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  1. @Luka Stefanovic i'm not sure that i understand the different between the framing member tool, and the structural member tool. I have been using the former. also, neither of these seem to support vertical elements, only horizontal. what's best for modelling and quantifying vertical timber studs for example?
  2. @line-weight Yes i suppose i can pull from a backup i even tried making slabs without but these days i'm trying to use smart objects and BIM to get embodied carbon analysis of my projects and material quantities mind you this is the only file I've had this problem with
  3. @Matt Hall i'm having the same problem! i also cannot reshape the slab if i double click and choose 'edit boundary', there is no shape/polygon corresponding to the slab and i get the error message "the geometry for the slab you are editing cannot be computed" prevously my slabs were linked to walls but every time i reopened the file it lost its associations and the offets became really odd dimensions, like the concrete slab sticking out half a meter past the walls. 103 the ridge.vwx
  4. @Wes Gardner 2021 and it's still the same situation 'studs' are extrudes, and editting the wall frame doesn't update the worksheets. i'm also looking for a way to record the quantity of framing members...
  5. Everytime I open this file, I lose all the slab's associations with walls, meaning I have to redo to the associations, and each of the components offset every time I open the file, to get all my section viewports correct. Is there some kind of setting that means slab wall associations aren't saved when i save the file? 103 the ridge.vwx
  6. @jamesmise you just solved my problem, thank you!
  7. Wall timber framing AEC tool problem - not aligned with windows when i run framing when internal walls are joined to the external walls, i get a strange problem that makes the frame (studs, header and sole plates) go at an angle and stick out of the wall when i unjoin these and run the tool, the studs do not match up with my external openings also does anyone know if i delete or add any extra studs if the worksheets will update
  8. @TomWhiteLight hi It wasn't me who actually wrote that about the school's project. Looks like @Redmodro sort of editted what I originally said and even attached my file of my university project
  9. @Neil Barman i have 'set user origin to internal origin' should that do the trick?
  10. I am getting so fed up of vectorworks being impossibly slow whenever i cut a section and want to display the objects beyond the cut plane. If i use hidden line, or turn up the sheet layer DPI or open gl quality Ive attached one of my files if anyone wants to try looking CW2 Barracks.vwx
  11. This file keeps randomly crashing I think it's mostly happening when working on a sheet layer. I think also the service pack was recently updated - possibly SP3? I've got a pretty powerful PC so not sure why i am having this problem I've attached my PC info and the file itself in case anyone can find anything obviously wrong with it! Blackness_CW2.vwx
  12. this file hates making section viewports. they take forever to cut, and any sort of changes i try to make, even just selecting the viewport, freezes the programme for ages. CW2_Blackness._1vwx.vwx
  13. the problem was with the 'section line instances' when i ticked the layers i wanted the section to cut through, it starting working don't know what it wasn't automatically cutting through the layers i had switched on when i made the viewport


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