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  1. So is this why I can't make the wall components disappear either in my section viewport? Being three years behind the curve using v2009, I don't expect a fix for my version.
  2. I don't know if this has been asked for before or changed in 2010, but I would like to see more leader options for the callout tool in the preferences dialog, specifically leader line color options. A choice for classing would be nice too.
  3. If you're talking about a editing the class in the viewport, you need to override the class attribute instead of turning them off.
  4. I new it would be easy!!! Thank you Michael the Magician.
  5. Here's an itty bitty request (I would assume). For simple lines that aren't vertical or horizontal, I'd like to have some parametric ability to see and edit it's length from within the OIP. Easy to add, n'est pas?
  6. The best thing might be to post the file here so folks can take a closer look at it.
  7. Does it still happen with all classes set to be visible?
  8. You may have done this already but I've been caught by this before. When you're changing the mapping of a wall texture, make sure the correct part of the wall (right or left) that you want changed is selected before changing the mapping for that side.
  9. I love a good render, but I'm curious to know if there are any clients in the residential design market that want, and are willing to pay for, such high quality renders. How much are they willing to pay? Or is this more for the large commercial projects, lighting design or for smaller object modeling which would be easier to do in those better modeling programs?
  10. Dang! I hate it when I give myself reasons to spend more money! Just watched that "new feature" movie. Pretty cool.
  11. Scaling isn't the problem. What I meant was fixing something like this, where the hatch doesn't shift with the wall.
  12. Here's one at 1:1 with the batt width at 1". You can duplicate and rescale it as needed. I don't know the best way to get the hatch squiggles to fit like they should within the cavity.
  13. My favorite: Cordless Trackman Wheel
  14. So is exporting to DXF or 3DS not an option for going from VW to Maxwell?
  15. Thanks for the verification guys. I think I'll stick with the slicing/extrude method rather than subtracting solids which I'm guessing would result in more bloated file sizes. I don't like OpenGL as a presentation type anyway, it's more useful for quick visualizing for me during the design process. Has this been submitted as a bug yet by anybody? NNA? It sure seems like one.
  16. I'm getting these extra lines appearing where they shouldn't when I have "draw edges" selected for the OpenGL options. These are simple extrudes, and playing with all the other options (anti-aliasing, detail levels, quartz, line render smoothing angles, 3D conv. res.) doesn't change anything. Has anyone seen this before? This a new file generated in VW2009
  17. What does Maxwell have that C4D doesn't?
  18. Thanks Ray. The "Add Surfaces" issue seems to be the only one affecting me and I haven't run into that problem. I guess I haven't made that "specific polygon" yet..
  19. Are there any compelling reasons for us regular Leopards to upgrade our 2009s to SP5? Were other bug fixes addressed?
  20. Yes yes. Like I said a month ago (http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=131718#Post131718) you can convert a copy to a group and rotate that right before printing - pain.
  21. If you're talking about creating the roof surface, you can "shell" the interpolated surface to the thickness you want. Don't know why you can't extend the walls to the surface. I can't remember what VW 11.5 was capable of.
  22. I just found this out recently. If you're setting the Overall button to Class Texture with all the other parts set to "Revert to Overall", you won't get a texture on your wall unless you have the center texture checked under the wall tab in the class attributes edit window for that particular class. Apparently that's where the "Overall (class texture)" is connected to, the center texture. HTH
  23. I don't know if you can set this up already but I would love to be able to do this. When I'm trying to grab an object by one of its endpoints to drag somewhere else, I spend too much time hovering over that point looking for the grab crosshairs to appear and the interactive scaling icon to disappear. I typically like to have the interactive scaling mode turned on, so instead of hitting the "U" key a couple of times to disable and then again to enable it, I'm looking for a key to press that will force the selection crosshairs to become active momentarily (or the scaling mode to disable) until I can grab that point and then I let go of that key to get back to normal, just like pressing the space bar enables the pan tool only while you're pressing it. Make sense?
  24. That doesn't seem to work either. The viewport rotates but the worksheet becomes grayed and x-ed out. The last resort seems to be converting a copy to a group right before printing, but then the database link to the objects is gone.
  25. I'm still in v2009 and I haven't seen anything in the new feature list for v2010 that suggests you can do this. Am I wrong?
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