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  1. Landartma


    I can see the sum total header at the top of the worksheet in edit mode but when I close that line (#2) does not show up. Whats the setting so I see it on the worksheet?
  2. Got it thanks Jeff!
  3. Here it is. I tried unchecking mass plants still no fill. Thanks for taking a look! Moineau Side.vwx
  4. I am attempting to put a plant symbol in a drawing. The colors on several of the symbols are not coming through. When inserted into the drawing they are showing a solid white fill. Whats the setting. You will see I have inserted plant #86...No fill on drawing
  5. Ahhh so I need to do more than one ungroup? Separate the bitmap from the white rectangle then ungroup the bitmap again and delete the white rectangle? I already traced it out but I will try it again just to see. I'll let you know what happens.
  6. Great thanks! I was wondering about that one.
  7. Yea right in front of me! Thanks for pointing that out to me.
  8. I figured it was something like that. I tried to Trace Bitmap but it only comes up with scattered pixels. I'll mess with it and see what I can figure out...then I'll trace it. Thanks for trying Kevin!
  9. Thanks for the instructions it seems to be the Vectorworks standard. I can't seem to get it to work. I ungrouped, deleted the bitmap, got it to the white box. There is no data in the white box. Is it possible that its been locked by the engineering firm that created it? Or am I missing a setting. I control Zd back to ungroup and then pulled the two apart.
  10. Is there a quick way to convert a PDF to lines on a drawing. I'm importing a site plan from a client which is in PDF format. It comes in scaled perfectly with lines very clear. Do I need to trace it or is there a trick?
  11. I was just looking for pdf import instructions and it says select the command. It would be great if the path to the command could be shown.
  12. I want to print some rough drafts and the plan is only printing out about 2/3 of the design on an 11x17 page. How do I adjust the print margins so I use the entire page...Margins excluded of course. It shows on the screen that it is with in the available print area. It was also only printing to page breaks. I have a formatting issue.
  13. Landartma


    Hmm maybe I'll try that will data tags capture all the same info?
  14. Ok just did it and used the selection tool to select the whole screen. Nothing highlighted. Somehow I have a symbol floating around way off in left field that I can't find. Is it a digital ghost?ūüėĄ


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