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  1. 5 years later, still no custom folding door option? It's not just NANA anymore, many other companies provide them. Come on, VW, it can't be that difficult to add a custom Folding Leaf, similar the custom stack/slide option, which works great.
  2. Undo (command z) has been very problematic, jumping back too far, losing data, and now crashing. Unpredictably. This has only been occurring in the past day. (Mar 18 2021) never had this problem before. Did something change in a recent upgrade? Could it be from using items from a very old file? MacBook Pro macOS 10.15.7 Catalina
  3. I don't have any external drives connected yet. Backing up to old computer for now. I'm shopping for a back up disc with USB-C connection. Why do you ask?
  4. Any updates to this issue? I'm Running a new 16" Mac Book Pro with VW 2021, SP2. Still on Catalina, 10.15.7. wondering if it is good idea to upgrade to Big Sur. I get occasional crashes, various circumstances including editing within a viewport or the hatch window. The are frozen beachball crashes requiring force quit, very time consuming. Also, the fan comes on sometimes when I start up VW, without any hard rendering or task. Optimist in me thinks these problems will diminish if I upgrade.
  5. I'm trying to import simple revit files. .rvt. The import menu does not provide that option, only "batch" or .rfa (revit family) files. v2019, updated today SP5.3. MacOS 10.13.6 How do we import Revit Files now?
  6. I find the same problem in a brand new file. First image is after zooming in (when the , 2nd one is after click dragging the lower callout, which also turned of the arrowhead on the upper one. Ironically, this may be due to an upgrade of the callout tool. I didn't realize the capacity for additional leader lines had been added, something on my wish list for years.
  7. Same problem here. All these call outs should have arrow heads. Sometimes they come back when zooming in. Also, certain callouts rotate 45 degrees for no apparent reason, then snap back. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! (File imported from 2016, 2015 before that.)
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