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  1. Dear developers, does anybody have an idea how I can center an image in a list browser cell? I tried VWListBrowserItem vwi = lb->GetItem(ind_line, ind_column); vwi.SetItemTextJustification(kItemTextJustificationCenter); but no effect. I couldn't find any other functions. Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
  2. Dear developers, how can I create a generic solid that has the shape of a sphere? I tried CreateSphere and then ConvertToGenericSolid, but the conversion failed. Surprisingly, even manually (using menu command "Modify->Convert->Convert to generic solids") the action failed with an error message saying that this object type can't be converted. So what else can I do? A sphere isn't such an exotic object type so there really should be a way to to that. Thanks for any ideas, Stefan Bender
  3. Thanks Joshua, I had already thought about something like that, but I'm not sure if the pointer and the data remain valid if the user switches to another document during the session. So I would prefer something that returns the "current" color table of the active document.
  4. We frequently need to access the document color table. Atm we do VCOMPtr<VectorWorks::IDocumentColorTable> doccol( VectorWorks::IID_DocumentColorTable ); But that seems to be time-consuming so it would be great to get a handle/pointer to the current document's color table without having to create a new VCOM ptr each time. Is this possible? Thanks for any ideas, Stefan Bender
  5. Not yet, but there are plans to implement this in a future version.
  6. Yes, an empty image is provided. And it does work if you change it manually.
  7. Dear developers, does anybody have an idea how to change the value of an enhanced pull-down menu in a VWDialog? I tried both GS_SelectChoice and VWPullDownMenuCtrl->SelectIndex, but neither worked. If I click on the menu, I can see that the correct item is selected (checkmark), but in the "closed" version of the pull-down menu the (redlined) area remains empty. A VIP user has submitted a bug because of this. Is there another function that makes the Enhanced pull-down menu draw itself correctly in closed state? Or maybe there is an "update/redraw" function for all controls that does the job? Thanks a lot for any help!
  8. Maybe you need a 28.0.1 SDK. Some things might have changed internally.
  9. Dear developers, is there a way to hide a line, but still display its line end markers? We have a new wish for the stairs to do exactly that. The only idea I have is to draw a very very short line, but that's not a clean solution. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks!
  10. Maybe you can try virtual short VCOM_CALLTYPE ISDK::DoMenuName(const TXString& name, short chunkIndex) = 0; You need to know the universal name of the menu comand. I don't exactly know where you can find it, but maybe somewhere in Vectorworks.vwr.
  11. In theory, it is possible and I think there are working tools doing this, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing. Potential problems are among others infinite recursion and undo.
  12. In GetStatus(), you may wish to return different status values depending on the current tool mode (how many points are required to be drawn?) and maybe on other things (2D/3D mode?). And of course, in HandleComplete you should check the current mode and do the appropriate stuff.
  13. Hi all, how can we find out the current data mappings for a PIO or other record format? Are there SDK functions or VCOM interfaces for that? Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
  14. Thanks for the replies! But recreating the entire widget does not seem to be a reasonable solution. There really needs to be an SDK call or member function of the widget for that.
  15. Dear developers, in one of our PIOs I will need to disable/dim several pull-down menu entries in an OIP widget. The widget is created automatically (it represents a kFieldPopUp field of the PIO record). I don't want to disable the entire widget, just some of the pull-down menu entries depending on the PIO's setings. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks for any help. Stefan Bender
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