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  1. I have something similar, called My Nursery, but rather then building styles there I move them there back from my projects. I Definitely need to optimise my workflow here. Nevertheless, browsing through files that are not open seems to fail in this particular context, which is more than inconvenient - it means that I need to cancel the current workflow and open the file needed. Anyway... it's quicker to tweak the workflow than try to discuss with VW. They may improve it now and break it in the next update/ version again.
  2. My base style has no other image prop used as its 3D representation, but rather a generated model. Can I replace it with an already available prop?
  3. Oh dear. I thought I missed some settings somewhere. Well, at least i know it's not me. How do I report it officially?
  4. @Tom W., did you manage to transfer the planting setting this way as well? In mine it picks up all settings but not the plant details 😞
  5. @Tom W., I can't get that to work. Could you send me an example file with a Landscape Area to have a look at the settings? Or perhaps there are some settings that need adjusting to get that to work as I am used to?
  6. Guys, this is a slightly different workflow question, but still relates to using image props. I have created and used some props for different plants, but I struggle to import and transfer them to a new plant which looks similar (e.g grass). Problem 1. I have imported the desired image prop from another file using the Resource Manager, but I can't find the way to apply it to my plant style in the current file. Neither of options (Edit current graphics; Generate obviously; Copy from symbol or create from image) enables the reuse of a prop already in my resources. Do I have to create a fresh image prop or duplicate the plant style that is using it already and change all the plant data again? Surely not! There must be a quick and easy way. Problem 2. When I am editing a Plant Style and choose to Copy from symbol, I can only choose from plant styles within other opened files. When I go to Browse a Document and select a file that is not already open, nothing happens and I have to Cancel to get VW responsive again. Any ideas?
  7. @Pat Stanford, are you talking about the Eyedropper tool or pickup mode of the Landscape Area tool? Previously, I would use the pickup mode and it worked like a charm. Now, it only works if I save the LA as a style, which works, but requires many more clicks.
  8. Hi all, I have recently moved to v2022 and struggle with getting my head around transferring settings from one landscape area to a new geometry. In 2021 I was able to use a pickup mode and then a bucket mode to transfer the plant settings this way, but I don't seem to be able to do that in 2022. Am I missing something here? I know that I can save the LA as a style, but I would then like to be able to modify the plant settings without converting to an Unstyled object. What is the current workflow?
  9. That's really useful to know. I tried doing exactly that when you wrote about the Concat function for the first time and it didn't work. I will try again. Thanks again for help; big time!
  10. Sounds promising. See attached. Example Planting.vwx
  11. Hi @Pat Stanford, I am adding additional two columns: I set one to Records-Additional Plant Record-Rate and the other to Records-Additional Plant Record-Rate Unit If there is a better way, please share your method - I might be missing something.
  12. Hi All, Do you know if I can show plant density shown in a single cell in a schedule/ worksheet? So far, I managed to show the densities, as requested, but I needed to use another column to do so. Another thing is that it takes so much space and it's really wordy, e.g. "plants/ sq m" or "meters on center" rather than "no./ sqm" or "ctrs" or "c/c". Perhaps it is possible to alter these labels in some config files to suit custom needs? Any thoughts? Or shall I suggest it as an improvement in the Roadmap?
  13. Gosh! Now I see what I've been doing wrong all along. Of course, 'Plug-in Object Style Options' is not the same as editing the plugin style 🤦‍♂️. Oh Tom, many thanks for bearing with me.
  14. I think you don't understand me @Tom W.. I know how to change a class and where it lives in the OIP. But I can't change it and I can't find the parameter/ setting in the Door Style that controls it. When my door is saved as a named style the class can no longer be changed. I compared it with door styles in my v21 file (where I didn't have this problem) and I can't see what is different.
  15. It looks like simple answer is: when doors are saved as a named style, the class can no longer be changed, unless turned into Unstyled again. I am happy to be proven wrong and pointed to how to change the settings to be able to change class freely.
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