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  1. Can we please have a modern version of spell check built into the program. I'm used to the way your forum does spell check, which is highlighting misspelled words and letting me decide if I want to correct them or not. I never remember to run spell check pre-publish and when I do 90% of what comes up as mis spelled are industry specific acronyms.
  2. I am also having this issue. When I mirror an object it will be thousands of feet away +/- in the z coordinate. VW2024 Update 2.1 (Build 735486)
  3. Students (us included) need to learn both. Ignorning AI is like ignoring Electricity or the internet. The best stragety is to adopt the new tools into your workflow.
  4. Didn't see it on their website. Reverse enginering the distributed weight calc gets 13.84 lbs for a corner block. Probably slightly more considering it's got the extra plateing. You should email them and see if they are willing to weigh it. If my shop has a weight and I find out I'll share it here.
  5. 20.5" Tyler Truss Weights - https://tylertruss.com/product/20-5x20-5/ A little generic but getting me where I need to be. @Mark Aceto
  6. Hello Hive, I have a project in front of me where I'm hanging both truss/hoists and independent lighting fixtures (via beam clamps) onto a tent structure that has tiny weight limit. I was looking for a way to get all those elements to report back but haven't found a good solution. I tried structural memebers (which won't attach hoists if they are angled), hanging positions and house rigging points. All are limited in different ways and I'm at a loss at how to get a reported load across a single structural beam for all these different elements. Any strageties/ thoughts/hacks are welcome. Cheers! @JustinVH @jcogdell
  7. Okay thanks for the help. I had found the magnet tool and I"ll probably use that as its just as much work as updated the auto generated magnets. I was hoping to just auto generate the symbols I had created vs reseting the ones I've already fixed. Feature request?
  8. @JustinVH Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to auto magnet in a single symbol or does it have to do the whole document everytime?
  9. Hello all, I'm using VW 2024 Update 1. I'm working on making my own Truss symbols from manufacture provided assets. i'm following the steps above and the Coffee Break on VW University, and having good luck until I use the "Update Truss Magnets" command which is putting both magnets on one end of the truss instead of using the truss data to seperate the points. Is this my mess up in the process or a VW24 bug? @jcogdell
  10. Hello, I wonder if someone can help me find the resources I need to write a script. My goal is to use a symbol I created as focus points instead of using the focus point tool. The reason being, is my client wants to have the channels that are pointing at those focus points show up graphically. So I figured the best way to accomplsih this is creating a custom record format with text linked to each field that needs to show up. I know you can focus a light to an object by using it's name, so I would love to have all 90 of these instances utilzie the RB Focus Record:Name to fill in the Name for the object. This will allow me to continue to use the Spotlight numbering tool to update these kind of entries without having to do a seperate layer or class of focus points with the names I need. Bonus: Somewhere in this file is something named 7 and I CAN NOT FIND IT. Is there an easy way to search the whole document for something with the name of "7"? I did a report with object names hoping to find it that way, however no luck. Please and thank you!
  11. I would love to know if anyone has figured out a way to make the hanging position report total weight report minus pipe weight. Thinking batons in a theatre where pipe weight is already calculated. I just need the load, not the pipe. Also, using schematic views has pushed me away from using Hanging positions and into leaving them as rigging objects. Rigging objects had a record format with a field for total weight, but it seems to be a user generated field. Is there a way to make VW auto fill that info with weight form loads attached to the rigging object? Thanks!
  12. Bump. Seems this is still not a feature in VW 2023 SP4. Does anyone know if it was resolved in SP5? Been hesitant to move over to SP5 because of some issues on the Window's side with Spotlight.
  13. Never mind, I figured it out. The layer I created for the schematic drawings auto-elevated to the highest layer in the drawing. The program was trying to tell me that I wasn't at the same layer height.
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