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How to make a NANA door in VW?

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Using the custom swing option does not give the option for an XXXX with all panels opened to one side. Also, the bi-fold bi-part option places the opened panels on opposite sides. I am seeking an option where all four panels are slid over to one side. Maybe Nana is not used enough to warrant this option but I would like to know if a solution for this door type is avialable. And by the way VW, windows (PIO) have a custom sash option so why doesn't the door (PIO) include a custom leaf option? This could include an offset top/bottom pin hinge as well.

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You are right, VW does not support these types of doors. It is something that I wish the program could handle.

Pete's recommendation is going to cost you some money. I may break down and buy WinDoor. I just keep thinking that NNA must be working on an in-house solution.

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From another thread asking this question, which is still 'No' in Vectorworks 2016, but there is a workaround using SketchUp and NanaWall's plugin:

mike m oz said:
You can create your own hybrid door symbols and then select the Use Symbol Geometry option.

That option provides the ability to do what you want. Yes you have to draw the 2D and model the 3D yourself to create the hybrid symbol but that is relatively straightforward.

Patrick Fritsch said:
If you have a Sketch up license check out Nana Wall's plugin. Simply create the size you need and import into VW, then turn it into a symbol that can be inserted into wall. Every program will have shortcomings at one point. I think the smart strategy NV adopted to allow easy imports is a wise one.
Patrick Fritsch said:
Cadplan Architecture said:
Thanks for the 'heads up' re the SU workaround, my response to Nemetschcek though is if Sketchup can do it for free, then why can't you give folding doors as plug in objects so we can modify them at will. In the UK theses doors are very common indeed now so we really need the next service pack to include them.


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