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  1. J. Miller

    High Res Tool Icon

    72 DPI resolution killed me too. If only it was mentioned in the dialog that says to use a 26 x 20 pixel image Thanks Josh
  2. J. Miller

    Clearing a text parameter

    what i want to do is clear a handful of text parameters so the user can enter his own data when the "Custom" selection is chosen on the pop-up parameter. I don't want the existing data to linger, so i figured clearing them with a SetRField(han, object name, field name, ' '); This works but when the user types in their info it clears the text parameter again. I'm just not sure where to place a clear field name that doesn't clear the text after it is entererd by the user. Do I need to to make this an event enabled plug in? Jeff
  3. J. Miller

    return index of pop-up in PIO

    thank you Miguelm missed that one Jeff
  4. J. Miller

    Clearing a text parameter

    I have a PIO that has a pop-up menu. Base on the PIO selection it fills a group of text parameters. This works just fine, BUT.. I also have a 'custom' choice in the pop-up selection \. I would like the group of text parameters to clear and be ready for user input. I can't can clear the info but the user data doesn't stick. IF PpopUP = 'Custom' then begin SetRField(han, object name, field name, ' '); works, but the user data doesn't stick. It seem i'm missing something here Any help Thanks, Jeff Miller
  5. J. Miller

    return index of pop-up in PIO

    Is there a way to get the index value of a pop-up in a PIO? I can get the string but would prefer the index I'm trying to get the index to be able to read a certain line of a text file as variables into the PIO Thanks, Jeff Miller
  6. J. Miller

    Braceworks Hoist Load Weights

    It looks like a really great tool, a bit out of my price range though Maybe i will hit the lottery someday Thanks for the info Jeff
  7. J. Miller

    Braceworks Hoist Load Weights

    I seem to have some of the tools available (what came with VW2018) Do I need a Braceworks license? If so, how much is it to add just Braceworks to my designer series Jeff
  8. J. Miller

    Braceworks Hoist Load Weights

    Will the new Braceworks tools return a Load weight to be added to a hoist object? If so, any hints? Thanks, Jeff
  9. J. Miller

    open a user selected file

    I just found that, was hung up with the mask filter, but it's working now "You don't have to actually open the file -- use BuildResourceListN() " - that was my plan Thanks Jeff
  10. J. Miller

    open a user selected file

    Is there a way to open a standard "open file " window to allow a use to select a file to be used as a resource list. I am in the process of a large symbol data update. i want to be able to open a "before update" file and have the user update the file with the newer symbol data base on a resource list created from a selected file. I don't see the need to create a resource list from all the file in the favorites folder, just one selected by the user. I could hard code this, but would prefer an file choice just in case this project goes beyond the one set of symbols (which it probably will). I just cant seem to find an open document procedure/ function anywhere. Thanks, Jeff
  11. J. Miller

    Edit lighting instruments INSTANT CRASH

    ... instant crash and I need (thaky ou spell check)
  12. J. Miller

    Edit lighting instruments INSTANT CRASH

    Where does one find the RuntimeCache folder on a Mac? Editing a shutter causes instant cache and i need to get a render out ASAP. Jeff
  13. J. Miller

    Detail Dimensioning

    Hello, I am a Production tech who specializes in lighting and staging drawings. Iv'e been a VW user since Mini-Cad 7. I have been tasked to create some drawings for a handful of custom objects. These object need to be dimensioned in 3 decimal places with a tolerance of about 0.015" These object are being sent to a manufacture for creation. I have no problem creating these objects, it just that i need to present them to the machine shop correctly. Typically my drawings are withing an inch without tolerances (heck if a chain motor is that close, it's good enough for rock & roll). These object are about 20" x 3" and have a lot of precision holes located in them. I don't want to steal a machinist's gig, but it would be valuable for me to learn this too. Once again the internet give me 500,000 hits for reference. If I only had that kind of time Does anyone have quick course of detail dimensioning showing these kind of tolerances. Where is the best place to start the dimensions (center, end) (the ends are rounded). Thanks, Jeff
  14. Hello, On occasion I get the message that my libraries are out of date. and to update them. It's great that i get updated content, BUT, How can I find out what was updated? I hate to be missing a new symbol that was added tjat I don't know about. Thanks, Jeff Miller
  15. J. Miller

    Lighting Instrument Summary

    I added this to the wish list. Does anyone else feel the same? I would like the ability to add multiple "typical" to the Lighting Instrument Summary. Not sure if others practice this method, but my different device types will sometimes use different Label Legends. Being able to name each typical to its specific device type would also be great! Allowing the user to add additional "typical" horizontally or vertically would be nice too. Jeff Miller