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  1. Thank you, makes sense now... I was going crazy.
  2. How do you turn off the blue, green, & red axis Origin indicator in 3D views while in design layer? I can't seem to remember but I thought it was possible.
  3. 2019 Service Pack 1, Imported PDF's now show up as grey rectangle with cross thru. These are not referenced files, actual imported PDFs, directly to a Sheet Layer. See comparison to same Sheet Layer in 2018sp3 vs. 2019sp1 Is this experienced by others, or something about my settings ?
  4. Awesome. Need to get drone now.
  5. How did you do this? Google Earth --> to Sketch-up --> to Vectorworks?
  6. I am on 2019 and am having trouble with textures of Floor objects. They are not cooperating with the settings in the Object Info Palette at all. It is a problem that makes me want to keep projects in 2018 until the first update is released.
  7. Hot dam... The "Custom Cabinet Tool" already in VW2017 works out pretty well once you get a few cabinet types built up in your drawing from the raw starting point that the tool gives you. This is exactly the solution for the type of cabinetry design I do...(not sending anything to CNCs).
  8. The height of each drawer should be easily set in the Object Info palette. Should be an easy add to the NEXT service pack. Please do this. Also...I am trying to understand the comment above "Version 2014 was really the last usable version of interiorcad." In this other very recent thread there are videos that appear very clearly to be using InteriorCad with VW2017...So what is going on here?
  9. Here is the real solution to that problem. It is really a great tool, waiting for update to 2016... VectorBITS Quick Align
  10. 2016 - on new macbook pro - The roof object stays visible even though its class is turned off in top/plan view. In 3-d Views it does work as expected. Anyone else seeing this as a bug?
  11. Subject line explains the request. It would just speed up a common operation.
  12. Ahhh...well. That is a pain, annotation lines may still be quicker when you want the lines to be where they are supposed to be. Thanks.
  13. What is the best practice for aligning or "mapping" surface hatches so that they line up properly? I am asking mostly about walls. So for example, with horizontal siding, I need to adjust the surface hatch lines up and down to the correct starting point. For batt-on-board siding, I need to adjust the surface hatch lines left and right. I have been working with walls textured "By Components" which does not allow for texture mapping. But if you switch to "By Object" and map the texture how you like, then render in Hidden Line, you find the surface hatch did not move along with the texture! Bummer...
  14. Yes, we need option 3. Hopefully this can be added in a service pack soon.
  15. I see this too. It seems that having a bitmap image turned-on is causing mine. In this case I have an aerial photo on a separate design layer. When in 3D Open GL the rendering makes certain objects disappear and re-appear as I rotate and walk thru. Turn off the aerial photo DL, and back to normal.
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