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  1. @Neil Barman i have 'set user origin to internal origin' should that do the trick?
  2. I am getting so fed up of vectorworks being impossibly slow whenever i cut a section and want to display the objects beyond the cut plane. If i use hidden line, or turn up the sheet layer DPI or open gl quality Ive attached one of my files if anyone wants to try looking CW2 Barracks.vwx
  3. This file keeps randomly crashing I think it's mostly happening when working on a sheet layer. I think also the service pack was recently updated - possibly SP3? I've got a pretty powerful PC so not sure why i am having this problem I've attached my PC info and the file itself in case anyone can find anything obviously wrong with it! Blackness_CW2.vwx
  4. this file hates making section viewports. they take forever to cut, and any sort of changes i try to make, even just selecting the viewport, freezes the programme for ages. CW2_Blackness._1vwx.vwx
  5. the problem was with the 'section line instances' when i ticked the layers i wanted the section to cut through, it starting working don't know what it wasn't automatically cutting through the layers i had switched on when i made the viewport
  6. The shadows were previously working fine in this viewport, but today when I opened the file and re-rendered the viewport, the shadows wont come on. I've tried inserting a new heliodon, checked my classes and settings the shadows do work when i render with OpenGl so i have no idea what is wrong! Blackness.vwx
  7. please has anyone got an up to date settings for an NVIDIA graphics card? just want Open GL to be super fast! I keep finding old versions but a lot of the setting options are different now
  8. in open gl my viewport is fine but when i go for a render, suddenly my site model and buildings are no longer visible. they are from a referenced file
  9. I'm trying to create a section viewport on a really simple model of a house there's nothing unusual about it! but when i create section viewport (to a new or existing sheet layer) i just get a tiny box with a red X cross in it. I've tried making sure the layers and classes are on and messed around with a few settings but nothing seems to work
  10. @John Medland MAIBC thanks so much for this. it seems there was a line floating miles away from my building, after doing some work in elevation! i've deleted this and now when i do fit to objects, it zooms in on everything. and Open GL seems to be behaving now! I was worried the graphics card on my new laptop was failing ūüėß
  11. @fabrica Thanks for this! although im not 100% how to set this up as a new texture. Is there a guide?
  12. What is the best way to achieve a timber cladding finish? it seems you cant get a prominent plank bump and a wood texture at the same time i might have to manually cladding the building in 3D rectangles!
  13. I moved my heliodon to a different layer and this seemed to sort it.
  14. @Tamsin Slatter I think I have already done this on this file. But i have done it again and all my walls have disappeared in Open GL


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