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  1. 1 make a 2d poly the shape of the cushion < i guess the shape of the seat plus or minus a little? > 2 extrude it to the cushion thickness 3 use the "fillet edge tool" to fillet the top and/or bottom edges of the extrusion. you can set the radius of the fillet as you use the tool in the [...] option 4 the extrusion then becomes a fillet and the radius can be adjusted in the OIP hope this is what you're looking for...
  2. bcd get the "IE TAB 2" add-on for firefox and then set the add-on to always render /Vectorworks 12.5/VWHelp/ files in IE mode, painful, but it works. either firefox is not capable of rendering html properly or the help files have not been properly checked for html compliance
  3. pat why does VW even use quicktime? windows doesn't "need" it, apple is killing it off, what does it do? why is VW so sensitive to out of date software, yet requires up to the second graphics drivers? a little clarity or rewriting would help...
  4. are you saying he should now accept that VW08 is incapable of doing DWG exports and "upgrade" to VW11 just to achieve one of the most basic functions of a CAD program????? that's the kind of "support" no one needs nice one jeffrey!
  5. gScott


    add more "spot heights" to the source data where you want the detail to be more accurate. i.e. give the DTM more to work with; but only if you know the site well enough to be making up data!
  6. joel i'm afraid i know nothing about macs, maybe one of the apple fundis on this board could chip in? what i found on google, but not sure if it applies to your version of the OS: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1810 from the instructions for the 10.6 + newer firewall it seems that apple have crippled user customization or outgoing control. for the jobs ubercontrolmeister> what you should be looking at is option 3 of the 10.5 instructions: "Set access for specific services and applications:" and add VW the list + set to deny if the default firewall won't do it google for a 3rd party firewall. there are plenty free or $$ versions for the pc so there should be something for mac? other google results for mac firewall: http://www.macworld.com/product/405592/apple_mac_os_x_firewall.html http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/apple-admits-to-misleading-leopard-firewall-settings/673 have fun...
  7. joel have you got a firewall you can configure? until you can get this sorted out, add a firewall block on VW and tell it not to phone home
  8. matt to return to the original contention of the thread, your 2011 renders are a lot more washed out, are there settings you might easily change to get the same level of "vividness" in the 2010 render? obviously neither are "realistic" but the 2011 renders are just boring. could this be because you are mimicing a 2010 setup? would a default 2011 render be any different?
  9. ooooh, they deleted another one! and i haven't insulted anyone, yet...
  10. sounds like a hole in your firewall... what happens if you entirely disconnect from the network? no wireless, no wire, no internet...
  11. manfredi there is a demo version of windoor you can try, http://www.ozcad.com.au/products/windoor.php
  12. jonathan thanks, that tip should be repeated massively in your documentation, or in popups, or something, as it's always been a mystery to me what defines outside or inside on windoor
  13. they ain't coming... any longstanding, repeatable glitch and it's either 'get the latest driver' or it's a deathly hush ummm, stairs, call-outs, anyone? on the graphics front why in the name of the great spaghetti monster are we urged to upgrade graphic drivers, when still using quicktime 7, which has little or no support for gpu acceleration?! apple has canned it + quicktime x, released for mac 2 years ago, ain't available for windows painted a bit into the corner?
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