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  1. hello... where can I find my Vectorworks receipts? I'd like to be able to report my software purchases on my taxes... Thanks! also, it looks like I can't access my account for some reason. What should I do?
  2. thanks. the pillow works, but the comforter produces jagged results around the perimeter. also, i'd like to be able to have realistic messiness - folds in the fabric, pulled back sheets, etc. edit: also i don't want to use 3dwarehouse, as it makes my files enormous if i use the beds from there. the 2d plan looks bad too
  3. @Benson Shaw @Benson Shaw it won't let me post pictures, but basically a realistic bed/comforter plus pillows
  4. is this still the best way to create cloth in Vectorworks? or do I still need to use another software like marvelous designer to get more accurate results? Thanks
  5. Is there a way to convert ALL solids to generic solids? All my object history is slowing down my file a lot... EDIT: nevermind! duh! you can just select everything and do it all with one command
  6. I need this as well. Using the Combine Into Surface command a million times to create some graphics, and it's NO FUN pulling down the menu every time. Also, I'm trying to create a shortcut for this command and I just noticed we can ONLY use CTRL, or CTRL + ALT, or CTRL + ALT + SHIFT as modifier keys... why not SHIFT alone or ALT or ALT + SHIFT? As a c4d user, it would be really cool to see the breakout palette idea used as well.. both the split-off window and the "U" or "M" breakout menus. It creates a ton of possibilities for shortcuts when you only have a certain number of keys available.
  7. Hi Everyone, I really need to flat pattern some 3D objects to create some custom graphics, but the unfold command isn't working for me... When I use it, the surfaces are in seemingly random orientation, and not attached or next to eachother (more of an "explode" command). Is there a way to make this tool actually UNFOLD my object? Thanks
  8. Sometimes, when I use the "apply attributes" mode (the bucket) after eyedropping an object, it will delete the object and I have to undo. Then the object will appear again with the applied attributes. VWX 2019 Spotlight sp5
  9. Is there a fix for this yet? Every other 3D software I use can do this... 🙂
  10. Hi everyone, What's the fastest way to create a new image-based texture in vectorworks? In Cinema 4D, I can drag an image to the material manager, and it will automatically create a basic texture with that image in the diffuse (color) channel. is there something like this in vectorworks? Thanks
  11. @Alan Woodwell UE4 I see the "[Virtual Reality Enthusiast]" in your sig.... what's your experience with VR?
  12. When I mirror an object, the pieces/parts that generate it are left in their original positions. I find that this makes it hard to edit the mirrored object based on other existing geometry, since I'll have to find the inner component geometry and guess how it should be edited (there aren't any local references). Is this an intentional in the Vectorworks software? Is there a way to mirror objects and keep the components with them? Please see attached (double click on the extrude) for an example of my issue. Thanks mirrored extrude.vwx
  13. some funny things happened. I was able to export the textures via the resource manager, but they all exported as .pngs and with some 1's and 0's after them instead of 'bump' or 'color' so I have to rename them all. OBJ export gives me 'texture_#' format so it's pretty useless
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