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  1. Hello, Here are linked 2 videos to support the fact of a difference in behavior between VW2015 and VW2020. We have the same design layer in both versions, and what we do is about 10 times the resets of the plug-in objects in the drawing. In this case we use native VW plug-in objects (doors and column), but it does exactly the same with custom made plug-in objects. It does it also with the others 3D render modes (not only Open GL). As you can see, in VW2020 the objects are flashing / becoming transparent during the time of each reset. We'd like the objects to remain still as it was in VW2015. Is there a setting for that ? Is it normal in newer versions, do you happen to have the same behavior in VW2020 ? Our OS is Windows 10. Thanks for your answers. there are the videos : VW2015 : resets_VW2015.mp4 VW2020 : resets_VW2020.mp4
  2. Cmb

    How to group Undo Events ?

    So regarding this specific case, my problem was relative to VCOMImpl<IProviderShapePane> ::OnWidgetChange(SShapePaneWidgetOnWidgetChange& data, bool& outNeedReset) I realised that outNeedReset beeing "true" was the cause of a second separated Undo event. Setting this boolean to "false" and doing the reset of the object myself permitted to Undo all I wanted with only one CTRL+Z. For other cases I used the various swap commands as you told me and it worked. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am struggling with a specific case that was working fine in VectorScript, but not with the SDK. Basically, I have a PIO which is creating multiple objects as kids with CreateCustomObject(), + changing one of its parameter with setParamString. This is triggered from a button in its pane. The expected behavior is to undo all of this with CTRL+Z. But I have to press CTRL+Z a first time and that will cancel the objects creation, and then CTRL+Z a second time to get the changed parameter back. It's not the case in VectorScript with pretty much the same code. I tried to use the Undo Events primitives of the SDK but don't achieved what I wanted, maybe I was doing it wrong. Is there a way to group these undo 'events' together ? Thanks,
  4. Thanks to both of you for your answers. For the moment, I have no success reading minidump files. I'll try to know more about pdb and symbols to get something.
  5. Hello, I need to get the state of the execution of VW after loading my plugins. (if it crashed or executed well), when I build in Release. Is there a way to know when the program exits ? Or it 's impossible to catch this event via the SDK ? Because of the COM mechanisms, the entry point is called multiple times and i'm not sure if we can know when it closes. An idea was to try catch(...) all, but the sdk isn't using exceptions neither my plugins. Without writing own exceptions at plugins level, meybe there is another way to get a trace slighty like a debugger would do, but in Release ? (with .pdb, or crashdumpfile ? But how in the context of the SDK..) Thank you very much for helping,
  6. If you look at the drawing Tree or try to ungroup your Dimension object (CTRL + U), you will find out that there are Lines Nodes and a Text Node : You can then easily change the charSize of the Text Object with for example : virtual void ISDK::SetTextSize(MCObjectHandle textBlock, Sint32 firstChar, Sint32 numChars, WorldCoord charSize); Best,
  7. Hello ! I'd like to know if there is an equivalent as this method in Vectorscript in the SDK : AddAssociation(obj1, kOnDeleteDelete, obj2); or what is the best way to have the same behavior, as I want to delete a child when an Object is removed. I also tried to catch the event in VWParametric_EventSink, but can't find a virtual for that. Is there a way to do this without having to override : virtual Sint32 VCOM_CALLTYPE Execute(ParametricMessage* message); Thanks
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