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  1. Hello, i use a script with just the function "vs.CallToolByIndex(-210)" (for Dimension). The tool starts and i can create the dim. After the Dim is createt VW start stocking and than crashing. Is this a bug?
  2. Heyo, I tryed to use parameter and strings wich can be added in the Plugin Manager. But i dont get how to use them in the Python Scripts... The Vectorworks Helpsheet dindt really help to make this clear. Can someone take my dumbness away and tell my how this System works?😅
  3. Heyo, I just tried to connect VW 2019 with a Ecxel document over the ODBC connection to transfer data. I try to use this Tutorial from @Miguel Barrera The Problem I have is when try to choose the dataconnection in VW, the options are not givin: I create connections in the ODCB Manager tfor every Ecxel Driver who exist: Why isnt this working in VW? I try to run VW with Admin Rights but still no result in the list.
  4. Hello, im trying to write a script for an easy import/reference of explecite levels from a vs document. If I would import it "manually" i had to go over "Tools -> Organisation -> Reference" and then choose the root document, to choose there the levels i want to reference. I searched a lot for a vs function and tryed a lot but couldnt found anything. Maybe someone knows how to script this? Best Regards Jan
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