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  1. Matster

    Connected Polyline

    Thanks, I thought as much, which is not an issue at all, i was thinking moving like they do on a Marionette symbol, but it's no hassle moving the lines when needed.
  2. Matster

    Connected Polyline

    I'm using Vectorworks to draw a Schematic and wondered if there is a way to draw a Polyline between 2 boxes and have it connected at both ends, so if i move the boxes around the line stays connected both ends.
  3. Matster

    Updating Record from Excel Spreadsheet

    I might be able to put the information into a vectorworks worksheet, is it easier to reference a worksheet embedded into the drawing file? although, I'm not clear how to do that either.
  4. Matster

    Updating Record from Excel Spreadsheet

    cool, that sounds very useful!
  5. Is it possible to update an object or symbols record from an Excel document? I was thinking, I could name the object and it would update the record with the reliant information in the spreadsheet.
  6. Matster

    Getting Group Texture in Worksheet

    I've attached a couple of example groups, that i was trying to grab the texture of, I'm happy to texture the whole thing if that helps! Example Groups.vwx
  7. Hi does anyone know how to grab the texture of a group an display it in a worksheet? I can get the texture of objects with using "Function" and "Object Texture", but even though the group is covered by a texture I can't work out how to display it in a worksheet! I have thought of using a Marionette, to put the texture name in a record and then reference that, but you can't seem to get a texture name from a Marionette either!
  8. Matster

    Adding/Amending records - Simple Questions

    Much better 😀 so how do i turn my Integer into a string? as it creates an error with it directly into the ordered list with the Concat attached!
  9. Matster

    Adding/Amending records - Simple Questions

    This worked perfectly, thanks for this, I can see a huge amount of use for this node in my ideas! The math is simple enough, just a little arduous! I couldn't see an attached file 😱 if you could re-attach it that would be great! either way i'll try and work it out, now I have a pointer in the right direction!
  10. Matster

    Shuttering Spotlights in OpenGL

    Thanks Mark, That is a great video! I'll be watching it through a few times to grasp some of those techniques! it is impressive how those renders and the reality look so alike!
  11. I'm only hours into Marionette, so I am very new, however I I am stuck on a few very simple things (or they should be!) I want to create a record for new and existing objects with it's height and width in a text or number field, I've got to a point where i'm stuck, currently where i am at, i can attach a record with its size (width or height) included, but I've come to a stand still on how to move forward, so here are my questions; - I can specify an object by its name, but would like to just select 400 or so objects and apply the Marionette script to the lot how can i do this? - typically in the UK, we work in mm, but all our set build panels are in feet and inches! so I need to convert the format of the "Get Length" and "Get Width" to feet and inches - Ideally, I would like the panel size to be as text in one text field, I just cannot work out how to join multiple strings together, so it makes a single string i.e. "Get Length"&"x"&"Get Width" I have curves and angled panels i'd like to identify, but for now I just want to work out how to automate the standard rectangles! thanks in advance!! 😁
  12. Matster

    Report Counting.. should be simple!

    Thanks @Boh I that's helped a lot, and has given me an understanding of how it all works now! It would be nice to know how to auto hide columns, that have no value! but maybe that's a different thread 😀
  13. I'm trying to do something very simple, one of 2 things either; items with reports (say model number or size), count how many are in a specific class or rectangles, count the ones with the same height and width on the same class it sounds very easy and if it was excel i could do it on a flash, but the summary only summarises and the sum, adds together all the numbers, which is no good if there are no number in the field (as it's a text item). Also, if i try and be clever by using say the volume, it adds all the vols together, not count ones with the same vol! All I want to do, is design a stage set and create a report of the different panels I'm using for the workshop to pull together. I can either add a report to each component and give it a type (in text), or i can break it down to panels with the same height and width. I don'y care really, although grabbing the data directly from the object seems the quickest way and most secure, as there's a chance a record could be incorrectly filled in. As you can tell, this is frustrating me a little! 😫
  14. I'd like to be able to attached may screen to one truss and projector to another, then have the weights of each calculate for each, is that possible? or will i have to create an object for a random weight, just to make an allowance?
  15. Matster

    Highest Record Number

    I was advised to pop this topic into the Python scripting area, as it's more of a script than a tool! I need a way of finding out what the highest number is of a specific record and then putting it on the drawing (ideally auto updating!) This is for a few things, chair/table number (don' really like the auto creation tool!) and cable numbers on schematics, these are just a couple of current requirement, but i just think it would be really useful! I have little experience with scripting (and non in Vectorwork), so any advice or instruction would be greatly! 😀


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