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  1. Hi Pat, Yes It is in the designer workspace, not the architect one. Thank-you. Should the quick search be searching 'ALL' even when it is not added in the workspace? What is the point of a search all that only searches some..... Some context; I don't typically modify the workspaces, only slightly to accommodate a few items and always start fresh each version. I switched to the Architect workspace from designer in 2024 due to the contextual click dimension missing in the designer workspace and cant seem to add it back in.
  2. In VW2023 I used the menu command "Stake object from 3D locus" often. I went to use it in VW2024 and it seems to be missing. When you use the quick search it shows in 2023, not in 2024. I can't seem to locate the command. Has it been removed? Am I missing something?
  3. Could the reporting be done in each file, then export the worksheet out of Vectorworks into a master Excel file to sort through the data. Even with design layer referencing you could only read data and not write.
  4. To add; If you break the referenced worksheet, it disappears from the resource manager however it is still placed in the file as a 'white box' selecting this will crash Vectorworks.
  5. Recalculating a referenced worksheet when using design layer referencing breaks the referenced design layers. Vectorworks 2024 files are attached and a brief description. Bug Submitted. Vectorworks 2023 this wasn't an issue as worksheets were not referenced but replaced if on a referenced design layer import with the same name. Master File.vwx Referenced Worksheet.vwx Description.pdf
  6. Posting the objects that breaks in v2024. Seems to work if the marionette object is not styled. Downspout v2023.vwx
  7. I am having issues with a custom marionette object as well, works perfectly in V2023, but in V2024 breaks down. Some aspects work and some don't 'spooky' behavior. Thanks for submitting a bug.
  8. Your right @Ross Harris, switching workspaces works. I was hunting for the settings in workspaces but doesn't seem like you can add this setting to another workspace. Definitely menu issues. Thank-you for the quick response. Add Dimesnionl 2023-Nov-13.pdf
  9. So VW2024, you can no longer contextual click and add dimensions 😞 Worked in VW2023.
  10. DESCRIPTION Changing the fractional display for dual stacked dimensionschanges the precision of the imperial dimension to round down to the whole 1" STEPS TO REPRODUCE Have a dimension drawn with dual stacked being used, primary is imperial, secondary is mm File --> Document Settings --> Units Change the fractional display for dimensions WHAT IS THE EXPECTED (CORRECT) BEHAVIOUR? The dimension does not change precision WHAT IS THE CURRENT (BUG) BEHAVIOUR? The dimension changes precision Stacked Dimension.pdf Stacked Dimension.vwx
  11. Good Day All, I would like to create a worksheet pulling in all the dimensions in a project. The main reason is to see all Leader, Trailer, and notes of both dimensions and chain dimensions. A bonus if we can pull in the dimension style. It appears that the dimension record is hidden to users any one know where to find the values for the headers, if it is even possible? Any help would be great. Small Rant; Why at this stage of VWs do I still struggle using dual dimensions. Who decided that the [ ] should be a default for secondary units? Why can't I change it by default? Why can I not have a check box on a viewport to force dimensions into imperial, metric, or both? Why do some objects have options to be either metric or imperial but not all? For instance the stake object now has the ability to choose units, but the grade object nope no choice only reports primary as per document preferences. errrrr OK rant over. Thanks for reading 🙂
  12. Thx for the suggestion @bcd Unfortunately this isn't the best solution, but a good workaround. We will give it a go. Maybe someone somewhere has a script to batch export design layers? 🙂
  13. Hi Pat, Unfortunately I need access to the angle / rotation of the wall to set a range of values. The goal would be to visualise walls drawn slightly out, currently we use a worksheet. Wall Rotation.vwx
  14. Wondering if any one has a script to automatically create a saved view for each design layer? I have 500+ design layers I need to publish as a PDF, in lue of making a sheet layer w/ viewport for each or a manual save view.
  15. Hello All, In VW2022, It appears that Walls are missing from the 'Objects using Parameter'. Is this a bug? Will walls be added? I am looking at getting the 'angle' property to have a Visualization of walls that are rotated between ranges.
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