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  1. I don't understand how my viewport is 12x18 when it fills an AnsiD sheet at 50 scale. How can I alter the dimensions of a viewport, and would this perhaps improve the quality of the image? I am fairly familiar with creating viewports, but have never dealt with the dimensions thereof unless I'm using a polygon to create the viewport.
  2. I have altered the renerworks settings to include anti-aliasing set to very high with all other fields set to medium. So far what little has rendered doesn't look too great. The dimensions of the viewport are approx. 1'6"x1' in the OIP. I am not familiar with viewport dimensions, only setting the scale to change size. It looks like it would be a little over 34"x22" on the page, but the OIP dims say different. Can someone walk me through this? Thanks for everyone's help so far!
  3. I used custom renderworks settings with all fields set to very high. Anti-aliasing is turned off since after an hour there was almost no progress with the render. Sheet DPI and the camera DPI are both set to 300. Also the scale is 1"=50' on an AnsiD sheet. See attached images for the entire rendering and zoomed in details of the pixelated wasteland.
  4. I am rendering an exterior landscape for a bridge redesign project and despite high (300) DPI settings everywhere I can (VW default, sheet settings, and camera when used), the renderings still come out extremely pixelated. The quality is noticeably low when opened in Photoshop, for example. At 1"=10' on an AnsiD sheet, I would hope for a crisp render. I know Vectorworks Landmark can do this. What am I doing wrong?
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