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  1. Flavio

    Surface Array problem

    Hi, I am creating a chair and I want to apply an array item to indicate the material that will make the covering of the seating. As I am selecting the Array surface and the array Items though, VW points out that for the Surface I need to use a valid base, listing all the options. What I have intially is a solid I have created and in order to use Surface array I tried to convert it in a NURBS and a Mesh but still when I try to execute the command, it won't work. Any Idea on how could to solve this? Thanks
  2. Flavio

    Hybrid Object Problem

    Ok I got it. Thank you all for the support.
  3. Flavio

    Hybrid Object Problem

    No I do not need all that history and in fact converting it in a generic solid was the way to figure out my problem. ūüėĀ Thanks. As I said I am still new to Vectorworks, and I am still stumbling across a lot issues like this, but since you mentioned how can you "dig" in the solid history? by accessing the solid subtraction view?
  4. Flavio

    Hybrid Object Problem

    Here is the solid. Hybrid solid.vwx
  5. Flavio

    Hybrid Object Problem

    Hi Pat, Thanks for helping me out. I tried what you said, but when I right click on the object I can only see "edit" which basically leads me to the view of the solids subtraction that have generated my hybrid object. I cannot see any "Edit 2D", could that depends from the version of the software? I am currently using VW 2019.
  6. Flavio

    Hybrid Object Problem

    Hi everybody, I am newbie Vectorworks user. I just signed up to the community to hopefully figure out a problem I am having with the so called Hybrid Object. Starting from the bottom, I have created a solid by subtracting a simple solid (cylinder) from a negative void of a second solid as in the image. This apparently resulted in what is an Hybrid Object. As I want to further model the 3D form Vectorworks warns me with the following message: "Hybrid Objects can only be rotated in a plane parallel to the active layer plane.Would you like the working plane set to the active layer plane?" If I say yes, the working plane is automatically set to make the object rotate on the Z axis. Instead I am looking to rotate it on the axis which will position it flat on the larger side. I hope I have been clear enough but If I wasn't please bear with me. Thanks, Flavio
  7. Hi, While creating a short animation I have bumbed into a problem with the settings of the duration of my video. If I use the mode "Orbit point" the software will let me edit the duration of the animation but if I switch to "move along path" it won't. I have to say that I have previously managed to extend the animation to up to 20 seconds in a previous test, but suddenly with my following tests something changed and now I am stuck with only 5 seconds animations. Anyone having the same issue out there? Thanks Flavio


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