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  1. @J. Wallace, I share your pain. I have been experiencing issues with curvy Grade Limits and Pads. Even though they are centimeters away, I have over 1200 model conflicts saying that pad modifier intersects grade limit. See below. My Model basically even stopped calculating flow arrows because of these. I am hoping there is a competent/ experienced user here who has an idea what causes the problem and how to resolve it.
  2. Interesting, 12 years later I appear to have the same problem and can't find the answer.
  3. @Matt Overton, Hardscapes in slab mode have slope options in VW 2019 and newer - not sure before. However, not as part of their style. I am yet to figure out how to use them, though.
  4. @Hans-Olav, thanks for that. However, I was a bit unclear. I meant pad in slab mode. I am working with hardscape and wanted to make a simple slab with long and cross fall. I just don't understand how the slopes work.
  5. Guys, could you refer me to any video, guide or post where using slopes for slabs is explained? I just don't get it. I would be grateful.
  6. I have a question about Data Tag layout. I use these to pick up plant information. I often struggle with the available space and would like to be able to reshape/ stretch the DT text box, like I would with Callout. Is that possible? I think it would be fantastic, if the record foals used in DTs could be used within Callout text. I suppose this could coalesce the both tools into one, more powerful and flexible.
  7. @bgoff, thanks for sharing your method. I was thinking about using Records as well. haven't explored that functionality yet though. What do you then use as planting within those Landscape Areas - generic plant styles as placeholders?
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering how you create, specify, annotate and schedule grassed areas in Landmark? I did this for the first time recently and I am not that happy with the workflow I came up with. I created a species for each grass mix with category such as Lawn, Turf, Meadow etc. I created a Data Tag that return the mix name and the area. I needed to figure out how to pick it up by the schedule. In defined the Criteria as Type = Landscape Area and various names (criterium Name). To schedule the total areas per each grassland type I set the column criteria to Record; Landscape Area; Area. I ticked the Sum Values box. Is there an easier way to do it? Do I need to actually create species for these areas? I thought that I could filter for Polygons or closed Polylines, but couldn't figure out how to categorise them or name them. I would love to hear how you do it or how you think it would be easier to do it.
  9. @Boh, thanks for your thoughts. I think it should work when we realise a mistake like that which would reflect an error in the Plant Style. However, in both these instances, the Plan Styles were either correct or rectified, but the schedule was not able to pick it up. My guess is that there is an issue with plants in Landscape Areas. I once had a problem with plant style not being correctly expressed in specimen planting either. The Support Team was contacted but not able to explain the issue either. I needed to reassign the style to get it work. I suppose there must be some tiny bugs that randomly cause the styles to fail to work. It is then easy to fix it, but the malfunctioning specimens or LAs need to be identified first. This is the experience I have had with such issues so far.
  10. @Pat Stanford, you may be right about what the LA is, but I don't think this is a problem. Most of the plants in my project are within a LA and they work fine. As I said earlier in this thread, reassigning of the 'stubborn' plant definition within all LAs remove the incorrect behaviour. My first encounter with it was the reason I started this thread (apparently). Back then, the change that I made in the plant spec didn't go through to the schedule. Now, one plant wasn't picked up at all in the schedule, whilst another one had no Root Protection field value. Regarding selecting Plug Ins in the criteria - the first time I did that I had double numbers of plants, because the schedule also picked up the ones in Data Tags.
  11. I also struggle with 'symbolism' and 'stylism' in VW. I appreciate the use of styles, but in VW it has been quite inconsistently executed for different object. There is a number of posts where Members are unhappy about how styles are then applied to new features - or actually how counterintuitive it is to apply a style to already created object, such as Hardscape or Landscape Area. A good example of styles that are easy to create and use is Illustrator. A simple solution where Symbol colours can be modified by class or by symbol would be great. I actually have found already quite a number of things that are much simpler and more flexible in AC, such as blocks (even making a dynamic block is very easy), multi leaders, panning within an active viewport etc.
  12. Guys, I think I found out what had been happening. I actually had a similar problem before, but in a different form. Something is wrong with Landscape Areas. Sometimes Plant Styles don't get expressed through them correctly. I don't know what precisely this is associated with. I noticed that if something is going wrong with plants which are used within Landscape Areas, then they need to be reassigned in settings. That always rectified the misbehaviour. The problem is that this makes the planting plans and schedules quite unreliable. One needs to thoroughly check that everything works and being picked up in schedules. I am not sure if there is any kind of inspection tool. In one of the competitor packages I used to use, there was a tool like that. It checked if all planting areas had been labelled, and so on. You would be surprised how easy it is to miss some areas on large schemes.
  13. @Pat Stanford and @bgoff , Thanks for coming back to me on that. See the attached images. Sambucus is categorised as Shrubs. The criteria are set as to pick this up, but there is still something not working. And yes, I do recalculate the worksheet.
  14. @Pat Stanford, can I use your wisdom and experience with worksheets a bit more? I made a Plant Schedule for another project but it seems it doesn't pick up some of the plants from the drawing. I checked the Criteria, Category fields in both the schedule and the plant style, but still nothing. The plant is present within the drawing/ plan so I would think everything is correct with it. I also noticed that with other plant it doesn't pick up the Root Protection field value. Again it's not a global issue, but problem with individual parameters or plants. Any idea what else to look at?
  15. I actually found out what is happening so hopefully that will help others. My reference is a dog drawing and it seems that the layer/ class greying out doesn't work with these. What I did then, I found out that I can control the properties (colours) of dwg layers from the Organization level. I went to Viewport and Visibilities and changed whatever needed to gray. Don't hesitate to write to me if you find it helpful but need any help to execute. Or, perhaps it's only been me not aware of that solution.


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