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  1. Dimension tool is not visible on existing plans created in 2023 but does show up on new doc created in 2024. Ideas of what the setting is.
  2. Huh it must have finished loading overnight it opened and seems to be working. I'll let you know what issues I have.
  3. Oh there it is it finished installing overnight but man it took a long time. It seems to be working. I'll mess with it to see what bugs I find.
  4. I'm in contact with tech support. Drivers were out of date so I reloaded 2024 will not even install now. Interesting. I will try to work through it. Thankfully 2023 seems to be firing on all cylinders. I will post updates as I figure it out.
  5. I updated the drivers and It won't load at all now. Check out the email I'm not sure if I need the GeForce Experience. LMK what else you need.
  6. I just deleted 24 and will continue to use 23. I encountered issues when I did the same thing from 22-23. I did hear back from tech support but I'm not sure I will bother as I just don't have time to deal with it. @Jeff Prince I think your advice is sound. I'll let the bugs work out first.
  7. Mine is doing the same thing. 23 was working fine.
  8. I "Upgraded" to 2024. I open it, activate it and it closes. I rebooted the machine and the same thing. Anyone experiencing this?
  9. I'm looking for the most efficient way to add a hyperlink to a plant object or make the tag itself a hyperlink to web info on the plants I am suggesting. Whats the best way to do it?
  10. Bingo. Thanks Jeff.
  11. The leaders on this plan say they are at 180,45 & 90 degrees but are skewing off from the X,Y coordinates. I did rotate the plan to square up the home with X,Y. I'm guessing its a setting. I checked in Document and Vectorworks Preferences. I checked in the Plant Style, I looked under Plant Tag class in the OIP. Callout tool is functioning as it should. What am I missing.
  12. Yea I ended up contacting the surveyor. They sent me a DWG file. Thanks for the info.
  13. I received a .tin file from a client which they got from their surveyor. The surveyor left out a bunch of elevation points. I'm unfamiliar with the TIN file. What is it and what info could I get off it. I will call the surveyor next to see if they accidentally turn off a layer or just did a C$#*y job.
  14. Ok here it is. I had a Job lined out and when I went to close it the guy said I think we want stucco (in New England)Uggghhh. So we went from SRW to Stucco. I modified the plan to reflect a wall with footing below the frost line...I'm just looking to get a square foot estimate at this point. If the client decides to go with it we will have sepcs done by an engineer if the client so chooses. I just need to get this guy some info so he can estimate it so I can get the client a number. So maybe I don't need to put it in the wall but need to give the guy something to put a number on.
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