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  1. Font selected is Arial. Same issue with other fonts. Also, if I save as pdf, fonts will reappear. I sent file to tech support.
  2. The dimension class is visible in the viewport OI box. Dimensioning directly on the sheet layer has the same issue...no dimension showing in the vertical direction. The Text rotation box is set to the default "Aligned". If I switch to "horizontal" the text will appear but it's a bit awkward looking for a string of vertical dimensions.
  3. I'm dimensioning a floor plan viewport in Annotation mode and the horizontal dimensions display ok but vertical dimensions show only leader lines and blank box where dimension should display. I checked settings in Class Organization...seems to be ok. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  4. Thanks to taoist + Peter...worked out great ( the video was helpful in showing you need to select the path + object before the extrude along path button comes to life) and taught me a new tool to play with!
  5. I have a cornice (3-d polygon profile) that I want to extrude onto different wall planes in a model. Push-pull only allows taking the profile to the corner. Extrude tool is non functional for this operation. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  6. Thanks Benson and Kevin! Not sure what "fixed" the selection issue but is now working. BTW I was able to select and highlight the object but it did not show in the OIP.I didn't get the icon Kevin mentioned. I checked layers, classes and different project files and kept getting the same negative results. Perhaps the restart helped? I'll verify the Rectangular Selection Mode should this occur again. Thanks!
  7. I just upgraded to SP3 and noticed that clicking on an object does not show in the OIP. I restarted and was able to get objects to show for a short time and then nothing. Any one else having this issue? Vince Oles iMac 5.1 Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB memory Mac OSX Snow Leopard VW 2011 Designer SP3
  8. I'm not able to change wall fill colors in a viewport. I've changed the Class Attributes in the OIP for the Viewport to the color I want. This changes the icon, indicating that the class definition has been changed to the selected viewport. Hitting OK gets me to the Viewport Class Properties box. I have tried the Import and Embedded Design Layer Viewport settings with no success. Thanks for any suggestions! Vince Oles iMac 5.1,OS-X 10.6.6 VW Architect 2011
  9. Called Tech support. They sent me the following link to fix: http://kbase.vectorworks.net System: Mac OS X 10.6.4, VW2010 Designer/Renderworks SP4 R2 (Build 126481).
  10. When I try to set up a model I get the following error message, "There was a problem with the LayerNameStds worksheet. This procedure cannot run without it". I've checked VW Preferences but to no avail. Thanks for any suggestions. Vince
  11. I found it. There's a small arrow on the bottom of the Classes Attributes dialogue box. Clicking on this brings up a menu of 4 items. Selecting the "Make All Attributes Class" turned the arrowheads off.
  12. I started getting arrow heads on one end framing members and can't find a way to turn them off. I checked settings in the Organization> Classes ; on the Classes, Line, Fill and Arrow settings. The framing members are in the Structural Framing Class and settings have been set for default class settings. BTW, this only started after I was editing the framing plan. Thanks in advance for help!
  13. That seemed to work well. Is there a way to give this symbol window properties to allow it to be scheduled?
  14. Thanks for the quick response Peter! I'll try it out.
  15. After trying a number of different approaches; how do you create a round window in VW2010? Thanks, Vince
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