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  1. Also would be nice when deleting a style to have the ability to replace it with another style similar to when you delete a symbol.
  2. To bad, you can't change the style in the worksheet.
  3. Love it, didn't think that it would be in functions. Thank-you Matt!
  4. Anyone know how to pull out the window style being used for a window in a worksheet?
  5. Anyone know the worksheet commends to pull the following: 1) The style being used 2) Hide style parameters
  6. Great, I see its working now is SP1. Thank-you
  7. When a data stamp is inside the title block border it will not update when selecting the checkbox when printing. Is there a way to auto update the plot date on sheets when printing in VW2018, or is manually updating the date?
  8. That makes sense.
  9. Part of the bug is that the section VP thinks the objects not in a symbol are beyond the section plane, you can see this by toggling on off objects beyond.
  10. The 2 objects on the left should render with the same hatch as on the right.
  11. Good Day, 1) When creating a section viewport of a DLVP the objects not inside a symbol do not 'cut' and render with the selected 2D attributes. See the attached VW file and PDF. 2) When making changes to the layer with the objects, the changes are not reflected when updating the section VP unless you toggle on and off layers. DLVP Section Rendering Bug.vwx DLVP Section Rendering Bug.pdf
  12. Awesome, worked perfectly! Thank-you
  13. Anyone have a clay tile hatch they could share?
  14. Still not working Would love to see all the fixes:)
  15. Great Job on the hierarchy view and arrangement of the resource manager, this has been a long time coming. What a huge difference a small change can make, looking forward to the tweaks and adjustments that improve it further in the updates to come.