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  1. John Meunier

    Data Tags - Call up Windows/Doors in Elevation

    @markdd Your right, but they do not work when the layers are referenced into a new project using Layer Reference.
  2. John Meunier

    Vectorworks Graphics Sync (VGS) API

    Hmm, This technology sounds like a direct VR link could be in the future? Sending the workspace to a headset, even allowing basic editing or texturing in VR.
  3. Would be great if Data Tags could be used in annotations for elevations and link to the windows and doors to call them up in Elevation when the project layers are referenced.
  4. John Meunier

    Data Tag - Worksheet Database filter by Style?

    Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Yes, That's the setting I missed thank-you.
  5. The stake objects for the DTM allows users to choose which units to display, this functionality should be added to the elevation benchmark tool. (And Record Formats & Data Tags) Attached is a screenshot or of the current elevation benchmark, and a portion of the Stake Object showing the ability to choose units.
  6. You can create a database of "Data Tags" but it can't seem to filter by style, or display the style being used. Any Ideas? Optimally I want to create a database of all data tags used in a file with a certain name and call up the parameters to check their values.
  7. John Meunier

    Data Tag Display Secondary Units?

    Is there a way to get the data tag to show secondary units when having it show a dimensional value?
  8. John Meunier

    Data Tag for Finish Floor Elevation

    Great Idea, Love it!
  9. John Meunier

    Database CAPITALS

    @twk Yes it is working, thank-you for your solution it works really well!
  10. John Meunier

    Database CAPITALS

    @twkVery interesting solution. Thank-you for taking the time to respond with such depth and detail. Unfortunately I am unable to get it to work. I have attached a file, perhaps I missed something? ALLCAPSPython.vwx
  11. John Meunier

    Database CAPITALS

    Is there the ability to make a VW 2019 file ALL CAPS? Including databases and text styles. So far my workaround has been to manually type in CAPS, but the database header has got me stumped. I must be missing something. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  12. John Meunier

    Import SketchUp 2018

    +1 Sketchup 2018 supported required. Please update, so we don't have to ask designers to send older versions.
  13. Hello John I really liked the internal image of the stairs. Can I be cheeky and ask what the texture is of the glass please ? Is it a standard VW texture?  Many thanks in advance David

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    2. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      Hi Dave,

      Sorry I don't recognize this image. Do you have the right John?

    3. David S

      David S

      No worries! Greetings from an unusually warm UK

    4. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      And greetings from a snowy Vancouver today.

  14. Is there the ability to turn other objects visible when editing a symbol inside a viewport annotation?
  15. John Meunier

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    Totally experiencing this issue. It is a brutal bug, working on an apartment building and furniture showing up everywhere it shouldn't. I'm guessing its related to there new low, med, high feature. When a class is off it should never show up. My current workaround is to use the Detail Level low and turn off symbols that are inside of unit plan symbols. I hope VW's fixes this soon.


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