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  1. Pat and Boh - I checked the "Layer overrides" box next to "Use Embedded Design Layer Viewport Settings For:" and it fixed my problem. Thanks so much! Doug
  2. Hello - This is going to be hard to describe but I'll do my best. I am referencing a landscape consultants Vectorworks file (let's call it "File A") in to a Design Layer in my Vectorworks file (called "File B"). I created a Design Layer (called "LANDSCAPE") in FIle B that contains a viewport whose source is File A. This Design Layer viewport correctly shows the opacity of several 2D objects. However, when I create a Sheet Layer that contains a viewport of the Design Layer "LANDSCAPE", the opacity for all objects is 100% rather than the less-than-100% that they should be. Attached is a screenshot showing what I see in the Design Layer "LANDSCAPE" and another showing how that information looks in a viewport on a Sheet Layer. What's going on? Am I missing something obvious?
  3. Hello, everyone - For years now, I've been using the "Stone_Cad_Hatches" hatches referenced in this post: I really like these hatches but have found that many of my favorites tend to bog down my files if they are applied on a relatively large area - a simple house elevation, for example. I suspect this is because the hatches are made using MANY levels. SSTNWSB, for example, has 1001 levels! Zooming in and out and panning becomes nearly impossible. I've searched and searched for alternate stone hatches and haven't found any that are close to as nice looking. Can any of you share additional stone hatches or point me toward any that look decent but are more practical? Thanks - Doug
  4. Same problem here. Sporadically, the split tool will delete windows / doors that are inserted in walls. And most of the time the split tool in "point split mode" simply does not work. I've been using VW for 20 years and never had this problem until VW2020. Lame.
  5. Duh. I should have confirmed before posting my question. That did the trick! Thank you, Juan!
  6. Hello, An employee in our office recently installed Big Sur on his Macbook Pro (2017). We are using Vectorworks Architect 2020 and every time he saves a file, Vectorworks crashes. This occurs with all Vectorworks files. The good thing is that it saves the file just before crashing so no work is lost, but obviously this shouldn't be happening. I searched the forum to no avail for similar issues. Thoughts? Thank you - Doug
  7. Hello - Is there such a thing as a Date Stamp and / or Time Stamp that I can place on my custom title blocks? Rather than entering this information manually, I'd like there to be a field on my title block that updates automatically every time I create a PDF or Publish. I have found the "Data Stamp" tool but have not found good instructions regarding how to use this to create a simple date stamp as described. I seem to remember a simple "Date Stamp" tool in older versions of VW... Thanks -
  8. Hello - I am in the process of adding a user account (User B) on a MacBook Pro running Catalina and am wondering if I will need to deactivate the VW2020 license on the original user account (User A) on the same computer. I say this because when I try to open VW2020 while logged on as 'User B', it asks me to enter license information. To clarify, VW2020 was originally installed / activated on the MacBook while logged in 'User A'. 'User A' does not need to use Vectorworks any more. Or should I just enter the license information while logged in as 'User B' and be done with it? Thanks - Doug
  9. Thanks, arobinson - That's what I ended up having to do. All is working now. Doug
  10. Hello - I am attempting to install update to SP3 - Vectorworks Architect 2019 Mac OSX Mojave - latest version. It seems to go through the whole process then an error message indicates that the installation failed. See attached screen capture. Any thoughts as to what might be going on? Thanks -
  11. Darn - I wish I could be of more help. On the Mac OS X platform, this would typically be a Permissions issue, but as you may have seen from my earlier posts, the problem wasn't resolved until I upgraded all of our computers to the latest OS.
  12. Hi, Noface - I'm not sure how files are served over our network. Since we're an all Mac office, I just used the default (very basic) file sharing setup that comes with the operating system. Sorry - I don't know more than that. Doug
  13. I'm pretty sure this won't help your situation, but we solved this by installing the latest MacOS (Mojave) on the affected machine and on the server. No problem since. Our setup is: VW Architect 2018 and VW Architect 2019 (latest SP versions of both) Mac OSX Mojave - latest update Server is same as above
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