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  1. I can't the crop function to work in viewports. The handles are not showing up. What's the setting? Thanks!
  2. It was the scale. Thanks!
  3. I have my shrubs on shrub layer in show snap modify others mode. The other layers do not show up. Similarly the shrub layer does not show up when I am in Design Layer One. Whats the setting to make all layers visible show up under show snap modify others mode?
  4. Sweet! got it thanks so much that explains a ton.
  5. Ah Ok think I see the problem. I am not getting the blue control handles. I am guessing I have a setting wrong. I can see the end of the tag line highlights red when I hover over it but the whole thing moves. You can see I highlighted LLBox at the top of the screen.
  6. I am working on moving a plant tag but the tag is stuck to the plant symbol and moves the whole grouping. I have tried right and left click and hold looked at ungroup. Not sure what the setting is. Please let me know if you have the answer. Also when in a viewport how do I get back to the drawing?
  7. I just created a symbol and did an edit command. It will not highlight when selected in the editor. I'm guessing that its a setting.
  8. Landartma


    Yea I have been looking at the individual graphics in the editor and cant seem to find any difference. When I scroll down the graphics even out and become more crisp momentarily then snaps back to the muted colors. When I print it prints the muted colors on the screen.
  9. Landartma


    Need some advice on how to get my graphics consistent. You will see a few nice and crisp and others muted. I looked in the attributes panel and it looks like the settings are consistent. What's the setting I'm missing?
  10. I'm getting this error message then the system crashes any ideas.
  11. Thanks Bryan! I put them into the resource manager drawing folder that I'm working on. When we do the training we can put them into Favorites unless I figure it out by then. I figured out how to do it through the Create Plant Style from Catalogue. Thanks!
  12. Landartma

    Plant list

    I touched on this earlier but am still not clear. I want to create my go to plant list. If I understand correctly. I need to create a template, load a variety of generic symbols into the template, then manually edit each one as I import it via the plant style editor. The path "Get Plant Data", -find in the database, - Vectorworks tab, -Use Currently Selected Record, - manually enter sizes desired? Is there a way to have the Currently Selected Record integrate plant data "sizes" with insertion sizes. Is there a faster way or a way to create a file in a user group once so I can get it done one time and just update as needed?
  13. I'm getting an error code when I try to update the plant database. Any ideas on how to deal with it?
  14. Here is a pic of whats going on i've got this line shooting out into infinity.
  15. I tried to create a landscape area from a nurbs. Is this possible? I ended up just tracing it as a landscape area but could not see how to close the curve so now have a jumble of weird vertices. How do I create a closed shape when creating a landscape area? It seems as if it would stare me in the face as it does when working with nurbs on the OIP. Is it just a snap function? I made it work that way but it does not seem to provide the control like in nurbs. Is there a way to manipulate the vertices in landscape area mode like there is in nurbs?


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