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  1. Ah I did not know that ResourceList was in the RM only...that helps me with some other scripts I have that don't work. Thanks for looking into it @MullinRJ!
  2. Pulling this one from way in the archives. I'm horrible with vectors but my goal is to loop through all instances of a PIO - find their bounding box, and if any are colliding, stack them on top of each other. I'm not quite sure how to store that much data to compare the values. Would BuildResourceList with handle & bounding box data be the best approach? Any better workflow that comes to mind? There can potentially 100's of PIO's to compare. The PIO is just a 3D rectangle. Thanks in advnace
  3. I have a custom Node that I have inserted into hundreds of Marionette Objects. I want to be able to edit the node and have that automatically update in all of the Plug-In Objects. Currently when I edit the node in the Script Editor or an external editor I have to then go into that node in every object, open the script, save the script and then it updates. I see the code changes take place but they don't update until I re-save that script. Am I missing a step or is this not possible currently?
  4. Try converting the accessories to geometry instead of a symbol. I've noticed if I have 2 clamp symbols they will disappear on me.
  5. This is brilliant @MullinRJ, thanks as usual. Didn't even think about going to AddResourceToList route. Cheers
  6. Seems easy enough but having some trouble. I have some Symbol inside of Symbol Folders in my current file that I want to build into Resource Lists. MasterFile.VWX (Current open document) Symbol folder 1 Symbol folder 2 Symbol folder 3 I have List1:=BuildResourceList(16,0,'Symbol Folder 1',NumItems); I have tried using a negative value for the folder index as well. Currently it just lists every single Symbol in my file and not the specified sub-folder. I see some Remarks that say BuildResourceList doesn't have the ability to find Symbols inside of Symbol Folders (only top level) but it looks like that was resolved in VWX 2020. Am I missing something here? Was hoping to avoid having to use BuildResourceListN2 with separate files for each folder, which I do have working.
  7. It looks like you may have edited your 2D or 3D symbol and adjusted the X-axis of only one of them. Two options: 1) In your resource browser Edit the symbol's 2D and 3D geometry and make sure the origin points are set to the same coordinate. 2) Edit the 2D geometry, delete everything, right click in dead space and click "Generate 2D geometry from 3D" and it will trace your 3D geometry and now match.
  8. Firing this one back up. Have done some testing but can't seem to get it to work. Hoping to share Plugins via the Workgroup so that I can make plugin updates that automatically go out to my organization. Any trick to doing this? Adding them to my Workgroup folder they aren't visable when editing my Workspace
  9. @Arthur_Devillers better late than never. To have it see the truss inside of a Hanging Position you need to check the "Plug In Objects" box in the Criteria window.
  10. Oh man, didn't even think of that. Thanks so much. Screenshots for any other rookies out there in the future: VAR h:HANDLE; boolResult:BOOLEAN; cntrlX,cntrlY:REAL; BEGIN cntrlX:=pControlPoint01X; cntrlY:=pControlPoint01Y; RECT(0,0,50,50); PushAttrs; TextSize(9); { avoid accidental small text size rising the error "An incorrect object is described" } TextOrigin(cntrlX,cntrlY); CreateText('Text'); PopAttrs;
  11. Seems like an easy one but I can't seem to find the property to enable on this text. I have a custom PIO that spits out a box and some text, I want to be able to re-position the text, and perhaps have it generate a Leader Line to its text origin? Similar to how you can slide text around in Label Legends, Hang Position ,etc.
  12. Out of curiosity does anybody know how Production-Assist/Deersoft is making these UI windows? And generally what language/data exchange method they are using to drive all this? Wildly impressive. Sorry if it's a bit of an amateur question.
  13. No worries thanks Pat, copying out to a new file seems to fix it. I'll put in a bug report.
  14. File attached, for some reason the colors aren't changing on the 4'6" Stage Deck Height. It was working, sent the file back and forth with someone and then it was broke. Tried resetting all plugins, creating a new viz, even making a separate record that it references and still nothing. Any ideas? DATAVIZ-ISSUE.vwx
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