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  1. Yes, it sucks in 2019. I hope it'll be fixed (i.e. put back to how it was where you could have screen plane objects in the 3D component and they wouldn't be pushed to the 2D side until you exit the symbol editing mode). A few other examples from the last few days: Being able to use the dimension tool... in 2019 if you try to draw a dimension on screen plane in the 3D side it just disappears. Very frustrating. And I can't use Layer Plane/Screen Aligned dimensions because then it snaps perpendicular to the screen in unpredictable ways. Being able to use "Convert Copy to Lines" to create new geometry from existing, because it immediately pushes the lines to the 2D component. It used to just remain in the 3D side so I could then compose and extrude the new geometry. (I use this when recreating imported mesh objects into extrudes). Copying in a polyline from some other document that was on Screen Plane when copied. I have to go back to the original file, change it to Layer Plane, copy it again, then paste it again into the Symbol. To be clear, we need to be able to WORK inside Symbol Edit mode; Symbol geometry is seldom finished by the time I create it into a Symbol. It should be no different than editing inside a group. Nothing should ever disappear as you're working.
  2. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Precisely. For example, "Close Open Curves" (Offset tool) is an option I turn on and off hundreds of times per day. Yet it's buried in an unnecessary pop-up. I also realize there will be a complete UI redesign coming some day, but I really hope that some of these smaller time-saving things could be addressed in the NEAR future, rather than just waiting for the full redo. 🤞
  3. What happens if you select Top/Plan or hit Numpad 0 when in edit mode? Does it show the original or rotated position?
  4. If you draw a shape then extrude it, then rotate the extrude, when you go inside the extrude to modify the contents, it often still seems to remember its old rotation. This leads to all sorts of problems and bugs which come and go, such as the 2D shape thinking it's both in the old location and new location at the same time, not being able to snap to objects outside of the group, not being able to highlight the 2D shape where you see it on the screen, not being able to modify the shape with the blue handles or reshape tool, etc. etc. Extrudes shouldn't work like symbols. They are not symbols. If I rotate the extrude it should now just be in its new spot and have no connection to the old spot, both inside and outside the container. I'm not sure if it has always been this way, but for the last version or two this has caused all sorts of headache. Just talking about extrudes that are perpendicular to the ground plane. Nothing fancy.
  5. We're a few months into 2019 and I still encounter bugs every single day related to container objects. Will they ever be fixed? I love Vectorworks but damn, I'm getting really frustrated... I try to submit bugs when I can, but honestly if I filed every time I encountered something, I'd spend more of my day filing bugs than actually getting work done. 😞
  6. In the meantime you could also try Tools < Utilities < Update Plug-In Objects right before exporting.
  7. It sounds like you may be having the same issue I had, where sectioned geometry is showing up even though it should be invisible with the class visibility settings?
  8. Agreed! This has been a roadblock for me a couple of times. Yep! Please upvote this topic: Cameras in general are imperative to workflows within the entertainment industry, so I really wish the camera functions in VW would get some much-needed love.
  9. Agreed. Upvote this topic if you haven't already:
  10. Is the class that it's assigned to set to automatically apply a Text Style? I've come across issues related to that setting, though not sure if it's causing the issues you're seeing...
  11. That means there's already a drawing label in that Viewport's annotations somewhere. If you're having trouble finding it, it might be assigned to a class that's not currently visible. The tricky thing is the class visibility isn't controlled in the Nav Palette, but rather by exiting Annotations, clicking the Viewport's Classes button, then turning on any invisible classes to find the offending Drawing Label, then going back into Annotations to delete it or change its class, then exiting again and turning off the unwanted classes. I just experienced this yesterday... it took me a while to realize that I accidentally had a Drawing Label on the "NonPlot" class! Hope this helps 🙂
  12. Awesome, thank you!! Looking forward to that service pack 🙂
  13. How do I get a window to show up like this using only PIO parameters? In the above I just drew two rectangles over the small sash rectangles. Here's what I currently have from the window tool: via these settings: Which gets me the jamb with the section fill as desired. But if I also assign "Sash" to the Section class, then I get this (where it fills the bottom sash in addition to the two side sashes): What am I missing? Thanks!
  14. I just brought some elements into a separate file, and although I couldn't quite replicate the exact same issue as above where the OpenGL portion expanded to fill the VP bounding box, it started distorting in other ways (when I adjusted the Section Line in the other viewport): Here's the file: Section VP OpenGL Issue.vwx Thanks Matt! 🙂
  15. I've had a slew of issues trying to use Section Viewports in 2019... My current problem involves using OpenGL background render and Hidden Line or Dashed Hidden Line foreground render. The viewports seem to work for a while, then suddenly the OpenGL part will start "stretching" to fit the bounding box of the viewport rather than aligning with the geometry. I believe it might be triggered by doing any sort of adjustment to the section properties, and once it bugs out there's no fixing it except re-creating the viewport from scratch. Anyone else encounter this or a way to fix it? Here are some screenshots: In this screenshot I made the drawing label wide to illustrate how the OpenGL portion stretches: Original for reference: And another example: Combined with this bug, drafting this project has taken exponentially longer than it should have. @Jim Wilson @Matt Panzer Please tell me SP3 will make Section VPs usable again? 🤞
  16. You can also globally turn the Drop Shadow functionality off/on under Document Preferences:
  17. You're right about it being different if they're Symbols... EXCEPT if those symbols happen to be inside another larger symbol, apparently. ...which happens to be exactly what I was doing when I decided to post about this bug (geometry on visible class, inside Symbol on invisible class, inside Symbol on visible class).
  18. Section Viewports in 2019 don't hide the sectioned portions of objects that are inside groups or symbols which are assigned to a class that's invisible in the viewport. This has to be a bug, otherwise I'm going crazy. Could someone confirm? I haven't had to use Section Viewports much yet in 2019 until this week, and now that I do, they're making my work VERY difficult...
  19. That actually makes a lot of sense. It would be similar, for example, to how attributes for sectioned objects work in Section Viewports.
  20. While I'm on the topic, the "Dash Shade" setting isn't as helpful as it could be. In many cases I want the dashes to be lighter as in less opaque, so that they blend with the color behind it. Currently they're just a solid lighter gray, which doesn't look good against a textured background. For example, instead of this: I'd prefer this: So combining that with the lineweight wish above, I could achieve this, which is what I want (what I really really want 🎶): which is much more readable compared to the original image in my first post.
  21. We need the ability to set the lineweight of hidden edges in Hidden Line Render mode. This isn't really acceptable visually: There's currently no way to control this, because the hidden edges are part of the same objects as the foreground (non-hidden) edges. Here's a mock-up of what we need: This would force all hidden lines to be the selected lineweight, regardless of original lineweight and by-class status.
  22. Hi Mitchell, thanks again for responding! Unfortunately, still no luck, as I'm talking specifically about dimensions that have "Leader Line" checked in the OIP, which that setting doesn't affect (well, it does correlate to "Text Offset" but that moves the whole leader line in this case).
  23. Which of those parameters affects the distance of the test from the leader line baseline? I can't seem to make it change with any of those. 😕 I have a feeling the answer is that there isn't a way... unless I'm missing something.
  24. Is there any way to control the distance between the text and the horizontal part of the leader line? (without ungrouping the dimension and moving the text manually)


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