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quantity of doors in schedule


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26 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

More details on what you want please. Are you looking for just a count of the total number of doors? Or are you looking to have doors of the same "type" summarized in the schedule with a count for the number of each type?

As shown in the image below, theres 8 of the same doors and I would a column that lists the sum of the same door. The red # which represents the quantity in the image is what I'm trying to achieve. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.39.40 PM.png

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In your database header for each column, there is a little disclosure triangle (downward pointing triangle).Click it and you will get the following dialog box.5a8dc0e06e4de_ScreenShot2018-02-21at10_56_15AM.thumb.png.e0675d3bb82cd3ecd05e27fe8e44e7ef.png 


If you click the Summarize Items check box, it will compress all of the items with the same value into a single row. If you click the Sum Values button, it will then add up all of the values for each of the compressed items.


As @Markvl says, add a column with a formula of =count, figure our what column you want to summarize on and you should be set to go.


Ask again if you need more help.

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However, I find it annoying that the worksheet also sums the width, height and Thickness... So I thought that to solve this I could use the formula =(Door.Width)/C4 instead then just =(Door.Width)... alas it does not work.  The worksheet just ignore the /C4, it does not return an error though, the result is simple unchanged. Would someone have an idea why? 


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On 9/8/2020 at 11:19 AM, Mark Aceto said:

I'm dying to know if the 3D Grid Line tool is actually a 3D object or if it's only viewable in ortho planes that look like when I import a PDF/DWG provided by the venue (as presented in the marketing materials).


@Pat Stanford How can yo view the doors/windows in elevation on the schedules? Completely forgot. Thanks

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