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  1. There are several new available for specific purpose. I suggest you download the SDK and look it up in the MiniCadHookIntf.h file. I can't tell if they are exposed to VS, but I assume so.
  2. I'm not home right now but I assume you set it op on init of your plug-in, where you can set up object properties like acceptings state events and such.
  3. I believe it's saved into the unique "name" field which is visible close to the IFC button on the OIP. There are Get/Set functions available for that parameter. If not you could use VectorMEP's "Organisation - Objects" dialog to find out all available fields attached to an object, including hidden fields which could contain your ID.
  4. There is one tiny drawback, these settings are global (beyond the scope of a document) and you need to restart Vectorworks each time you modify the mapping settings. The settings are kept in a XML file that can be shared. As a precaution you can not attach hidden or parametric records for obvious reasons.
  5. The plug-in will be available in both bundles. Currently I verify if the record is attached, it will only be added if not yet present. Thus you should never get any collisions. Also these will be attached on object generation (before you will be able to do anything with the object). I have no knowledge about that GIS object. Why can you only add one record ? Seems strange
  6. I managed to get a simple example working, being able to map a specific record to any object type. These records would be attached on object generation so you would never need to worry about the correct additional records being attached as all is handled in the background. In theory is any object valid, including custom objects for those of you that script a bit. You could even take it a step further and allow to use different records on the same object type, based on parameter values. Lets say you have some sort of "type" value associated to the parametric record, we could set it up that you could define different secondary records to become attached on those occasions for your specific needs. To handle at least a basic mapping, this needs some additional time spent on, as we need a decent dialog to manage and store all of this in the drawing. I'm convinced this can be very beneficial to any workflow and have decided to add it to our 2018 release of VectorMEP. I don't think your drawing would become heavy if you would add larger records to multiple object types, but then again such above interface would allow you to organize it a bit better and make specific records for each situation anyway.
  7. I think this is a great idea. I'll see if I can come up with something using the SDK.
  8. I'll join the club as well. I was a great experience.
  9. Just keep in mind that kObjectCreated is called several times for one object, also when the tool creates a dummy object visible on the screen!
  10. Controlpoints should not be affected at all by the origin, as the coordinate values are stored relative to the inner origin of the object, which is always 0.0
  11. I manage duplication using the kObjectCreated (13) event. In there I force it to -1. Next my object reset codes loads the ID and replaces it whenever it's -1. On default, your object should reset after the above event is called. Disabling the unique name field can be done by setting an object property (35) in the object init event. Example from the SDK extProps->SetObjectProperty(objectID, kObjXPropDataNameDisabled, false);
  12. I have no experience with Python. I do know there is a specific SDK call to call all the available Python functions. I'm not sure how flexible it is.
  13. Well in the SDK I think you could catch it with drag events as well, which would even include first and completion click.
  14. You could try sending "it" a private message trying to find out
  15. You can still add an IFC tag to those extrudes so you can have them exported and distantiate them when clashing in Navisworks?