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  1. I moved to another, more powerful machine, but most recently I have been having hard time with VW freezing every time I want to assign newly drawn objects to a new class. Nightmare. I sometimes think it knows that I want to get something done badly.
  2. That's true indeed. Thanks for highlighting that, @Christiaan.
  3. I have had the same problem - sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't. More profound mathematics behind it, I suppose.
  4. @bcd Thank you for that. @jeff prince, that is one way to do it before it can be considered and implemented by the software developer. The idea of the BS is to show the shadows to illustrate the potential constraint and how to do it in a simple way, but it can be more than that - the software generates shadows [in 3D] on a particular day and time, so useful for understanding how shading changes during the day. And what about massing models? Showing shadows cast by buildings would be so useful too. It wound be wonderful to have these possibilities available with a few clicks in such a comprehensive software, rather than resorting to sandwiching viewports.
  5. Yes, I think this confirms my observation. But what about Landscape Areas? Anyway, I have one VW file open now. It seems that the criterion of Plant Record is present does the trick. No change if I untick all boxes. But if I tick both Symbols and Plug-in Objects then the count gets doubled.
  6. I also seem to have a magnetic personality - whenever I turned up at my mentor's lab at the uni, everyone's computers started to freeze or otherwise malfunction. I prefer your end of the spectrum though.
  7. I can imagine - since there is no other way to do it ūüėČ However, I shall resort to that for the time being. Thanks for advice. Any tips on the contents of these viewports, from your experience? As I mentioned before or another way?
  8. It sounds to me like at least three VPs: One for everything below the tree canopy, the one with the 3D view with shadows and the trees in plan on top. I will try to try it out when having a spare moment (which is unlikely during work hours). I really wish this works without workarounds. Hence posted here, I suppose.
  9. It seems it's something wrong with that particular file. I have worked in a couple of other since and they were mostly fine - sometimes crushed completely, i.e. aborted VW. Is there a way to diagnose where the source of corruption might be? I tried to move the contents across to a fresh file, but it does the same thing. Also, for my sanity, I would like to understand what level of computing is needed to switch between layers etc. I can't believe that a slow graphic card would have much to do with problems with selecting objects and switching layers. Is this something VW Tech Support Team can help with or perhaps a 3rd party diagnostics software?
  10. @bcd, thank you for the workaround. How would that work if you have other content in the Top/ Plan (2d) viewport? Nevertheless, I am hoping that such shading functionality will be considered normal in the future releases. I would really like to be independent on other software for the regular tasks.
  11. I was asked recently if we can show shadows of existing trees in [2D] tree survey plans. I didn't seem to find a way to do it otherwise than in the plan view, i.e. 3D. The BS5837 requires accounting for shading when assessing tree constraints. Would it be possible to create simple shadows in the 2D top plan view? A similar thing would be useful for the Massing Model, without the need to go into the plan view.
  12. Hi all, I am trying to produce an output for a project but I am struggling with controlling the lineweight in the xrefed dwg file. I went to viewport Visibilities, changed the relevant classes from the xref, but I can't change the lineweight. The colours change though. I also ticked "class overrides", but can't see any reaction. In the screenshot below, the thick blue and light blue lines have been set to 0.05 mm. The cyan line with fill is 0.25 and looks "normal". What am I missing? What else controls the dwg layers/ classes?
  13. @Pat Stanford thanks for suggestion. It worked in a blank file (non-template). Then I tried again in our company template - worked again. So I tried again in the file in which it wasn't working yesterday - and it works now. I don't know why - I haven't even closed the file since yesterday. Mysterious. Anyway, it works which is the most important. I would just like to know how to rectify such things when they happen. Thank you guys for your thoughts.
  14. @CipesDesign That's what I did - there was no other apparent solution.


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