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  1. Maybe I should call it a switch button where I can turn the light on or off like a light switch. In this case, of course, with a function, e.g. show or hide classes.
  2. Hello everyone, I need your help. I want to create a tool in which I only have to click a button once and the tool is executed. In principle like the magnifying glass tool with which I can center the drawing with one click. Which function do I have to choose for this?
  3. Thanks for the great help! How can I specify the class that it hides the entire class group from me?
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to create a script with which I can make class groups visible or invisible. I have already found the following function references. HideClass ('▲ 00 standard - hairline 0.18'); and ShowClass ('▲ 00 standard - hairline 0.18'); My question is. How can I design the script in such a way that I can switch the class visible or invisible with a script, depending on the class visibility at the moment. I was thinking of an if / else query. greet Xaver
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