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  1. There is another stair the Stair tool can't model (mild shock), I'll have to model it by hand and waste a ton of time... sigh We really need a more parametric Stair tool..
  2. The www.vectordepot.com page don't load anymore.... Has anyone have the plugin now?
  3. Sadly, the website don't load anymore, other platforms have tools for this situation, in Vectorworks we still have nothing
  4. Another year has passed and our wall tool in Vectorworks stil don't to this basic function, all the other BIM apps out there are are doing that for years now... lets hope someday in the future, maybe in the 2030 version?
  5. The HVAV tools are very poorly implemented and negleted in Vectorworks, you should try to model it yourself
  6. You are out of luck in that regard, is not possible to do a cuved fence on 3D, you'll need to use the 3D mode of the fence as suggested and to small segments of the curve
  7. Archicad keep "inspirating" in Vectorworks, they have classes now, Vectorworks could take some ideas from Archicad, like Stacked Walls, speedier sections and elevations, real life bounding options for materials, a usable stair tool, and MEP tools, and the list goes on...
  8. You can try to use the horizontal section Viewport option too, but guest what, is half baked too
  9. You are out of luck, the Cut Plane is half baked, it only would work with walls, and nothing else, you will have to use 2D linework to represent projected objects, like slabes above or roof above and the list goes on...
  10. Great comment, most of the new people we have in the office complain that Vectorworks is like a beta version of Revit...
  11. You are out of luck if you are trying to create a that roof with the crippled Roof tools we have in Vectorworks, you will have to model every component using extrusions, assign the same classes as your components and then create a symbol, so you have the correct 2D representation
  12. For what I can see, WinDoor is like light years ahead of anything the standard VW Doors and windows ancient tools can offer!! I'm really hoping this set of tools will be made available for all VW users...
  13. It would be great to have more options for fascia in the Roof, specially in the Roof faces, but the roofs have been needing an update for ages now, all the BIM tools have them, I think that's why the marketshare of Vectorworks for architects is shrinking, is getting harder and harder to find young architects/drafters do not know Vectorworks, the jsut know Revit or Archicad...
  14. I'm with you on that, all the others BIM applications have stairs that put our stair tool to shame, the other day one of the interns was saying that Vectorworks is like an old beta version of Revit....
  15. So this will be available to all countries or only to the localized versions of Vectorworks for Australia?
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