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  1. I would love to see the ability to rotate text within the dimension regardless which way the dimension runs. I run some very tight dimensions and need to change font size to 6 sometimes to fit it all in. See images below as a before and wishful after.
  2. vertical text in dimension

    Unfortunately, if I move a framing member (or 10) I'm looking at lots of time changing dims. Thanks, I'll add this to wishlist.
  3. vertical text in dimension

    I have a lot of tight dimensions and just want to turn the text within the dimension by 90° as seen in attached jpg. (1'-9 1/2" dimension shown is not a solution but a very slow workaround) It seems like this should be somewhere within VW...? Am I missing something?
  4. 3d detail drawing

    Beauty, thanks Kevin.
  5. 3d detail drawing

    Wow, clearly I have to change my forum settings so I get emails when people respond to my questions. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much. Yes, I design climbing walls and am slowly adding to my library of itsy bitsy details so I can just plug them into any drawing I'm working on. (It isn't great for opening a beer bottle, better to use a H-frame carabiner :))
  6. 3d detail drawing

    I'm looking for any help (tools, tips, suggested videos) in drawing this in its 3d form as accurately as possible: ... any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. RW options disappear

    I haven't done that yet. I'm still in "work-around mode". Also, I feel like there's possibly some preference that I accidentally selected that's causing my issue.
  8. RW options disappear

    Not just a Macbook issue. I'm running Windows 10 home with VW2018. See screenshot. I'm still able to render using keyboard shortcuts but drop down menu option is greyed out. Unlike the others, my issue occurs while working on a standard design layer, not a viewport.
  9. Plumbing Pipe Fittings

    Wow, four years ago. Has there been any developments here? I'm looking for exactly what that digitalmechanics video layed out.
  10. Stone Hatches

    thanks so much
  11. Stone Hatches

    Exactly what I was looking for... but I'm not sure where/how to find them. All I see is your post, no hatches attached. ...confused...
  12. Does VW 2017 do anything to address this issue? Sometimes while outlining 3D "design" drawings that I've worked and reworked with clients, I think I must be doing things the hard way. But that's how everyone is doing it, hey?


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