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Very slow redraw on zooming - VW2009

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Just received my copy of VW 2009, installed it, updated it, opened a VW2008 drawing...

I'm concerned by how slow the redraw is when zooming in and out - it seems to take far longer to 'ping' to a clean image than earlier versions - maybe a second or so to go from pixelated to a proper image. I'm running a MBP 2.4 with 4GB RAM and a 256MB Graphics card (GeForce 8600M GT). I've tried running that script for MBPs, turning off Quartz, anti-aliasing etc. Line thicknesses are not on, etc. Is there any way to get VW2009 to redraw any quicker - I've run VW2008 on the same machine and it was nowhere near as slow to redraw when zooming as 2009 is.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Guess no one else is getting this problem then. I sure am unlucky on the old Vectorworks front. Needless to say, I will not be continuing with VW2009. That was a waste of time.

It would be good if Nemetschek worked to the principle that new releases, working in 2D, should be at least as fast as the previous version. If they want to add in loads of bells and whistles as optional installs, fine, great, but it should lead to the underlying OS being crippled.

Funny, one of my friends working at the one of UK's biggest pratises was talking to his IT manager the other day, and the IT / software purchasing manager said one of the main reasons they use Autocad and Microstation and NOT VW is that they can't afford to upgrade hundreds and hundreds of PCs every new VW release just to ensure it keeps working.

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I find V2009 slower & unstable especially when it comes to 3d modelling, things I could do in V2008 causes V2009 to crash also the sanp loupe tool sometimes works, I think the only good thing about V2009 is the positioning of doors/windows. Hopefully there will be a patch to sort things out until then I'll be using V2008

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For me the Track Pad Fix script for MBP's did not work.

In fact it made the problem worse. I cannot explain why

it worked for some people. I called tech support and they

sent me a fresh User Preferences folder.

I just don't use the track pad. Use a mouse. Problems go away.

Now 2009 is quite fast and no real problems with refresh/zoom.

I suggest calling tech support to see if they can help you.

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There have already been 2 service packs released. Have you updated to them?

What you are seeing in not typical. There is something that is happening between your system and VW. The hard part is figuring out what that is. That is why gmm18 is recommending that you spend some time on the phone with Tech Support.

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I have the same problem. I switch back to 2008 whenever I get tired of buggy eyes waiting for redraws....

I've called tech support with no help, and I've installed the trackpad fix (although I am using a mouse). VW is getting worse with every release. I think I'm going to install 12.5 again and never upgrade.....


Macbook Pro 2.2 Core Duo, 2GB ram, GeForce 8600M GT 128MB

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No one has mentioned hard drive capacity - could it be getting full?

I have seen on the Mac forums that it is a good idea to have at least 10% (15% better) free space, otherwise everything slows down and you see erratic behaviour.

If you have all your project files loaded, and music, video, email, etc, etc, it is easy to fill up what seemed at the start to be an enormous hard drive.

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VW is getting worse with every release. I think I'm going to install 12.5 again and never upgrade.....


Perhaps in your case Mr. Ride ... but this is definitely not the general assessment of the community.

May i humbly suggest that you take a more proactive stance and use a few of the OSX tools available to monitor the processes beginning with Activity Monitor.

Watch the memory usage and the background processes, too.

Pay particular attention to the Console Log files when you have crashes, etc.

Are you using File Vault ? When was the last time you did a full maintenance shut-down ?

There may be something specifically problematic with your installed set-up.

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I wrote that to express my frustration with 2009.....

I do system maintenance every month or sooner, and shut my computer down at least 2 times a week. Not using File Vault. I will watch activity monitor and see if anything is unusual. Thanks.

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Please, try disabling the preselection highlighting. It should get you some relief, I hope.

Vectorworks Preferences > Interactive > Cursor pre-selection highlighting: OFF

Many similar issues with the new highlight feature have been fixed already (compared to SP2) so filing the bug is quite a good idea. If it's a highlight issue. Next update we are all free of your [our] problem.


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Your not alone. I had slow redraws and slow navigating. I hadto increase my RAM to 4 gig and I also replaced my video card. Here is the tech link you should read about all of this.


Read all the messages till the very end. You'll realize you need either a very powerful video card and lots of RAM to utilize all of 2009 new on screen hints and aquisition highlighters.

I turned off all the Interactive Highlighters in Preferences and it tremendously speeds of the program. But if you still slow, you'll need to upgrade to more RAM, a better video card, or finally a newer computer.

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Thanks for the help. My machine is not that old, with 2GB ram. But, I'll increase my ram soon. Unfortunately a new computer is a year or so away. I've already turned off all the pre-selection highlighting. No change with it on or off. I just can't believe that the new screen tips are that taxing on ram and video cards.

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I'd like to be able to tell you if moving from SP1 to SP2 fixed this problem, but unfortunately I can't, as whenever I try to update my EDU version from SP1, it asks me to reauthorise the software and I can't get into it. apparently SP3 isn't available for the EDU version of 2009. I have called Vectorworks North America and also dealt with the distributor here in the UK. Both have told me there are no license problems and that this shouldn't be happening. Obviously it shouldn't be happening, but it is.

I have been advised to delete and reinstall from the DVD, which I have done, and then try again to update to SP2. Precisely the same problem - software won't authorise after the service patch update.

Time to give up on VW2009 and move to another CAD package, I reckon. there are only so many hours in the day to try to get a bit of software working before its time to move on.

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