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  1. Thanks Joshua! However, for import purposes, we will need to accept more strings as the people providing the text files may not be familiar with Vectorworks.
  2. Dear developers, is there an official SDK way to get the strings for the Boolean values "True" and "False"? They might be needed for tables or for displaying them in other contexts. What is the VW rule for these strings? Are they localized, uppercase, lowercase? I think it would be helpful to have some sort of consistent behavior and /or an SDK call to get the strings. I'm asking because I just got a bug report that is related to this (a plug-in of ours is trying to import values from a text file into a VW record field and it turned out that we had not specified how boolean values need to be spelled so the plug-in identifies the strings as "true" or "false"). Thanks,
  3. >>>I believe the column has to be kListBrowserControlNumber. Thanks, that sounds interesting. I see no reason for this condition and no mention of this anywhere, but I will have a try. Too bad that this list does not have a column where we display numbers in all lines.
  4. Thanks, but.. I've seen other dialogs that seem to work where drag and drop is also enabled before the LB is actually filled with data. I tried what you proposed, but no effect. @Vlad Do you or the engineers in charge of listbrowsers have an idea what is wrong with EnableListBrowserDragAndDrop()? Drag and Drop support is considered to be an important feature in one of our new dialogs. Thanks!
  5. Dear developers, I'm trying to support drag and drop in a listbrowser control. After creating the columns in the dialog's setup handler, I call Boolean det_ddc = gSDK->SetListBrowserDragAndDropColumn( m_d, item, ind_column); Boolean enab_dd = gSDK->EnableListBrowserDragAndDrop( m_d, item, true); Item and column exist, either function return true for success so everything should be fine. Unfortunately, when I'm hovering over the column, the cursor does not become the drag and drop cursor and so I can't drag and drop anything. Has anybody an idea which undocumented things I need to do (or must not do) beside calling these functions? Which undocumented side effects of other SDK functions might have caused drag and drop to become disabled? There is no SDK function or member function of VWListBrowserControl to find out if drag and drop mode is actually switched on... Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
  6. You could add popup choices in the initialization of your global parameter by supplying some SParametricParamChc: #define k_chc_def_tuerform 128 #define k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett 129 static SParametricParamChc gArrChoices[] = { { k_chc_def_tuerform, "Eckig", {kTuerformChoices, "1"} }, { k_chc_def_tuerform, "Rund", {kTuerformChoices, "2"} }, //------ { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett, k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_draufsicht, {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "1"} }, { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett, k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_komplett_hybrid, {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "2"} }, { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett, k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_ansicht, {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "3"} }, { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett, k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_schnitt, {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "4"} }, // TERMINATE { NULL, "", {0,0} } }; static SParametricParamDef gArrParameters[] = { { k_un_door_cw_tuerform, {kTuerLocalizedParameterStrings, garr_names_of_parameters[T9_DB_TUERFORM]}, "Eckig", "Eckig", kFieldPopUp, k_chc_def_tuerform }, { k_un_door_cw_anzeigeart_komplett, {kTuerLocalizedParameterStrings, garr_names_of_parameters[T9_DB_ANZEIGEART_KOMPLETT]}, "Draufsicht", "Draufsicht", kFieldPopUp, k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett }, // TERMINATE { "", {0,0}, "", "", EFieldStyle(0), 0 } };
  7. It seems that VWListBrowserItem::SetItemInteractionType() has the side effect of deleting the contents of a cell. This is quite unexpected as it only should change some internal flags. Submitted as VB-176506.
  8. Dear developers, I'm trying to implement a listbrowser that supports Direct Editing. However, I can't get the "check state" cells working correctly. When building the list, I call Boolean set_ok = gSDK->SetListBrowserItemCheckState(dialog, item, line, column, (myBooleanVariable) ? CGSMultiStateValueChange::eStateValueOn : CGSMultiStateValueChange::eStateValueOff); with myBooleanVariable == true and set_ok also returns true, but the cell remains empty. I had also supposed that you have to provide the cell value in the LB's DirectEditHandler, but the direct edit handler is never called unless I click on the list. Could this be the problem? I also tried RefreshListBrowser, but no effect. Cell interaction type is kListBrowserItemInteractionEditCheckState of course, direct editing is enabled for both LB and cell. ListBrowserControlType is kListBrowserControlNone, ListBrowserItemDisplayType is kListBrowserDisplayTextOnly Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? To me this looks like a bug. Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
  9. Hi Nicolas, thanks a lot for your reply! But I've been on that site before and it doesn't say anything about how to enter this value in XCode settings, it is just about batch commands. I had stack issues before on Windows several times (VW crashed when entering functions with large local variables) so I had wanted to exclude that. Now I'm suspecting IResourceManagerContentPtr->SetSelectedItemText(empty string), but the crash doesn' happen then but some time later when the code of the plug-in is not running anymore. Pointer is valid, of course. Doesn't look like recursion. Very strange.
  10. Dear developers, On Mac I am currently investigating a strange crash that seems to be related to code in my plug-in but according to the debugger the crash happens within Vectorworks itself while no thread of the plug-in shows up in the debugger. I suspect it could be a stack size issue and would like to increase the stack size, but couldn't find any clue in the XCode help. Does someone have an idea? I tried adding some lines to the "other linker flags" (see attachment) , but don't know if this is the right place and correct syntax. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks Joshua, that seems to be a good approach. It also activates all other symbols/PIO within the wall, but maybe I can deselect the ones I don't need afterwards.
  12. Dear developers, our window and door tools create PIOs that are inserted into a wall. The user clicks on a position in the drawing and the PIO is created there, if the position is over a wall, the PIO is inserted into that wall (i.e., the wall gets a symbol break and the PIO is the break's "symbol"). So far, so good. But unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to select the inserted PIO visibly. I called SelectObject of course, but no selection handles to be seen (the wall itself is NOT selected). I checked at the very end of my tool's HandleComplete() function that IsSelected() returns true for the PIO, but no selection handles are visible and the OIP remains blank. Is there a special trick to select PIOs in wall breaks? Or is it a bug in ISDK::SelectObject? Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
  13. You might try calling VWResourceList::BuildList(short objectType, IFileIdentifier* fileID);
  14. I just got a mail from Vlado who suggested changing some project setting (see attachment). I'm rebuilding the plug-ins and see if it works.
  15. Thanks, but this function just returns a handle to a group. It doesn't tell you if the group was created by the user or by the PIO.


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