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  1. Hi guys, Following some digging, I found that my copy of VW has the US settings - I think this must have come from the trial version I used. I was wondering if someone who uses the UK version could send me a copy of the _CatalogFileConfig.xml. It lives in the Plant Database folder where catalogs are saved. Apparently, column names/ headers in Plant Catalogs differ slightly in different versions. I tried to get some help with this from VW [a few weeks ago], including the replacement config files, but no success so far 😕
  2. When I was preparing the file for you, I found the culprit. It was Heliodon. Its class was in fact set to no fill, but the "Set at creation" box was not ticked. When I set it to solid, the blue colour popped up as default. I set it to white and now everything is as it should be. Thank you both for your time with this.
  3. No no, I checked everything I could think of. The default attributes are set to By Class rather than to anything specific. I tried to reset Plug Ins too. Sounds like some sort of corruption :/. How surprising 🤷‍♂️
  4. Hi @Pat Stanford, yes it exlains it well enough - but the problem must be elsewhere. I pen and fill were set to By Class. I changed all that, as mentioned above, but the problem persists. What's more, whenever I create a solid 3D object (like Hardscape set to Slab or steps), they become blue. Even the textures get a blue tint. Even though blue is not used in class definition 🤷‍♂️.
  5. Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me out with this issue I am experiencing in relation to the class "None". When creating objects originally, I had None used as an active class. It had pen set to blue, to easily spot any geometry that was not assigned to proper end-classes. And now, I can't get rid of that blue colour from anywhere, even though I have already changed pen settings in None to be black and fill to be none or solid white - nothing helped. Any advice how to change it now?
  6. I would basically like the same as for Retain but with different colour (which I control by class). Shall I then just duplicate the Retain symbol (with the prefix 1) and give it prefix 2? Is this what differentiate the different states?
  7. Thanks @Tom W., I have read it, but I still have a problem. In the Plant DB there are VW fields (sometime with different names than mentioned in the pdf you attached - e.g. in a Plant Style you can see Bloom Time, which in the DB pdf manual is referred to as Season; in the Config File there is only Blooms Begin), the NPS fields and DTP fields. In a spreadsheet, this means columns from A to AY. In the Config File, only files up to AF are listed. I know that I am able to handle it from the IT side, but I need some clarity in how to properly map the fields.
  8. Hi all, I was recently battling a bit with how my existing trees appear when I choose action such as Remove or Custom. Can I change the way existing trees are displayed in response to different proposed actions? For example, I would like my trees proposed for removal to be red rather than presented with a dashed line. I can't find the way to change the 2D graphics associated with these actions. Eventually, I used custom fields to be called Custom Action so that I can use these without changing the graphic style automatically and still have the information presented in a tree schedule. Any other ideas?
  9. Hi all, I am struggling with using the Plant Database and wanted to pick your brains. 1. Is it possible to cherrypick plants to be added to a catalog, i.e. choose one by one from the entire DB? So far, I can see that all plant records within the active search are added. 2. If I want to create my own list/ catalogue/ data base in a spreadsheet - which fields should I use, if I then want to import it to VW and map the fields correctly to create Plant Styles? The Config File only has certain fields and they are sometimes called differently than the fields in Plant Styles. I am really confused about how this all works. Anyone with some experience and an established workflow? A couple of years ago I was working in another well-known package and it was super easy to import plant lists in a spreadsheet form. Why is it so complicated in VW?
  10. @Pat Stanford, thank you for your reply. Could you clarify what you meant by I know that Height and Spread can be set to be by style or by instance, but I don't know how I would choose to make the Scheduled Size parameter (i.e. the one in a Plant Style's Schedule pane) by instance. Not that I want though anyway. Mmm, not sure if we are on the same page. I may not fully understand how Plant Styles work and how data records attached to them link to worksheets. In most instances, I can edit the data in a worksheet - either inserted in the model or from the Resource Manager - and the data attached to the plant style will be updated. For example, I can change Height at Purchase or Root Protection in any worksheet and the same information will appear in the Style. It looks like it's only Scheduled Size that doesn't - and once it has been changed through a worksheet and not within the Style, it won't work (i.e. cross update) any longer. These are my observations. What I said about the 'connection' is as I explain/ describe above, but it looks like it only applies to the Scheduled Size parameter
  11. Hi guys, I'm glad to have found this thread as I noticed similar problem yesterday. What I think happened here was some sort of corruption of a plant style. What I did, I took one of my generic plant styles; inserted instances in a drawing and then inserted my worksheet/ schedule in order to edit plant properties from there. Whatever I typed in this schedule under Scheduled Size, it didn't go through to the plant style. As a matter of fact the plant style appears to have lost the connection with the schedule. The plant instances using that style are counted ok, but the Scheduled Size parameter is not cross-updating. Another thing I noticed in the same drawing, was that some plants disappeared from the drawing but are still counted in the schedule. When I open teh schedule and choose to Select Item (i.e. those 'ghost' plants) nothing happens. All classes and layers are set to be visible. I reset plugins but it didn't help either. I had a very simple job to do and trying to resolve that issue (without success) took me more time and effort than the job itself. I will probably start a fresh drawing for that, but I would like to understand what happened, to avoid it in the future. Any help here would be great.
  12. @Tom W., it sounds exactly as I imagined it should be done, but I am not sure how to execute it. When I go to edit the 2D component of the symbols (canopy and trunk), they seem to be in the None class. And yet, they acquire properties from the class to which the entire tree symbol has been assigned. Shall I reassign the trunk geometry to my new Trunk class and follow suit with the canopy geometry?
  13. Tom, in this case I meant in 2D. I should have been more clear
  14. But I actually headed here to ask a different question. I would like the tree canopy/ crown to have different appearance than the trunk. How is this controlled and where to set it up? Should I somehow assign separate component classes to the crown and to the trunk?
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