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  1. For Australasian users, Megabits here in NZ tell me that SP5 is coming in January and will support v2016 on OSX Sierra.
  2. Try Plan Wall Offset .............
  3. You're quite right. I'm using WinDoor, and there is a category 2D Arcs and Arrows which was set to WD-2D (white fill) instead of None (no fill). Maybe the standard door tool has a similar arrangement.
  4. Yes, those are the classes that apply to your door, however that list doesn't show the colours of those classes. One of them is using the cyan colour, so you need to go to the drop down classes menu at the top of your screen and see which it is. Change it to the colour of your wall linings component then add rectangles on either side, coloured to match your wall framing component. To add a signature to your posts, go to My Stuff at the top of this forum page and fill in the Edit Profile, in particular, Signature.
  5. You will have a class nominated that uses that colour - have a look in your Classes menu and find the class or classes that use that colour. With the door selected, go to Settings>Classes in the Object Info Palette (OIP) to see which classes Windoor is using for that object. There is a problem with these walls, and I have talked to Julian about it. Windoor doesn't cope with wall components, so I have resorted to adding rectangles of the wall colour to get the door looking correct in 2D. It would also help if you add a signature like Alan's or mine.
  6. After all these years, I really should know this. What controls the white fill in door swings?
  7. I think Zoomer is right - build the bottom landing, then put a stair on top. But it's a layout of last resort surely if it is the only stairway in a dwelling - the winder at the top is dangerous, esp in an emergency, and it must be difficult to get furniture up and down. No doubt it minimises the upper floor penetration, but it's on the mean side of tight.
  8. Jonathan Is that the right attachment for this topic?
  9. I had a similar problem lately with some elevations - I had created a series of Heliodon symbols, one for each elevation. I updated v2016 to SP3, and then one of the Heliodon symbols refused to cast shadows on its elevation. I played with it for hours, couldn't make it work, so finally I deleted it and created a new one. Result: shadows now casting perfectly. Another problem was a door symbol that wouldn't show the sill reveal, even though all its settings were identical to another door symbol that displayed correctly. I think it was an old symbol that I carried over from earlier versions. Deleting it and recreating solved the problem.
  10. D Wood

    Wall Caps

    In the situation you describe, the plasterboard wall lining has been returned across the end of the framing, so when you turn the linings class off, the wall cap disappears. If you want the wall cap to remain visible, you could draw it separately (don't use the wall cap tool) and give it a class other than Wall Lining.
  11. Thanks for the quick replies. I want the Viewport to show a standard background (sunny sky with some cloud), I don't particularly want a solid colour. I have the Viewport set to Background Render>Renderworks Style>Realistic Exterior Final. Under View, I have selected Set Renderworks Background>HDRI Sky Day Mostly Sunny. In the Edit pane for Realistic Exterior Final, I have both background options set to HDRI Sky Day Mostly Sunny. Yet for all that, the background shows as a solid grey. Other perspective exterior viewports are set up the same way and show the background correctly, so I don't understand why a ortho projection in a viewport is different.
  12. I have now upgraded to v2016, and except for a problem with rendering that I have placed in that forum, the installation went smoothly and so far there are no other difficulties. I came across an option during installation that allowed legacy tools to be carried over - that was a very good idea indeed.
  13. The situation is worse in v2016. Now the background is a mid grey - fine if you want the render to look like there is a storm approaching, but not so good if you want to sell the scheme to a client. I have to ask again - why can't users choose this background as we can for other renders?
  14. SP2 of our local version is about to be released, so I will wait a few days for the notification.
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