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Vectorworks 2011 Service Pack SP3


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When I emailed my local sales rep (after no response from Nemetcheck a few days ago) about reverting back to VW2009 from VW2011 because of the unbearably SLOW speed and HUGE file sizes in VW2011, she said the SP3 for VW2011 would be out very soon.

Does anyone know more about the SP3 and what fixes might be in it? When it might be out?

After being Vectorworks biggest fan since VW2008, I'm testing a 3rd set permit of drawings in ArchiCAD 14 (far SUPERIOR architectural software) and ready to toss VW to the curb, BUT I own VW and locally there are far more VW users. So I'm looking for a ray of light to stick with VW2011 and not have flushed $1000 down the toilet in VW upgrading.

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I just upgraded to SP3 and noticed that clicking on an object does not show in the OIP. I restarted and was able to get objects to show for a short time and then nothing. Any one else having this issue?

Vince Oles

iMac 5.1

Intel Core 2 Duo

2 GB memory

Mac OSX Snow Leopard

VW 2011 Designer SP3

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Check the mode of the Selection Tool in the mode bar. After installing SP3 mine had reset to Enable Polygonal Selection Mode and I wasn't able to select objects by clicking on them. (The cursor looks like a small plus and a polygon icon when you click down.) After setting it back to Rectangular Selection Mode, all was well.

I've found in general that SP3 resets things you wouldn't expect. There are some other quirks as well which I'm monitoring to see if they're reproducible bugs.


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Thanks Benson and Kevin!

Not sure what "fixed" the selection issue but is now working. BTW I was able to select and highlight the object but it did not show in the OIP.I didn't get the icon Kevin mentioned. I checked layers, classes and different project files and kept getting the same negative results. Perhaps the restart helped?

I'll verify the Rectangular Selection Mode should this occur again.


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anyone got any ideas!

Yep - change CAD software. Nemetshek killed Vectorworks with VW2011. Unless you've got so much time you can with 10-30 seconds for viewports to regen, you need to look elsewhere. Time for Autocad Mac or ArchiCad 15 when its released, I think.

you can see some clips of the speed of regen we are experiencing in our office here:


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