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  1. Thanks again for the reply Sorry about the last item confusion, I edited the styled door dimension as I commented and the GL then showed it. Also... the GL will not show the symbol geometry as the worksheet will? Another puzzle. (4'x7' door) Below... found how to delete the phantom doors from the GL. As to where are they in the drawing, that's another matter.
  2. Thanks for the reply. First item: fixed. Second item... the B1 door has no number so I cannot find it in the drawings with a right-click like we can in the Worksheets. I don't have any 6'0' solid leaf doors. Also... 3 doors with the same door number. Also... adding to my confusion the Graphic Legend shows the 6'8" door height of the Door Style regardless of the edited door height of some items which is 7'0" and appears as such in the Door Worksheet. So one needs a different style for different door heights? Conclusion: The Door Graphic Legend does not seem very practical for me.
  3. How can I get the Graphic Legend to measure only the doors, not the opening? How can I find the B-1 door that has no number? Thanks
  4. I would agree that room finishes should be inked to walls in the room.
  5. I have new 6" plastered CMU walls that are plain, tile finished on 1 side and on 2 sides. Question: Do you have 3 wall styles? Or do you have 1 style and turn on or off the tile finish?
  6. FIXED. For some strange reason the OBJECT FUNCTION and WORKSHEET FUNCTION tag formulas had a "*12" at the end.
  7. Maybe, I can't recall. Thanks Tom and Pat for helping out, much appreciated when stuff seems not to make sense.
  8. Thanks for the reply. For some strange reason the OBJECT FUNCTION and WORKSHEET FUNCTION tag formulas had a "*12" at the end.
  9. I was trying to create a frame member but each time I failed the frame member could be deleted but not the effect on the glass, so I ended with multiple shards. Strange interface behavior.
  10. I updated a 2022 file to 2024 to do some testing. So far its been 3 hours of fixing glitches, there's one I don't have a clue... All my Wall Tags are giving me the correct wall height, except x12. The 2'-0" CMU infills show as 24'-0"; The new 12'-0" CMU walls show as 144'-0".
  11. I recently updated into 2024 and I can't see the progress here. How can I delete this small mess? I have activated the "Select Panel Mode", but I cannot delete or edit them. Thanks for any pointers.
  12. How can I get to show my doors and low walls? The classes are active and if I view the plan in 3D the door sna low walls will show. The table is from the Tool Set and it's really weird, too.
  13. Thanks for the explanation. There is a problem with that approach that I almost learned the hard way. While my door hardware consultant was working on the specs I nearly did a door "re-sequence". That would have shuffled all the numbers and I would have lost the relation of door hardware to door number given to me by the consultant.
  14. I did the numbering sequence with the "Manage Sequence" tool, and it worked OK. Now I want to add a new door and, and when the Door Style tells me it can be done "By Instance", the number still reverts to an already used one. Why can't I just give it the next available number and keep on working. Seems I have to do another "Manage Sequence". Why??? Thanks
  15. That was it. Thanks!!
  16. How can automate the component to always join like the one on the left instead of the one on the right?
  17. In plan, elevations and interior elevations it sometimes looks sharper than Shaded with Draw Edges.
  18. Final Quality Renderworks on the left, Shaded and options on the right. So, not worth using Fast Rederworks on anything that shows curves. Thanks for the comments!!
  19. I only get the faceted look in VPs
  20. I'm sure this can be fixed but can't remember how!!! My viewports are 200 dpi (image below) and so is the Design Layer rastering rendering. Shaded and Fast Render viewports shows the same, but Hidden Line shows the roundness OK.
  21. I am not using any "Section Style Beyond Cut Plane" class.
  22. Much appreciated. I didn't grasp the the logic behind the "dash factor". I was thinking in plain cartesian coordinates.
  23. I am trying to do the following hatch but I'm stuck. How do I move the rectangles 8"? Another level?
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