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  1. hi @Frank Brault ignore me ! idiot alert! - had curved geometry set at low in settings.... please feel free to delete post!
  2. hi @Frank Brault , its done in renderworks not openGL (its a section view if any use?)
  3. section image of door tool, set to round cased opening - really poor and not round!
  4. yes, won't work for me either
  5. I can't see redshift in vectorworks anytime soon, they haven't got it on macs without nivdia cards yet in C4D. They might make an attempt at Pro Render integration next !
  6. does the plan wall offset not work for your window symbols?
  7. maybe add a new level to the ground floor story for the higher slab. You will need to approach as two different slabs , with new steps (probably make as an extrude rather than with stair tool) Use the z ref to pick the level you require etc. or try here: https://learn.archoncad.com/blog/2013/07/10/stories-with-vectorworks/
  8. @Tanner Shelton as the others have mentioned , you probably need to go to an external render to get good realism , I use the same C4D/Corona workflow as mentioned by EAlexander (but it will also depend on the Client and the value of the project ! I like the sketch style in vectorworks option also) below typical image from modelling in vectorworks to rendering in Corona.
  9. would it be not be easier to create the fog in photoshop?
  10. you will probably have to use 3-5 individual windows first and then make that a new symbol group
  11. its not as buggy as 2019 and have found it stable on Catalina , no new functions/workflow enhancements that jump out.....
  12. you can customise the workspace and change/add your own personal hot keys - not sure about the mouse button options...
  13. you can use textures from somewhere like cgtextures? link https://www.textures.com/download/3dscans0446/133740 might be easier than than modelling each board!
  14. hideous.... resource browser is worse !🤮
  15. have you changed the DPI on the viewport sheets? up to about 250 for renders?
  16. @bgoff will there be any vectorworks training videos on how to use new feature?
  17. I think you are wrong on this unfortunately - my understanding is that these tools are made by other companies and supplied to vectorworks - as for the listening - seems to be the same things asked for and the same disappointment each year ? think it was 2015 last time stair tool got an update?
  18. YES! along with no updates to window or door tools (barn door not with mentioning!) and to really get the scale of another year lost again and how lost they are, quote below Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “When we looked at the future of the industry and what our customers’ needs were, we kept coming back to data, my favourite = they couldn't even be bothered to change the 2020 icon !
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