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  1. @Ben59 Thanks for the hot tip. I'd still like to see that drop down menu integrated into the main OIP. Or @klinzey allow me to customize my OIP parameters for Lighting Devices like you can do with Spaces.
  2. It would be amazing if the Focus field could drop down and you could choose from Focus points that you have put in your drawing. Please and thank you!
  3. Is anyone else having this issue in VW 2023 SP 2 for Windows? If I right click an object and "Activate Class" it will put a check mark next to the class I activated, however tools will keep drawing in the previous activate class. I have to go and activate the class throught the navigation pane in order for it to engage as active. Thanks in advance! Windows 11 VW 2023 SP 2
  4. OMG this is my new favorite thing!!! I can see this significantly changing my workflow in a lot of ways! Thank you BOH!!!! Also the TB Manager is a great option Tom. Thank you.
  5. Wondering if this is possible. Can you search the resource manager for large and resource unfriendly symbols? I got a file that has a lot of inherited 3D geometry and I would love to optimize it a bit, but not sure the best way to narrow down on the problem children. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Hey Hive Mind, I'm taking over a drawing for another drafter and I would like to replace the unstyled title blocks with a style. I was thinking this would be a good task from a worksheet, but of course the Title Block Border:Style is not one of those editable fields in VW Worksheets. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this without going to every sheet and manually updating the style to each TBB? Report criteria attached below. Please and thank you!
  7. It would be great to have a search function in the workspace editor. Most other UI elements in VW have a search bar but this one still doesn't. Please and thank you,
  8. I would love to see a History Palette that "shows the chronological top-down view of everything you do in your working session." I put that in quotes because I took it from the description of the history panel in Adobe Photoshop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
  9. More and more m communicating about color in Hex with clients. It would be great if I could just copy/paste that into the custom color dialog instead of having to have to go to Google color picker first?
  10. Having an issue with the Lighting Device Rotate Mode. When selecting only lighting devices on a vertical position, I expect them to rotate from their insertion point/c-clamp. That is not happening. They are rotating off of the center betwen the selected lighting devices. I expect it to behave like this video: I did a test in a blank file with a fixture from VW library and it worked as expected. I imported the geometry and devices into the file i'm working on and the rotate lighting device mode didn't work anymore. I run a custom workspace so I switched to Spotlight Standard and had the same result. There is no mode to switch to in the tool bar. Do I have a setting turned off in this file? Running SP4.
  11. @jeff prince Great solution! This is totally the right track. I'm exctied to show this to my client. This is a great intro into the Space object as well!
  12. Hello Hive Mind! I'm trying to help a client create a grid in VW similar to a tool they had in Autocad. What they would like is a reference grid that is dynamic to Sheet Layers like the Grid line tool, but to label the spaces between. They also would like the labels to be center rather than at the ends. The purpose is for emergency workers at large festival events who need to locate victims who need aid. Exp: There is a someone sufffering from heat stroke at D6. I faked a grid with Data tags and the Grid tool on a design layer so I could show a rough example of what they are looking for. If this is already possile please point me in the correct direction! Get it? Thanks so much!
  13. Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for looking into this and diagnosing. I look forward to GTDF updating this bug. No there is no vision fixture as this is me trying to create a work flow to building LED tape, and thus I'm using GDTF to build those assets. Much appreciated!
  14. Hi, I have a number of fixtures that I created in the GTDF builder to represent LED and Pixel Tape (flexible strips). I would like for these fixtures to be emissive and stay that way. If I turn on the force emissive button for those fixture types and save the file, this setting resets when I reopen it. Is there a way to lock this setting in so I don't have to click it every time? I also thought I had built this to be emissive in the GDTF but that is still a platform I'm leanring about so I might of messed that up. Thanks for any help!
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