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  1. Thanks for the clarification Mike! Very helpful. I just followed your method and it worked. I agree that with many of the functions of this program subtlety is a constant and likely needs to be for the endless customization options available. From the standpoint of a lesser experienced user who relies on the educational content provided and these threads-those subtleties need to be pointed out consistently. I have to say that many of the educational videos give it to us as "its as simple as that". This is not necessary criticism but feedback. The learning curve with this is high so at every opportunity the little things that show up as glitches should be highly emphasized in all training resources.
  2. I have been away from the computer for a few months so I decided to brush up and take the VW certification course. I recommend especially to nubs and novices. I get to the 3d Modeling section and am told that I can simply hold down the alt key and subtract one shape from another. I set my working plane to the desired surface of my solid subtraction created my extrude to be subtracted. No matter what I did I could not get it to subtract. Finally I went to subtract solids in the modeling tab and did it that way. It appears that even though my working plane was set when I added shapes to shapes they were all over the place on the z axis although my snaps were all on. Even once my surfaces were all aligned it was still an issue. I suspect user error so for instructional purposes it should be mentioned that the push pull needs to be handled precisely and should give the work around. If VW believes it works as advertised the presenter must be very detailed into all the nuance when presenting the tool. I have a feeling I had one setting off and it threw the whole thing which I spent a ton of time figuring out. Judging from the length of this string its an issue that need addressing. Pardon the redundancies.
  3. I'm a landmark user and am considering my options. I pay the monthly subscription and am considering a few things. First buying the software. Second upgrading to Designer. My understanding is that designer includes the most functionality and cross discipline usage. Three getting service select. As a subscriber I know I get some advantages of service select. Obviously cost is a factor but I am looking into every option. Opinions please.
  4. There have been more than one string about this subject. Hopefully the VW developers are hard at work on it.
  5. Jeff you hit the nail on the head. I have faced similar issues and had very similar conversations. I'm not super interested in work arounds especially in professional grade software. Time is money. Consider this my vote for a landscape wall tool set up to include varying components, elevation changes, curvature, batter, cap options, setting bed options, with material settings for different construction methods etc. Will we be able to pick a dry stack wall with a loose aggregate setting bed and our preferred backing, a block and veneer wall that needs a concrete pad or, block wall and all the afore mentioned things Jeff noted. I'll second its Likely complex, I've never coded, but we are being sold "high functionality" so lets have an effective tool. If a tool is not in the works then I think one of our VW gurus should put together a training on how to effectively create one.
  6. Where did the search Vectorworks and Message Center Icons go in 2022? All I see is the account info button.
  7. Yea sometimes I have to go with the tax map from the locality's GIS. Yes accuracy is an issue. For better or worse we have very few public sewage systems in my neck of the woods...despite density septic systems are the standard. For the most part those plans come on very accurate but still in PDF form which until the resolution on the PDF thread I have failed to achieve any snapping. So I my guess is that the GIS we have available on Vectorworks is suitable for some limited site analysis and conceptual work. I have site contractors who have survey tools and software which will geolocate points and elevations within the inch but that's the result of multiple disciplines being onsite and physically locating their points. My bigger question is are there GIS systems which provide the level of accuracy which can eliminate or significantly reduce the need for time and money consuming site visits?
  8. Is anyone using GIS for residential applications? I have messed with it a little bit but don't seem to be able to get usable data out of it. I get some good info from the towns GIS systems. Then its an excercise of down loads screenshots and combining info which is not a problem but if the Vectorworks GIS can help streamline it I all in. I know many survey companies use it for residential. I'm not sure if thats different/better tech. Thoughts?
  9. Look at that I got it to work...first time with a pdf. I have snapable lines. I'm not to concerned about having layers in the PDF I'll create them.
  10. Landartma


    here is the screen shot
  11. Landartma


    I can't get the blue rigid insulation on my roof layer to respond to the bounding I set out. Each time I add a layer of material it raises the roof instead of just putting the material with in the bounds I set. It also makes it difficult to determine my headroom because it keeps raising the roof each time.
  12. Capital Idea Jeff! Here it is. This is not the one I originally questioned but its been an issue with every one I've done. ORCHID LN BASE MAP.pdfORCHID LN BASE MAP.pdf
  13. Thanks I'm sure I'll figure it out. Last time it happened a restart worked.
  14. Long time since we had this conversation. I got really busy in the field and am just getting back to a mountain of design work. My understanding is that it is cad based programs that create the raster PDF. I spoke with a few graphic people even high end printing and reproduction people I spoke with could not do it with their equipment. I put the time in messing around with a simple residential plan against just tracing out the plan and decided its probably quicker just to do it the old fashion way...relatively speaking. Any bigger projects tend to come from engineering firms that are all readable.
  15. Just tried that. Weird, the mouse won't even highlight it. Its almost like its burned onto the plan. I'm certain there is a setting for it I just have to find it.
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