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  1. Hello Everyone, I want to get the data of last command pressed or last tool fire in vw. Is there any API? can I get the last command response? or any other way. Thanks and Regards
  2. Hello, @Tobias Döngi @Hippocode Thank you for your reply. I created a new palette successfully in current workspace. But to show in workspace I have to mannual select a palette from a palette list. I set the visibility property to true using palette->SetVisibilityState(true); Thanks and Regards
  3. Hello Everyone, I want to create a new palette in current workspace. I use CreateToolPalette(const TXString& inIdentifier, iWorkspacesToolPalette** outtoolpalette) API Where I am setting inIdentifier using createIdentifier (EWorkspaceItemType inItemType, TXString& outIdentifier); API At this API an exception is comming Access violation writting location How to fix it. Thanks and regards
  4. @Nicolas Goutte Hello Sir, Thank you for your reply. Sir, When I am in debug mode and start debugging then breakpoint gets hit but get exception error. Then I change it to release and start debugging then this issue is comming. Sir, I am using Vectorworks 2021 and Visual Studio 2017. Thanks and regards.
  5. Hello Everyone As I debug a Tester Module plug-in is developed in vectorworks but during debugging a break point is not hitting. Thank you
  6. Hello Everyone, During debugging of default tool project i am getting an exception as Exception thrown at 0x00007FF9D2F5FEFD(DefaultTools.vlb) in vectorworks 2021.exe: 0x0000005: Access violation reading location 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I am debug in Release mode and Visual Studio is in admin mode. Thank you.
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