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  1. I'm trying to create a section viewport on a really simple model of a house there's nothing unusual about it! but when i create section viewport (to a new or existing sheet layer) i just get a tiny box with a red X cross in it. I've tried making sure the layers and classes are on and messed around with a few settings but nothing seems to work
  2. @John Medland MAIBC thanks so much for this. it seems there was a line floating miles away from my building, after doing some work in elevation! i've deleted this and now when i do fit to objects, it zooms in on everything. and Open GL seems to be behaving now! I was worried the graphics card on my new laptop was failing ūüėß
  3. @fabrica Thanks for this! although im not 100% how to set this up as a new texture. Is there a guide?
  4. What is the best way to achieve a timber cladding finish? it seems you cant get a prominent plank bump and a wood texture at the same time i might have to manually cladding the building in 3D rectangles!
  5. I moved my heliodon to a different layer and this seemed to sort it.
  6. @Tamsin Slatter I think I have already done this on this file. But i have done it again and all my walls have disappeared in Open GL
  7. @JuanP thanks for this i follow the steps and it was fine at first, but the weird appearance has returned!
  8. anyone got a clue why my building looks like this in Open GL? I've recently got a new laptop and I've tried to set the NVIDIA graphics card to ideal settings for vectorworks, but not sure i've done it right.
  9. @michael john williams this fixed my issue of walls disappearing! thank you!
  10. My vectorworks 2018 is doing this really badly, on a brand new HP Z book laptop, on even the smallest of files. Mainly with doors and windows.
  11. @jblock still having this issue, now even worse. vectorworks 18 not responding almost every time i select a window. makes it so difficult to do anything!
  12. @jblock windows 10. On a brand new hp z book. Other than this the performance is great!
  13. @jblock yes it is still slow. even when i close the OIP vectorworks takes a long time to select more complex objects
  14. It is also so slow to changed object info eg. Flip a door, change a wall thickness but using parameters in the object info pallette


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