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  1. Nebeor

    How to set Hatch Pattern by sdk?

    Thanks @Nicolas Goutte but, Isn't that just what i'm trying to do? what do you mean with the '-' before hatchIndex?, I'm thinking I have to set a variable somewhere.
  2. Nebeor

    How to set Hatch Pattern by sdk?

    VWObject errorBox(gSDK->CreateRectangle(WorldRect(WorldPt(0,0),WorldPt(1000,1000)))); InternalIndex hatchIndex; gSDK->NameToInternalIndexN("ErrorHatch", hatchIndex); //VWPattern hatchPat(hatchIndex); //errorBox.GetObjectAttribs().SetFillPattern(hatchPat); gSDK->SetFillPat(errorBox,hatchIndex); Hello there, I would like to add a hatch pattern that exists in my resource browser to my 2D rectangle (as if I would just drag and drop), but this does not work, what am I doing wrong?
  3. Nebeor

    How to get the view matrix.

    I am sorry, I made a duplicate
  4. Nebeor

    How to get the view matrix.

    VWTransformMatrix vmat; gSDK->GetViewMatrix(gSDK->GetActiveLayer(),vmat); If I execute this piece of code it sends me an union matrix, even when my current view is turned in a weird non-perpendicular angle. I would like to retrieve a matrix which corresponds to the way i'm currently looking to my 3D world. Vectorscript's/Python's VS:GetViewMatrix returns useful information but I don't understand how I could get exactly the same information from the SDK. I find this essential to get the most out of my tools. I'll thank you beforehand for your reply.
  5. Nebeor

    Add tool Preferences to SDK tool

    I made an extension tool that derives from VWExtensionTool like in the provided SDK samples. How can i add preferences AKA object properties or parametric record to this, so that i can edit those as settings for the tool, like in this little screenshot? I was expecting a solution similar to VWExtensionParametric for VWExtensionTool but i didn't found a way to include the parameter definition array, Thanks beforehand for your advice.
  6. Nebeor


    Thank you, This works, but i would like to understand he story behind TransformMatrix and VWTransformMatrix. What's compatible and what is not?
  7. Nebeor


    I'm trying to transform a 3Dpoint in my drawing to a point in the screen, intuitively I would multiply with a (VW)TransformMatrix that should be easy to retrieve. I tried this: VWTransformMatrix viewMatrix; gSDK->GetViewMatrix(gSDK->GetActiveLayer(),viewMatrix); This line returns a empty (identity) matrix, even when i'm not in top view. I'm using an isometric perspective. What could I be doing wrong?
  8. Nebeor

    Double Clicking on PIO

    This was exactly what i was missing, it is actually the same as it was in VectorScript.
  9. Nebeor

    Double Clicking on PIO

    Hello Stefan, Maybe i wasn't very clear from the beginning. I'm doing exactly as you told me, it's just that it doesn't work. if I double click, i just receive the default dialog that says: choose component : path or profile(because it's a 2D path object), instead of executing the code that i putted in my overridden function.
  10. Nebeor

    Assign class to object, but not to subobjects?

    What should be the purpose of the class of the sub object, should it affect the drawing visually, even when the parent is set to another class? Does this class changing involves plugin objects?
  11. Nebeor

    Double Clicking on PIO

    Which SDK version are you using then? Why does the name of the class starts with 'XXX' and not 'VW'?
  12. Nebeor

    Double Clicking on PIO

    Thank you for your reply, but, i don't have a XXXRegenSink in my SDK, i'm using Vectorworks 2015. I already tried to overload VWParametric_EventSink::OnSpedialEditID() in my subclass but it didn't seem to work.
  13. Nebeor

    Double Clicking on PIO

    How do i show my dialog instead the default dialog when double clicking on a plugin object? In VectorScript this is quite simple, but here it isn't. Intuitively i would think i just have to overwrite override a method of the VWParametric_EventSink. Do i have to use another EventSink specific for clicking? (as there is one for panes) Thanks in advance!
  14. Nebeor

    How to set a pluginObject to transparent

    My problem was not related to the plugin that's not transparent, but to extrusion inside: I had to use gSDK->setFillpath(h,0) two times: on the 2DpolygonObj that got extruded on the extrusion itsef. Problem solved!
  15. Nebeor

    How to set a pluginObject to transparent

    You give a lot of good suggestions but these will still have some impact on how my end users experience my plug-ins that are originally written in Vectorscript.


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