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  1. Hello Fabrica, thanks for your suggestion. It's a good workaround! Best regards, Simon
  2. Hi, I am trying to create the window in the attached photo. I have used a custom sash, 2 rows, 3 columns with fixed glass and bi-parting casements to approximate the original window. Is there a way to control the muntins in each sash independently? I would like to delete the vertical muntins in the middle sash but keep them in the sashes to the left and right. I would be very grateful for any suggestions! Many thanks, Simon.
  3. Dear Mr Anderson, thank-you so much for your help. I am most grateful. Best regards, Simon
  4. Hi, I may be wrong but I think I have lost stair design functionality over previous versions of VW. I'm pretty sure I remember when it was possible to add and delete flights of stairs and mix up round and straight stairs using the stair tool. Either way, can anyone help me create the stair in the attached picture? Floor to floor height is 393 cm, Stair width is 110 cm, Side 1 is 326 cm, side 2 is 391 cm the treads have a depth of 25 cm, outside radius 217 cm, inside radius 94 cm. I'm using VW 2020 Sp 2 on an iMac running OS 10.14.6 if that's relevant. I'd be grateful for any advice anyone might be able to offer. Many thanks. Simon.
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