 - maybe others have similar issues or there might even be answers to some of the issues I came across.
  7. Hi again guys. I was browsing through existing topics before creating a new one regarding Hardscape settings. I decided to post it here, maybe you will be able to advise. I want my Hardscape to get the Fill attribute by class (i.e. the class the Hardscape is assigned to). This should apply to both, Main Area and the Border. What is the best way of doing that? I set the Main Area Class and Border Class to Hardscape Class. I can understand that one may wish to assign different colour to the Border even within the same class, but why there is no choice to choose this parameter by Class as well? Am I wrong thinking that I need to assign the same Background [Border] colour as my Hardscape class to make them the same? Then, when trying to Eye Drop the attributes, which do I need to select to make the tool copy all the colours from the original Hardscape? I keep getting the border unchanged. Any ideas and advice?
  8. @hollister design Studio You can create a Record Format from the Resource Manager. Open it and click the New Resource button at the bottom left of the window. Choose Record Format. Add and edit the fields that you need, such as product name, supplier's name or any specification items you see fit. Once created you go to your polygon representing the grass area and select it. In the Object Info Palette (OIP) select the Data tab at the top. There will be three buttons - choose Attach Record and choose the Record Format you have just created. Now the Schedule. Create one in the same way as the RF, in the Resource Manager. Once created, right click on it and choose to Edit. You will be asked to specify the number of rows and columns, but don't think about it too much as you can add more later. Select the first cell and go to Database meu in the Tool Bar at the top. Choose Database from the menu. A new window/ prompt will appear with the definition of the DB criteria. From the first drop-down list choose Record. In the middle, select you RF name and in the last one choose "is present". The Worksheet will be only looking at objects having that RF attached. Now define the criteria for each column. The row in which you created the DB will have a small black diamond symbol and all column headers will have drop-down arrows. Click on the first arrow - the new prompt window will open. It will already have Records in the first drop-down list. In the next one choose your RF name. From the lower list select the attribute you want to use for the first column, such as Product Name/ Turf Name. Assign your attributes to each of the column headers. If you want to schedule the area of each turf, rather than selecting the Records in the first list, choose Functions. The second will disappear and only the bottom list will be left. Choose Area. Tell me later how it went and if you need any further help. Regards
  9. @Pat Stanford, thanks as always. Doing that without duplicating the information would definitely be desired.
  10. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could explain me how visibilities work in VW. I have learnt that I can turn off or change visual properties of classes and layers within Referenced Viewports (or just XRefs), such as dwg drawings. But I cannot figure out, if I can do the same for each viewport within my drawing, i.e. if the same XRef can look differently in different viewports, say within various Sheet Layers. A simple example: I have some linework in a referenced dwg drawing which I want to show in one of my drawings (Sheet Layers) but not in certain others. Equally, I want it to have different them in different colours in drawings where it should be visible. Do you know how to do it?
  11. Hi All, I have mentioned that in a few posts, but perhaps an Enhancement Request through this forum would be better. Can the text formatting in Data Tags be reviewed and made more flexible, please? The Data Tag's text box cannot currently be expanded/ reshaped manually, unlike Callouts. This often results in text string being too long and difficult to organise in a drawing. This is particularly frustrating when a multi-line text DT is required. Perhaps, it would be possible to use the dynamic fields used by DT in Callouts, creating a more powerful annotation tool altogether. Happy to discuss any details and possibilities. Please vote this up, everyone.
  12. Michal Zarzecki

    Data Tag

    @BGD, I have the same issue with Data Tags. Unfortunately, this is not possible for now. However, I have raised that issue in a number of posts and have recently spoken with @Katarina Ollikainen about this and other shortcomings for VW developer team's consideration. Having just thought about it, it might be useful to create an enhancement request in the Wishlist section of the forum. I will do that shortly, so please make sure to vote it up.
  13. @Pat Stanford, thanks for expanding on that. That's absolutely clear for me. I just didn't understand if I had been doing something in an odd way when you mentioned "the way I do it". Using the worksheet to do the maths was my goal from the outset. I just hadn't realised things like using the formula in the column header. I suppose this is because the rows are divided into sub-rows within the DB. What I wanted to do initially was to type in a detailed breakdown of the cost per plant in the last couple of columns. However, I realised that I probably couldn't just type random information in the DB cells (subrows), unless associated with some function or record. Glad I managed to do it with your great help and direction. I just wished it didn't take so much time to review all the landscape areas to enable the spreadsheet/ schedule pick up the Price record from styles. Fortunately, the project is not enormous. Many thanks again.
  14. @Pat Stanford, thanks for that last one. I knew it must have been something super easy. What I was confused by was the criteria under the drop down menu in Column I. And I couldn't use the multiplication formula in each cell - I needed to type it in the first row/ heading. I get that now. At least for now, I suppose. What do you mean here? The column criteria is indeed set to Plant Record.Quantity, but I didn't do anything more than that. Is there a different, better way? Could you explain this concept a bit more? You say "the way I am doing it", but I think I am following what I have learnt from the online guides and in the training with VW. How to set the Plant Record.Price for each group, as you mentioned?


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