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  1. How to add static texts to OIP?

    Joshua and Vlado, thanks for your help! I would have preferred to set the strings in the ::Update() function, but at least it works now. Regards, Stefan Bender
  2. How to add static texts to OIP?

    Dear developers, for a new task I need to add a pair of (name, value) to the OIP of a PIO (see below). The texts need to be static and disabled. Sounds simple, but looking at the widget utility functions in the SDK I can not see how to do that. These functions assume that the values are part of the PIO's record format. But I need to write texts that are arbitrary values, no record fields. Currently I'm trying to define the widgets with type kWidgetStaticTextParam, but then the text at the right hand side of the OIP is empty and I don't know how to set it. SWidgetDefinition only contains a member variable fWidgetText (which would be the left one), but I can't see how to set the right hand value. Which widget type do I need to use and how can I set left and right hand text (as redlined in attached image) without having to "link" a record field to the widget? Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
  3. How to set the default class of a custom plug-in object?

    Hi Nebeor, afaik there's no way to set the default class in the plug-in definition. You can hardly define a default class beside "None" and "Dimension" as you don't know in advance which classes actually exist when the user creates a PIO. You may need to check all places in your code where you create your PIO and set the default class before calling CreateCustomObject. You may also try to change the class within the regeneration code when a PIO is regenerated for the first time, but beware of infinite recursion (setting the class may trigger another regeneration...). Hth, Stefan Bender


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