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  1. Is there the ability to turn other objects visible when editing a symbol inside a viewport annotation?
  2. John Meunier

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Totally experiencing this issue. It is a brutal bug, working on an apartment building and furniture showing up everywhere it shouldn't. I'm guessing its related to there new low, med, high feature. When a class is off it should never show up. My current workaround is to use the Detail Level low and turn off symbols that are inside of unit plan symbols. I hope VW's fixes this soon.
  3. John Meunier

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Still happening with SP1 release.
  4. John Meunier

    Section Viewports. Odd behaviour

    Check out your Navigation Graphics settings. I had issues until I adjusted the settings. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/58922-beware-of-navigation-graphics-settings/&page=0#comment-293972
  5. I believe this should be considered a bug, or at min. not desirable behaviour. Page based symbols do not display correctly when Navigation Graphics is set to Best Compatibility. This may be is a result of my graphics card, but certain things should always show. - Create a page based symbol - when inserted into a section viewport it scales down based on the scale of the viewport it seems. - when a crop is applied to a viewport the symbol increases in size? If you print a PDF it displays correctly. Page Based Symbol.vwx
  6. John Meunier

    Disappearing Objects in Symbols

    Hi Pat, I should clarify, by Multi View, I am referring to Multi View Panes where your screen divides into different views.
  7. John Meunier

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    Black viewports still happening in 2019 ūüėě Only solution that works for me is to restart vw's.
  8. John Meunier

    Beware of Navigation Graphics Settings

    If your experiencing objects disappearing it maybe due to the Navigation Graphics setting under preferences. See attached screen recording of the effects between - Best Performance - Good Performance and compatibility - Best compatibility Navigation Graphics.mov
  9. John Meunier

    Disappearing Objects in Symbols

    Bug Alert, This works with simple object for example draw a rectangle and make it a symbol, the same behaviour will persist. With a hybrid symbol, open "multiple views panes". Edit the 2D component of the symbol, the 2D objects disappear. Also happens when editing a symbol containing symbols, if a symbol is 2D only it will disappear when entering the root symbol with multiple views on. See Screen recording. Very frustrating behaviour!! Screen Symbol.mov
  10. I think this might be a bug. Space area in a database does not return the expected value in 2019. Space Issue 2018.vwx Space Issue 2019.vwx
  11. I can't find the syntax to reference the Layer Description in a worksheet database listing the layers in the file. Anybody know where to find this or what it is?
  12. John Meunier

    Import Revit File - Version Not supported

    @Vasil Kitanov Thank-you for looking at this, perhaps VW's in the future can provide more information with their pop up, with reasons why its not supported.
  13. Any one having issues importing some revit files? I get a dialog with version not supported. Trying to import some lights from Selux. http://www.selux.us/en/resources/3drevit-downloads.html 3d_MTR_Column.zip
  14. John Meunier

    Exporting Double Sided Normals - Taking sides...

    Bump, curious if this is corrected. I'm running into issues with exported fbx files from VW2018.
  15. John Meunier


    Thank you guys. Updated the object to add bends to go around band boards and brick/cultured stone at the bottom. I'm not sure why, any insight would be great, when adjusting the variables in 3D view the object 'jumps' around on the screen. Downspout.vwx


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