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  1. It appears that VW Update 2 did not address this window issue. Is that correct? Thanks - Doug
  2. Thanks, Juan - I appreciate your prompt response. Attached is the test file I had made. It was started from scratch. Best - Doug window problems-VW2024-update 2.vwx
  3. Well, I downloaded VW 2024 Update 2 and there are still problems with windows with custom sash settings. ARGH. In a two sash custom window, strange things happen when making the left sash wider than the right sash. If the left sash is narrower than half the width of the overall window, everything is okay. The attached file shows the problem. I discovered this within five minutes of using VW with Update 2. Please let me know if you can recreate this problem. Very frustrating.
  4. Thanks, Juan - Just FYI, the same thing happens in VW 2023 which I (and I'm sure many others) still use for older projects. Doug
  5. Also, FYI, I tried opening Vectorworks without opening a file but I still get the "Vectorworks 202X quit unexpectedly." message when quitting the application.
  6. It still crashes. FYI, I received a message from Juan P. and sent him my serial number and crash report. I'll let you know what he says. Thanks
  7. Well, I deleted all of my non-default workspaces and added tools and quick keys as I desire to the default "Architect" workspace but that didn't fix the problem. Any other thoughts? Otherwise, I'll wait until VW Update 2 to see if that changes anything. Thanks - Doug
  8. Thanks, Tobi - How do I 'rebuild' my Workspace? I can't seem to find a command for that. Doug
  9. Hi, Matt P. - To clarify, are you saying that the VW 2024 Update 1 should fix the issue that I originally posted about? (see first message in this topic) If so, nothing has changed for me since I installed Update 1. And if I rotate the wall containing the window the sills get totally screwed up and I have to move it 0" to get it to reset as you described earlier. I also noticed that if you copy the window, paste it in place outside of the wall then drag to insert back in to the wall (or a different wall), the offset is changed to 0". Update 1 did nothing to change window problems as far as I can tell. See attached screen capture. This and the complex window mullion issue are critical issues that need to be addressed asap. Any timeline for a solution? Thanks - Doug
  10. Thanks Pat - I tried the VW Updater "Repair" function to no avail and uninstalling and reinstalling didn't fix the problem either. As long as it's not corrupting my files or hurting anything else on my computer I'm not too worried about it. Just a little concerned. Doug
  11. I can't seem to find anyone else on the forum that's dealing with this issue. Like it says in the subject line, every time I quit VWA 2023 or 2024 I get an error message saying "Vectorworks 202X quit unexpectedly." I have not noticed that there's any file damage when re-opening the files but it concerns me. Is this a bug in VW or Sonoma? I have all the latest updates for VW and Sonoma and I'm using a 2019 MacBook Pro. I can copy / paste the "Problem Details and System Configuration" if that would be helpful. Thanks for any help you can offer - Doug
  12. Hi, Juan - I just sent the file. Let me know if you need anything else. I appreciate you and your team addressing this. Best - Doug
  13. Hi, again - Yesterday I submitted a question (bug) regarding sills not being represented properly when using the Window tool (Vectorworks Architect 2024 - latest update). Today I discovered another problem the 'Custom' configuration within the Window Settings pane. Basically, when I choose a 'Custom' configuration with multiple 'columns', there is a 'mullion' missing between the first and second columns. AND it appears that this missing mullion shows at the opposite jamb side. Attached are two screen captures showing the issue. Also, where can I submit both of these windows issues as a Vectorworks Architect BUG? Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.
  14. Hello - I have had this problem for many years and many versions of Vectorworks Architect. I am now using the latest version of VWA 2024. I can get the window with trims to cut multi-component walls as I desire but as soon as I turn on the "Sills" everything gets screwed up. Attached are a couple of screen captures that describe the problem more clearly. This seems like a glitch that has never been addressed. Or perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Any help you can offer is appreciated. Thanks -
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