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  1. Sadly, Vectorworks is mostly use for solo practitioners or very small firms, in the US is very rare to find large firms using Vectorworks, even in New Zealand, once Vectorworks was widely used, now most firms use Archicad, even long-time Vectorworks evangelist Jonathan Pickup is teaching Archicad and moving away from Vectorworks
  2. This is great! Awesome work!!!
  3. Well, the stacked walls have been requested many times over the years, yet nothing... big surprise
  4. If they are Roof Faces, use the Connect/Combine tool to connect Roof Faces
  5. Dont use the old Custom Stair in recent Vectorworks versions, will corrupt your file, usit only as reference and then ungroup it
  6. Check if the classes of the components are turned on in 3D
  7. Maybe as some of them suggested you should explode the object, lose all the attributes, and texture it
  8. The new Beam tool started with a lot of promises, but under delivered and let it to rot, you can even get a proper quantity take of from them, and the texturing is lame.
  9. Yes, the section line instances only works in Plan Views, the tool is still half baked, you will have to put it manually
  10. Photoshop has a bigger user base, Vectorworks use is dwinling in my country, so I don't see how things are going to be from now on
  11. So in sake of time is better to explode every "parametric" object to texture it properly? like the textures on hardscapes or in slabs? so is better to ungroup the geometries and texture them for the sake of time ? so Vectorworks is another Sketchup? I'm glad I don't do my renderings in Vectorworks...
  12. That's correct, they keep pushing new features leaving the ones that matter shelved, take the horizontal section Viewport, is still half baked, the stair tool, no stacking walls, and so on and now the susbscription only scheme.
  13. Well, yes, unless Autodesk bite the bullet and release a Mac version of Revit, and then that's all for the rest 😂
  14. Seems Vectorworks is pushing the faithful users to Archicad, that's the only one with perpetual licenses and a MEP solution for small firms... thank you Vectorworks.
  15. So the texturing is still so bad you had yo destroy your plug-in objects to be able to texture them? What a waste!
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