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  1. ford519

    fbx export failure

    @Alan Woodwell UE4 I see the "[Virtual Reality Enthusiast]" in your sig.... what's your experience with VR?
  2. ford519

    mirrored object help

    When I mirror an object, the pieces/parts that generate it are left in their original positions. I find that this makes it hard to edit the mirrored object based on other existing geometry, since I'll have to find the inner component geometry and guess how it should be edited (there aren't any local references). Is this an intentional in the Vectorworks software? Is there a way to mirror objects and keep the components with them? Please see attached (double click on the extrude) for an example of my issue. Thanks mirrored extrude.vwx
  3. ford519

    c4d export failure

    some funny things happened. I was able to export the textures via the resource manager, but they all exported as .pngs and with some 1's and 0's after them instead of 'bump' or 'color' so I have to rename them all. OBJ export gives me 'texture_#' format so it's pretty useless
  4. ford519

    fbx export failure

    RickR, this is certainly a 3D file with a lot of 3D data.
  5. ford519

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Vectorworks is very slow, so this would've taken quite a while. I often find myself sitting, waiting minutes for Vectorworks to do anything before it updates anything in a working file. It seems that Vectorworks can't handle larger files very well. It would be wonderful if disabling layers actually made it faster, but it doesn't really help much.
  6. ford519

    c4d export failure

    Hi there, I was able to export a large file ~400Mb to c4d, however none of the textures exported... need to get this done ASAP. Going to try to export the textures and relink, but please fix this. Thanks
  7. ford519

    fbx export failure

    I have a large file ~400Mb... trying to export and the 'geometry' bar bottom right fills up w/green, then the operation is over with no notification and I don't see a file in the directory I've selected. Before anyone says "maybe try splitting it up", yes, that's what I'm going to do, since I need to get this done, but shouldn't this just work??? Thanks
  8. ford519

    change insertion point for a symbol

    sounds pretty complicated for something which should be simple
  9. ford519

    change insertion point for a symbol

    I have multiple symbols in my file with the symbol origins at the symbol 'center', but I need them to be at the lowest z-point of the symbol so that I can see and adjust the z-height (effectively the trim height) of my flying objects. If I could simply move the origin and leave the symbols in place, this would solve my issue. Is there another way?
  10. yes. this. would be helpful with symbols as well... (plus i'd really like it if there was an option to gray/hide/keep visible the other stuff in the file... sometimes it's useful to have visible references)
  11. adjust the origin for a symbol without moving the objects within the symbol (as an option) - would save a ton of work when origin needs to be moved for a lot of symbols
  12. ford519

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Hey guys, is there a way to adjust the origin for a symbol without moving the objects within the symbol? I have all my symbols placed already, and would prefer not to double my workload by moving stuff and moving it again........ Thanks
  13. Has something like this been implemented in Vectorworks yet? Using 2018 and just trying to remove overlapping lines to calculate grout footage.... seems pretty hard without an automated command. I'm not a math whiz, and the shape of the surface is weird.
  14. looking for this... 7 years later... can't access the link tho anything like this available? Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm working on a show, and I just got a VWX from a lighting designer. It looks like they've placed lights within the sections I've designated, but I can see they've taken some liberties in placing additional light structures outside of the areas I've designated. I don't have a problem with this, but I'm wondering if anyone knows: Why can't I select these elements? I've tried the usual digging through layers and force selecting and digging through viewports, but I'm wondering if there's some way to obfuscate/lock elements or plugin items that I'm just not aware of... I can send a segment of the file to anyone who thinks they may have an idea about this... Thanks


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