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  1. Any word about sp5 for 2017? I'm in a new office and am working with a lot of files that were developed in 2017 and 2015, so I could pull them forward to 2018 but I'd really hate to if workable 2017 was about to be released...?
  2. But its kind of a crazy system. Two software with annual upgrade tracks on top of each other. VW should delay their upgrades until 4 months after MacOS does their annual update. It seems foolish for pro users to have 4 months of overlap until Sp2 every year to achieve a workable level of compatibility and function. It annually leaves 8 months of actually using the new version and not dealing with windows based colleagues downgrading their files for you.
  3. I've been having a few crashing problems with grouping viewports / drawing labels that I have reported on this forum already. I ran into a new issue today. I grouped 3 viewports together to drag them around my sheet layer and immediately they became invisible. Ungroup and visible again. I know its a small thing but a weird & annoying behavior. Anyone else had this issue?
  4. I noticed in 2018 when dragging Dimension objects, its NO longer possible to drag by the dimension point, rather only by the witness line end. Of course, you can drag the witness line to the correct point, and then adjust the dimension point, but this was a great way of adjusting annotations in old releases. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue.
  5. Hi, I believe I found another drawing label bug. Sometimes when i try to copy a drawing label from inside a viewport annotation it only adds a text object with the number "1" contained inside of it to my clipboard. It comes in with normal active class attributes when i paste. Has anyone else run into this problem?
  6. My drawing labels are inside the viewports and have been drawing this way since VW2014 without issue. What kind of experiences were you having?
  7. I am having a similar problem. Especially with rounded rectangles that layer atop other objecteds
  8. I've been having recurring crash when editing drawing labels (or creating them) in VW2018 on High Sierra. I realized this morning that the behavior happens ONLY when a few viewports are grouped together. This wasn't an issue in previous releases and it seems to be a protected memory fault. The workaround is to ungroup your viewports, edit the drawing labels, and regroup afterwards.
  9. Maybe next time you should email all your SS users not to upgrade to high sierra. Most users I know and work with don't have forum accounts.
  10. What's the point of expensive annual software upgrade subscriptions if you don't cross-test thoroughly with WIP annual OS releases? Seems basic?
  11. I am a service select customer and recently upgraded to high sierra and vw2018. I am pleased that 2018 is so much faster and snappier than 2017. However, i have had several easily reproducible crash to desktop problems from within VW by doing things like renaming certain viewports, changing colors etc. I called SS and they told me i shouldn't have upgraded to high sierra. It seems like an insane thing to tell a customer as both softwares are upgraded annually. Has anyone else had recurring issues like this?