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  1. The set designers must be ecstatic.... architects not so much. Disappointed for another year. Not sure how much longer I can take this...
  2. Way too many issues with this release. I, too, have had these wall issues. At some point during my day, I get an issue where when I clean up a wall intersection, all of a sudden any windows or doors in that wall "disengage" the wall. I can't even select the door or window to put it back in the wall. I've tried undoing and doing it again, but the same result. I resorted to redrawing the wall and doors and windows as necessary, but this is not a solution. I did find that if I quit VW, then relaunch and open the drawing, it goes away (for now). Closing the program should not be the fix. A stable program is...
  3. I, too, have experienced this sluggishness. As the day progresses, selecting a space can take up to 6 seconds of beach ball time before it becomes active. Many times I just reboot my computer to get rid of this so that I can finish off the day strong. Aggravating, especially when having to move or reshape these things as a plan evolves. This, along with a host of other issues, has me thinking again of switching. I've got a lot of years invested in this program, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. Maybe Architects aren't high on the priority list (not sure if other fields are experiencing the same frustrations), or maybe it's the pressures of releasing new updates every year to justify the yearly subscription scam that has infiltrated every aspect of the computing world. Something's gotta give.... fix the program!
  4. Thanks! I was excited to see the NanaWall doors as the door tool is limited without creating custom door symbols. But I will avoid them for sure. I was able to delete and purge those doors, but it still didn't help that file, so I transferred what was left into a blank drawing and everything has been working since.
  5. Ok, so I had a Marionette Object I had downloaded for NanaWall doors, with two instances in this model. I deleted both instances, and purged the classes, but it still gave me the display issue. I then took each layer and copied all objects into a fresh drawing file. After significant time doing so, I managed to get the file working with all the displays working nicely, and can continue with billable work. Not sure if the Marionette Object was to blame, as we had another file do the same thing the other day, and it did not have the object in the file. Since it was a simpler project (1 bedroom house for Habitat), the process was much faster. I will let everyone know if this occurs again in a different file. Hopefully Chih-Pin and the others can get this figured out and offer us a Service Pack to fix this problem.
  6. Chin-Pin, I tracked it down to the Door Class. If I turn off the class, the model displays correctly at all angles. With the class on, everything disappears. Don't know if this will help. I've been trying to delete the doors one by one to see if that is the culprit but no luck so far.
  7. No we tried it on our PC also. Same issue. If fact, it happened on another file, much simpler model, while on the PC. I opened up the previous file version that I saved a few days ago, and it does not have that issue. At some point while working on this file, it got corrupted.
  8. I've been experimenting, and it seems it is an OpenGL issue. In other render modes (shaded polygon, sketch, artistic renderworks), the model renders and shows up as I rotate to the other side of the model.
  9. File was working fine, when I noticed something with a cased opening in a wall not displaying correctly. When I went to the 3d Model, the whole model disappeared. As I rotated the model, it showed up, but as I continued to rotate it, it disappeared again. The movie file attached shows this display issue. Seems the file is corrupted somehow. It happened on another file, a much simpler project, that we were able to copy all the objects into a new drawing file, and everything worked fine in the new file. I have restarted the computer, and VW, and still the same problem. Also have had several crashes involving the Object Info Palette when trying to add or subtract a number from an existing object's dimension (like a door height or width). This is not good.... VW2019 3D Model Display.mov
  10. Got it figured out, though I am still confused by this issue. I selected one of the space objects, and went to Settings. Under Advanced Settings, there is an option to show different Space Properties under the Object Info Palette. For some reason the Default Settings were not set right, and when I selected Restore Defaults, it changed the Object Info palette to the standard. What is confusing is that on my PC, this wasn't an issue. So I am assuming that the Defaults is not Object dependent, but machine dependent? Correct me if I am wrong.
  11. Yes, I tried a blank file with a different space object and it was the same. I also just tried switching to different workspaces (VW standards), and still the same problem. Not sure what is going on...
  12. Just noticed in VW2019 that the Object Info Palette on the Mac OS has changed, and not for the better. I also have a PC version, and it has stayed the same, so I don't know what has happened. I am including a couple of jpg files to show the difference. In particular, the Space Object palette no longer gives me the option to change the Space Label Symbol or the Angle. I used to rely on this tool quite often. I can go into the individual space object and change it, but I can no longer select multiple space objects and change it from the Object Info palette. Very frustrating. Please fix this back to the way it was, and still is on the PC. Thanks! Bennett
  13. No need to add any more... seems everyone has all my wishes covered. However, one point from the last entry... the custom geometry for the railing profile as in extrude along path. This needs to be an option in multiple tools. Most significantly, the door and window trim options. As of now, we can add trim to the doors/windows, but it is a simple rectangle with no options to add a backband or other profile. While we can always add it as an extrude along path, can it not be included in the door/window trim options? Seems like a simple path can already be defined in the door/window, and give us the option to extrude a profile of our choice. Jim, maybe another thread for these tools is appropriate. Your original thread mentioned Chief Architect's stair tool. Check out their door/window tool also, as this option to add a profile is available also.
  14. A program should not limit an architect's vision. For someone who has come to rely on utilizing 3D in their work, I feel too many times that I am forced to compromise and draw it in 2D. I'm no computer engineer, and I have no idea what it takes to create a commercially viable product. But when I see other programs progress in the 3D realm, I ask "Why not Vectorworks?". The stair tool in ArchiCad looks amazing. I spent some time working in Chief Architect this past year and there were quite a few exceptional 3D tools (cabinets that resized by pulling a vertex, windows/doors that ganged together automatically when you grouped them, custom profiles for trim, on and on and on). Unfortunately their 2D tools were non-existent. I have a simple solution... Vectorworks engineers should be forced to work in these other programs to see where they excel, and steal those ideas for us. Obviously there are solutions to achieving these tools for which we are clamoring. Maybe the price point for Vectorworks, which was a huge selling point for my company, doesn't allow for such innovation. But at this point, we are beginning to feel left behind. Raise the price if you must. Please fix the stair, the door/window, and the cabinetry tools. Please...


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