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  1. ford519


    Hi - Does Vectorworks have a command like Rhino's Multipipe? If not, how would you go about quickly creating a surface/solid over multiple, connected nurbs curves? Thanks, Clayton
  2. Has this been fixed? I can do this easily in C4D... I just want to be able to replace crappy sketchup materials quickly with my high quality vectorworks materials..
  3. Hi everyone - I love using fast renderworks with my Ryzen CPU... SO FAST! However, it stops after about 5 seconds... Is there a way to make it refine further? It would be sooooo much faster than waiting for any other render modes. Thanks!
  4. hello... where can I find my Vectorworks receipts? I'd like to be able to report my software purchases on my taxes... Thanks! also, it looks like I can't access my account for some reason. What should I do?
  5. thanks. the pillow works, but the comforter produces jagged results around the perimeter. also, i'd like to be able to have realistic messiness - folds in the fabric, pulled back sheets, etc. edit: also i don't want to use 3dwarehouse, as it makes my files enormous if i use the beds from there. the 2d plan looks bad too
  6. @Benson Shaw @Benson Shaw it won't let me post pictures, but basically a realistic bed/comforter plus pillows
  7. is this still the best way to create cloth in Vectorworks? or do I still need to use another software like marvelous designer to get more accurate results? Thanks
  8. Is there a way to convert ALL solids to generic solids? All my object history is slowing down my file a lot... EDIT: nevermind! duh! you can just select everything and do it all with one command
  9. I need this as well. Using the Combine Into Surface command a million times to create some graphics, and it's NO FUN pulling down the menu every time. Also, I'm trying to create a shortcut for this command and I just noticed we can ONLY use CTRL, or CTRL + ALT, or CTRL + ALT + SHIFT as modifier keys... why not SHIFT alone or ALT or ALT + SHIFT? As a c4d user, it would be really cool to see the breakout palette idea used as well.. both the split-off window and the "U" or "M" breakout menus. It creates a ton of possibilities for shortcuts when you only have a certain number of keys available.
  10. Hi Everyone, I really need to flat pattern some 3D objects to create some custom graphics, but the unfold command isn't working for me... When I use it, the surfaces are in seemingly random orientation, and not attached or next to eachother (more of an "explode" command). Is there a way to make this tool actually UNFOLD my object? Thanks
  11. Sometimes, when I use the "apply attributes" mode (the bucket) after eyedropping an object, it will delete the object and I have to undo. Then the object will appear again with the applied attributes. VWX 2019 Spotlight sp5
  12. Is there a fix for this yet? Every other 3D software I use can do this... 🙂
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