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  1. B Cox

    2018 High Sierra Compatibility Issues

    VW 2018 still has many unresolved bugs and functionality and formatting issues. Its disappointing that users have to deal with a half broken product for 500/year.
  2. B Cox

    a case for browser based CAD

  3. B Cox

    Text Class Bug VW 2018

    Hi I'm having an issue I imported a DWG from rhino into VWX. I am now having an issue: My dimensions class with is a use at creation style Solid White background Solid Black line. When i use the text tool with Dimension Class chosen and my attributes panel as 'by class' for all settings, My text comes in as dimension class with SOLID rather than by class, and a by class definition of BLACK as its background color instead of WHITE. I'm not sure 1) why its not being created with the correct class definitions or why its not inherting properties of either the attribute panel or the selected class definitions? is there another level to text creation that i dont know about?
  4. B Cox

    a case for browser based CAD

    Was there a point of this beyond my original comment? Its exactly what I just said?
  5. B Cox

    a case for browser based CAD

    If you think you would be immune from litigation if your clients information was stolen regardless of them having you sign a liability agreement, you've got another thing coming. More likely you would have them sign an indemnity clause.
  6. B Cox

    a case for browser based CAD

    I know some people who work on extremely large industrial projects and are prohibited from using fusion 360 BECAUSE its cloud based. They use solidworks instead despite its high cost. This is due to client prohibitions and concern about the security of keeping proprietary files in a 3rd party cloud environment.
  7. Rhino just makes 2d lines projected onto a flat plane. A lot like Sketchup's Export to DWG. You can use it with perspective or parallel projections. It does not live link. VW kind of does a live link like you've already described but somehow it just churns and churns if you are doing anything bigger than a 3 wall set.
  8. Another shortcut is to rasterize your ambient occlusion render and underlay it under your 2d linework. I always find that live viewports are too slow to annotate at a comfortable speed. I really wish VW had a function like rhino's make 2D (although I believe something similar can be achieved with design layer viewports? never tried) Live viewports are a powerful tool but I've yet to see an implementation that really works quickly enough to be functional unless you are just roughing in openings using BIM objects instead of real 3D shapes. Even most rhino users limit their use of real 3d viewports for drafting because 1) its hard to pick lines 2) its easier to adjust details orthographically
  9. Hmm i'm having trouble replicatin gnow too
  10. Bumping this--Nemetschek are you creating a bug report?
  11. B Cox

    2018 SP3 - Class Drop Down Not Scrolling

    Bumping this--Nemetschek are you creating a bug report?
  12. B Cox

    a case for browser based CAD

    You should try simlab composer for VR walkthroughs with teams.
  13. Hi I noticed another bug in 2018 SP 3 on windows 10. If you use the eyedropper tool to copy the properties of one dimension to another, it does not carry the witness line override settings. does anyone have this issue as well? OSX ?
  14. I think your computer is plenty robust to deal with this. I have big slowdowns from bringing in PDFs even if they are raster based, and even worse if they are vectorbased (ie, PDFs from CAD, Illustrator) Explode that stuff and just keep the underlaying raster.
  15. Hugh, I always have performance problems running VW across multiple screens. The sweet spot seems to be running single screen 1080P only. I think because VW draws all the vectors in stacking order, this calculation is naturally slow on bigger projects. When you factor in the program trying to calculate line weights twice, it gets rougher. Also, if you have any PDFs imported to draw on top of, you should ungroup & regroup those objects.