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  1. Sadly no, the component wrap only works in 2D, you will need to cheat a little bit in 3D, using your own extrusions, yet another of the shortcomings of the wall tool...
  2. If you are using light construction method's is ok, but when you are using brick/concrete/mortar/stucco the correct quantities are very important, so is sad Vectorworks can't insert beams into walls and the wall be smart enough to surround the beam with the components, the same issue with the columns, if you insert a column into a wall the wall components are ignored and this is very important in the quantities of large buildings, all other BIM software's do this, except Vectorworks.
  3. You are out of luck with the stair tool, the Tool is so clunky and poorly designed you would not achieve this... The best workflow is to use it as a base, go to a 3D view and un-group the stair and finish the model yourself and as others pointed draw manually the 2D part and convert it into a symbol
  4. Yes, if you check the French, the Dutch, the Australian and the Italian versions of Vectorworks, the Window/Door tool is impressive, the English version tool is a joke compared to those other localized versions..
  5. The Window/Door tool in the english version it's a shame compared with that window/tool Sadly in Vectorworks North America there is no will to improve in the slightest the tool, so we can only drool over the samples you share
  6. Yes, I'll like to know if we have some time frame, right now we are using the C4D export and is not 100% reliable
  7. Sadly true... the window tool in the english version is terrible,
  8. With the sad state of our actual wall tool, the work-around that @Jonathan Pickup suggested is a good alternative...
  9. I've got the impression that the employees from Vectorworks whom read the forums requests, either don't report the submitted requests or if they do they get lost inside Vectorworks, it's outrageous to see requests from 2007 not taken into account !!! That's an awesome idea!!! or maybe we can ask the German or French distributor to make the plugins for sale in English!
  10. Yet another example of the sort-sighted vision on Vectorworks, this is an amazing windows and door tool, but alas, not for everybody...
  11. I've asking and the price I got for Archicad is for all Latin American countries, regardless of the economy and Vectorworks is the most expensive of the lot..
  12. I'm also baffled with, it seems that the other distributors found the tools are short on options and created their own seeing that Vectorworks is not willing/caring to improve the doors and windows, and worst, no even trying to get those toosl for the rest of the user base... Just see this post, it resume the Door / Window situation
  13. Those tools are amazing!! And they are present in the German, French and the Italian version, I don't know why we don't have them in the English version, it blow my mind, how stupid it is...
  14. I'll also like to know a good workflow for this, I'm thinking seriously in moving over the entire office to Archicad...
  15. I'm glad you take the frustration of the Mac Users as a joke.. I've been using the VectorMEP plugins to try to circumvent the lack of tools in Vectorworks, the plugins work great, but, since they are done by just one guy, he does his best to keep up with the anual release of Vectorworks, and the tool don't have all the parts needed for bigger projects. I still have to export the projects to Revit in IFC in order to create MEP drawings I agree, the slab tool has gotten more powerful and efficient over the years, my question where is the love for the Wall Tool?
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