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  1. I have a viewport I want to appear on more than one sheet layer. Is there a better way to do this than by copying the viewport and then pasting it into each sheet layer - say by using visibilities somehow ?
  2. Many thanks for this advice. Is there a way to make any adjustment a default setting for all Viewports ?
  3. I can't get marker types used in Design Layers to change scale when used in Viewports on Sheet Layers. They only seem to be the correct size when used directly on the Sheet Layer. Am I missing something?
  4. My distributor here in the UK says SP3 is well overdue but they think one reason it is being held back is because they are trying to resolve issues regarding the exporting and printing of pdf files (see my topic posted on this board 25/01/2011)
  5. Useful point, however when paying the amount one does to purchase Vectorworks and subsequent updates I'm afraid the least I expect it to do is print properly. Last time I grappled with CUPS it completely messed up my printer and I can't risk that again with client deadlines to meet. Lets hope this is resolved with Service pack 3.
  6. This issue has been taken up directly with Nemetschek by Computers Unlimited, the main distributers of Vectorworks here in the UK. It appears there may be various issues relating to printing that Nemetschek are looking into and feedback is awaited. There is some suggestion that the issue of Service Pack 3 due out soon is being held back while these problems are sorted. I think we can conclude that the problem is unlikely to be to do our system software -so that is some progress at least. Will post again if I hear further from Nemetschek via Computers Unlimited.
  7. Since installing Snow Leopard and updating to Vectorworks 2011 both old and new pdf files created via export pdf are causing various printing problems (I am using an A2 Epson Stylus Pro 3800) . It is only pdfs created via Vectorworks export pdf and opened in Adobe that are problematic - those opened in Preview or created via the print dialogue box or created from other programmes such as Photoshop are fine. Both Apple and Epson have both stated that in this case it must be a Vectorworks issue. The main problem appears to occur if the sheet layer from which the pdf file is created contains a large imported Tiff file such as an OS map typically 24-bit around 700KB. In this case printing an A3 pdf file takes about 30 minutes during which my MacPro hangs and crawls to snail space and is unusable. Other minor problems of misprinting, of small imported tiff and jpg files such as logos etc, are occurring but without affecting the printing time. These items imported as PICT files are fine Anybody any ideas? Anybody having similar problems ?
  8. Many thanks for the prompt response - not so difficult when you know how !
  9. Is there a way to temporarily overide the graphic attributes of a class? For example whilst I am drawing thin dotted lines as set as the default attribute I then wish to draw thick solid lines for a while in the same class. The only way I can find to do this is to draw them all at the default settings then select them all and change them in the Object Info Palette. This is not very efficient - am I missing something?
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