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Found 20 results

  1. Is it possible to add simple text to a dimension on a dimension string, with or without affecting the accuracy or placement of the dimension? For example: Add +/- at the end of a dimension to indicate some field variance is expected. Add "New" or "Existing" or "Verify in Field" to indicate that a condition of task associated with the dimension. Thank you
  2. I would like to be able to select a single Dimension and override its end markers so that it has different linear markers at each end. For example - a 'Slash' mark at one end and an 'Arrow' at the other. Currently to do this (as pointed out by Andy Broomell) you have to ungroup a Dimension object (Convert to Group also works), which will result in individual lines and text objects. Then you could then select the line and change one of its markers. (link to related Troubleshooting thread on this topic)
  3. Good Day All, I would like to create a worksheet pulling in all the dimensions in a project. The main reason is to see all Leader, Trailer, and notes of both dimensions and chain dimensions. A bonus if we can pull in the dimension style. It appears that the dimension record is hidden to users any one know where to find the values for the headers, if it is even possible? Any help would be great. Small Rant; Why at this stage of VWs do I still struggle using dual dimensions. Who decided that the [ ] should be a default for secondary units? Why can't I change it by default? Why can I not have a check box on a viewport to force dimensions into imperial, metric, or both? Why do some objects have options to be either metric or imperial but not all? For instance the stake object now has the ability to choose units, but the grade object nope no choice only reports primary as per document preferences. errrrr OK rant over. Thanks for reading 🙂
  4. DESCRIPTION Changing the fractional display for dual stacked dimensionschanges the precision of the imperial dimension to round down to the whole 1" STEPS TO REPRODUCE Have a dimension drawn with dual stacked being used, primary is imperial, secondary is mm File --> Document Settings --> Units Change the fractional display for dimensions WHAT IS THE EXPECTED (CORRECT) BEHAVIOUR? The dimension does not change precision WHAT IS THE CURRENT (BUG) BEHAVIOUR? The dimension changes precision Stacked Dimension.pdf Stacked Dimension.vwx
  5. I hope I'm missing something, as this seems so obvious for so long: Currently the placement of the first dimension is arbitrary so, I'd like to see a setting where dimensions can be placed neatly and consistently with a pre-defined offset from the measured object for the first placement. (see the Dimension Exterior Walls command preference) In fact an editable list of such presets would be a nice update on the single 0.4" shown here. So as an example Offset 1> 12" Offset 2>+8" Offset 3>+6" 4th & subsequent offsets>+4' or whatever you'd like This could then be disabled/enabled on the fly with the Opt/Alt key
  6. Work with a intelligent dimension tools that work not only with points, but that can understand walls/slabs/Roofs faces and core components faces, as objects edges... improve the workflow, reduce time and errors constraining and associate the dimension. The competition have this from the beginnings, its time for VWK not lose another version without this improvement.
  7. Hello, i use a script with just the function "vs.CallToolByIndex(-210)" (for Dimension). The tool starts and i can create the dim. After the Dim is createt VW start stocking and than crashing. Is this a bug?
  8. I've spent over an hour this morning attempting to dimension a radius in the annotation layer of a viewport... I don't understand how such a basic feature is so profoundly screwed up!
  9. Hi there. I have a large arc I need to dimension... is there a foreshortened dimension tool in Vectorworks? Or maybe a jogged arc dimension tool? Thanks!
  10. I have a lot of tight dimensions and just want to turn the text within the dimension by 90° as seen in attached jpg. (1'-9 1/2" dimension shown is not a solution but a very slow workaround) It seems like this should be somewhere within VW...? Am I missing something?
  11. I would love to see the ability to rotate text within the dimension regardless which way the dimension runs. I run some very tight dimensions and need to change font size to 6 sometimes to fit it all in. See images below as a before and wishful after.
  12. Hi I noticed another bug in 2018 SP 3 on windows 10. If you use the eyedropper tool to copy the properties of one dimension to another, it does not carry the witness line override settings. does anyone have this issue as well? OSX ?
  13. I'm adding dimensions to a complicated drawing with curves. I'm using the arc dimension tool but the arrows are so big and I don't know how to change their size or appearance. Can you help me? David
  14. I believe this has been asked before: Is there a way to return the length of a dimension to a worksheet? Interestingly I can report the dimension height, width, x or y center etc. but am stumped to find the call for the dimension value itself. I'm associating Setback dimensions and would like their values to automatically populate the Zoning Check worksheet.
  15. I've been converting 2d lines to dimensions for some time now. I find it helps when trying to dimension something in a view other than Top/Plan as the 2d line stays on what is effectively the screen plane of the drawing and you don't run into odd snapping to obejcts in 3d space. What happens in the video below has been happening I think ever since updating to VW2017, I've just never taken the time to document it until now. When converting a line object to a dimension, Vectorworks displays an angry dialog box saying "This command requires that one of the following objects be selected : line, circle/arc" What's more bizarre is that after hitting okay a few times, the conversion does happen...and usually the same dialog box pops up a few more times after the conversion has happened! Anyone else ever seen this? Something I'm missing here? Thanks! line_to_dimension.mov
  16. Hello, I am a Production tech who specializes in lighting and staging drawings. Iv'e been a VW user since Mini-Cad 7. I have been tasked to create some drawings for a handful of custom objects. These object need to be dimensioned in 3 decimal places with a tolerance of about 0.015" These object are being sent to a manufacture for creation. I have no problem creating these objects, it just that i need to present them to the machine shop correctly. Typically my drawings are withing an inch without tolerances (heck if a chain motor is that close, it's good enough for rock & roll). These object are about 20" x 3" and have a lot of precision holes located in them. I don't want to steal a machinist's gig, but it would be valuable for me to learn this too. Once again the internet give me 500,000 hits for reference. If I only had that kind of time Does anyone have quick course of detail dimensioning showing these kind of tolerances. Where is the best place to start the dimensions (center, end) (the ends are rounded). Thanks, Jeff
  17. Dimension leader lines should have an option to start from the center of the dimension, not from below the dimension baseline as current. Additionally, the leader line should have an option to be an arc.
  18. Hello, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but when I'm resizing walls by punching in the actual change in dimension (within the OIP) of the wall, the joints keep breaking. This method used to work in 2016, was there alteration in the 2017 version?
  19. I'm wondering if it is possible to create a Custom Dimension Standard which has different linear markers at each end. For example - a 'Slash' mark at one end and an 'Arrow' at the other. I was hoping that I could select the dimension and override the end markers via the OIP, but it doesn't seem possible. Thanks—
  20. I think I've found a bug in VW2017 Mac (initial release). The Constrained Linear Dimension Tool, when set to Constrained Chain Mode, seems to SKIP the 2nd dimension point. To reproduce: 1) Open a new blank file. 2) Draw any simple 2D object in Top/Plan view. (Rectangle or whatever.) 3) Try to use the Linear Constrained Dimension tool to created a Constrained Chain of dimensions, anywhere in teh drawing. The first & second clicks create the first dimension in the chain. The THIRD click appears to be skipped / ignored. FOURTH and subsequent clicks (all the way up to 30, which was as far as I tested it) work normally. So, if you are trying to create a chain of N dimensions, you always end up with N-1 dimensions because the 2nd dimension (on the 3rd click) is ignored. Please confirm and/or delete this thread if this has already been posted elsewhere.
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