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  1. Hi Jim, I emailed the details to CU directly and they suggested typing in vs. copying and pasting. When I did this, it accepted it. Very odd. Every other installation I have made for VW I have copied & pasted the serial in no problem, but this machine obviously wasn't accepting it. Given the installer issue problems first of all, and now this makes me think there must be something awry with this Mavericks installation - I think it might be worth doing a full reinstall on it at some stage. Thanks again for your time and your help and for the workaround you suggested.
  2. Jim Firstly, thanks for your help. Unforunately, there is no installer log. It never gets as far as creating a Vectorworks 2015 folder in the applications folder. However, your suggestion about copying the whole folder from another Mountain Lion machine into the Applications folder on the Mavericks machine seems like it could bear fruit. However, when I go to input the serial number for this VW seat, the application refuses to accept it is valid (despite it being faithfully copied and pasted from the VSS page and checked for no additional spaces). Which leads me to think that there is a problem with the serial number on Nemetshek's system which has been just causing the installer to quit - it thinks the serial number is invalid. I will be a bit frustrated if the root cause is a problem with the serial number at Nemetshek's end, as this has wasted quite a few hours of my working day.
  3. JimW Thanks. I have done. Computers Unlimited don't know why this is happening and that's why I thought I'd post here as well, in the interests of drawing upon collective experience.
  4. We have just downloaded VW2015 and it is installing fine on our Mountain Lion machines. On trying to install on a Mavericks machine, I get to the point where I enter the registration details, serial number, etc. Press to continue, the installer just quits out. I have tried creating a completely new user account - same problem. The machine is an iMac, six months old - 21.5" late 2013 iMac running 10.9.4 2.9Ghz Core i5 16GB RAM NVIDIA GEForce GT750M Would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions on how we could get VW2015 to install on this machine, even if its a workaround from the regular installation.
  5. yep. Blogged about it, film clips of the behaviour are on my twitter (@rktecture). The mods on here have told me to shut up about it - clearly they don't like people discussing it. I have spoken to support in the UK, but nothing can be done. the only thing that's been talked about is that it should be sorted out in VW2012, so when we upgrade, all will be well.... Right. Like we're going to upgrade after the debacle that is VW2011! I better not post any more at the risk of being ticked off, just wanted to let you know that its a widespread issue (everyone in our office experiences it, particularly in rotated plan view).
  6. really? seems like a pretty crude scheme to me - how to maximise your circulation distances and external envelope, whilst simultaneously annexing as much land in the middle (because you can). add to that the facade treatment which appears identical for the diameter of the building (demonstrating how little thought has been applied to site specific environmental considerations), I'd tend to disagree that this is a cool scheme. To my mind, it looks like a two second sketch which has been (badly) rendered up.
  7. Unfortunately our experiences echo the negative experiences set out here. We have spent our office IT budget upgrading to VW2011 and we are now collectively regretting it. I have now managed to get SP3 installed on my machine after some advice from NNA tech support, but the improvement on the refresh speed is marginal. Consequently we have taken the decision not to start any new projects in VW2011 now and to revert to VW2008. Some architects in the office are even contemplating back-saving all their VW2011 projects to VW2008. I'm looking forward to giving Archicad 15 a try-out on the mac if I can get hold of a trial version.
  8. Trust me. When its taking a qualified architect 30 seconds + to wait for a regen on a set of viewports, this really isn't the optimal use of our time. If you want to come and see how slow VW2011 regens on our office imacs, you're more than welcome to come around any time. And I'm sure that BIM's great if you're doing big blocks with lots of repeated components and details. But a lot of practise aren't doing this.
  9. Its funny how many people try to gloss over the scroll wheel zoom issue by saying "use CC or VV" keypresses instead. Funny enough, when they demo-d this in my office (before I joined) - they did exactly that stunt so people didn't see the issues with scroll wheel zooming. I'm sorry, but CC / VV isn't as good - as it doesn't zoom precisely where you want to go. Also, I don't appreciate that my software dictates to me my workflow, particularly when VW2008 had no issues with scroll wheel zooming. I guess this is what they call 'progress'?
  10. Bob Sorry - my tag is out of date. Running latest snow leopard on all my machines, office is running Leopard. All the above is true for drawings that have been started in VW2011 as well, incidentally, according to my colleagues who have done this. I'm not starting any projects in VW2011 myself, and I'm not going to migrate any of my VW2008 projects to VW2011. Matt Thanks - I will try to find her. CU (computers unlimited) are a couple of syllables away from living up to their name. I have spoken with someone else who deals with Nemetshek and he pretty much confirmed to me that they have let 2D drafting capability slip by the wayside in their fervour to try to catch up on the BIM front.
  11. Bob You're correct that we have moved from VW2008 to VW2011, but we actually don't do 3D in CAD, we do it in SketchUp. We only want 2D capability from our CAD software being a small practise doing bespoke houses. VW2008 allowed us to do that - VW2011 falls painfully short and is a serious downgrade to productivity like Guy has stated. Nemetshek are pathetic in actually doing anything about this - they just refer me to Computers Unlimited for support. Computers Unlimited support in the UK is one man. He is currently on holiday for three weeks and I have two outstanding calls in to him from a fortnight ago.
  12. Yep - change CAD software. Nemetshek killed Vectorworks with VW2011. Unless you've got so much time you can with 10-30 seconds for viewports to regen, you need to look elsewhere. Time for Autocad Mac or ArchiCad 15 when its released, I think. you can see some clips of the speed of regen we are experiencing in our office here: twitter.com/rktecture
  13. has been disappointing to say the least. http://twitter.com/#!/@rktecture "If it looks like a beta, behaves like a beta, then it probably still is a beta" would be my summing up. Videos were from a: iMac 11,2 (Oct-2010) Intel Core i3 3.2 GHz 8 GB ATI Radeon HD 5670
  14. Have sent that off. I will look forward to tech support not coming back to me, as per usual. Interesting, tech support in the UK (one man at Computers Unlimited) is off on holiday for three weeks. I put in a call to them over a week ago, and was told in his absence someone else would call me back. Needless to say they haven't. What a way to run a business. If there was more liquidity I would defo be short Nemetshek.
  15. Anyone else experiencing the disappearing lines on rotated plan view when you zoom in? Because all our office are. I have actually decided that from going from a position of loathing Nemetshek for putting out such a piece of rubbish as VW2011 for mac, I admire their brazeness. Its like a royal two fingers at their customers, a screw you of monumental proportions which so few companies seem to engage in these days.
  16. Well done Nemetshek "An error occurred attempting to update an existing installation" Total. Sheer. Incompetence. Should be Nemetshek's strapline. How people can genuinely defend this company in light of the fiaso that is VW2011 is beyond me.
  17. I am experiencing (another) problem with VW2011 whereby the document says that the links are up to date, yet lines are missing from the drawing. When you manually refresh the references, these lines suddenly (magically?) reappear. You save the document, close it, thinking that all is well. When you reopen the document that you saved with the viewports looking as they should, the viewport lines have disappeared again. I find this deeply troubling. I cannot trust VW2011 to actually display drawings in the correct fashion means that as a CAD package it is not something that you can trust to use to design buildings. The list of faults on this software is astonishing. Yet Nemetshek don't seem to be at all bothered or doing anything about it.
  18. Yes - PDFs exported from VW2011 become almost impossible to plot - I have been waiting for over an hour now for an A1 with some rendered jpg images imported into the VW file, and I expect it will print corrupted when its done. Trying to reduce the file size in Acrobat doesn't complete - so like you, I expect that its (another) bug in VW2011 in the way in which it processes PDFs. Seriously, the list of 'issues' I'm coming up against in VW2011 beggars belief. Do Nemetshek actually test this stuff before they put it out, or do they just take the coders word for it that 'its done'?
  19. Per my other post - workaround to the grey box image import issue seems to be to save it as a PDF and then import as a PDF, not as an image. Seems to have worked on the images that were appearing as grey boxes in the project I'm currently on.
  20. For those of you afflicted by this import image issue appearing as a mid-grey box with a cross though it, the best workaround I've found to date is to open it in preview, save it as a PDF and then import it as a PDF. VW2011 seems to resist the temptation to redraw it as a grey box when you import it as a PDF, as opposed to an image file. I had asked computers unlimited to look into this as vw's support provider in the UK, but they are typically so slow at coming back to you that you end up working out some sort of workaround in the time it takes. I'm pretty sure it should be better than this...
  21. Are the layer options set to "show others"? You will get a grey box when you are on a different layer than the .jpg layer & layer option set to "grey others". Yep, trust me, I'm really not that daft at using VW! All layers visible, show, snap modify others, even if you're on the active layer this problem arises. Sometimes it imports in fine, sometimes as a grey box. Sometimes it imports fine then arbitralily changes itself to a grey box. Its a bug alright.
  22. The grey box import issue is something I'm experiencing too Yoginathaswami - its not a problem with the image format - its a JPG in Photoshop. Or a GIF in Photoshop. Or in fact any format. Its a bit arbitrary, sometimes it imports, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it imports then changes it to the grey box with the cross through it. Such is the wonder of VW2011. Possibly the least predictable and least resolved CAD software for some time - its a wonder Nemetshek had the timerity to actually release it like this. It feels like a late beta product to me. I am just cross my ofice wasted money on it.
  23. Another thing I'm really loving in VW2011 is when you import JPEGs and you just get a grey box with a cross though it, not the image. Or sometimes you get the image imported fine, but a bit later on, VW2011 arbitralily decides to change the image you imported to a grey box with a x through it. Is there a mailing list when we can sign up for to find out when VW2011 goes 'ex-beta' and becomes ready for the market? Nemetshek are severely taking the mickey with this release. I am just cross I wasn't at my current practise the day they got mugged into upgrading from VW2008. What a waste of cash that was for us.
  24. In my experience VW2011 is just a dog of a program. I also have been dealing with Computers Unlimited in the UK regarding the PAINFULLY slow refresh on macs in 2D mode using the mouse scroll - it seriously is impossible to work with this for more than a few minute without the strobing of the pixellation and 'ping' making you feel sick. I first of all was told it was my graphics card - funny - because its a standard imac graphics card on a Oct 2010 i3 imac. It also does the same thing on my MBP Santa Rosa 2007. It also does the same thing on every other one of the 12 apple machines in our office, including Mac Pros. We were advised to change our graphics cards.... When I pointed this out and recorded a screen video of the juddering zooming and also the missing line issue on zoom, I was informed that these were actually 'features' and how the majority of users liked the new graphic behaviour.... I mean, come on, what do Nemetshek / Computers Unlimited take us for? Here's the video if you're interested. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/237495/disappearing-lines-rotated-plan.mov Nemetshek appear to be deluding themselves that nothing's wrong - either that or they don't care. As it stands, I am trying to use VW2008 for as long as possible. I am now convinced that my next CAD move will not be VW - I am just glad that Autodesk products are now starting to reappear on the mac, and I fully intend to migrate over to them rather than suffer the health issues of using VW2011. As others have pointed out, there are clearly some users (fanboys?) who have very low expectations of their software and for whom 1-2 second refreshes on zooming is a reasonable delay. I am not one of those people.
  25. Since VW2008, to my mind Vectorworks has been a turkey - because of the horrible way in which the screen regens on mouse wheel scrolling. I have tried VW 2009, 2010, and 2011 on about 14 different apple machines - from a 2007 Santa Rosa MBP through to a December 2009 i7 with 512MB graphics card and a one month old i3, plus older mac pros. All do the same thing. You zoom in using the mouse wheel scroll and, the image partially disappears, pixelates, goes out of focus then pings back into focus after just under a second. If you use the keyboard shortcut to zoom in or out and this doesn't happen - but that's not how you work when you draw is it? I have been speaking to the UK distributors about this - Computers Unlimited. First of all it was the standard line 'its your graphics card'. I pointed out this was off-the-shelf apple hardware. I made a screen clip of the behaviour and emailed it to them. Apparently this isn't a bug. Its a feature. Apparently users have been saying how much they really like the way the screen does this - all the pixelation and disappearing lines and slow regens. Sounds believable, right?
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