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  1. Im still waiting for an answer
  2. Im getting the following error for update my account for the 2022 'We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.'
  3. Well... what i can understand, a similar way on how you settings Wall/Slab/Roofs/Ceiling in Revit, you can do it in some way with classes or naming convention of components... but the problem with the VWK is that the software only think as structure one component, the "Core Component assigned", on Revit you have the ability to report parts by function, Exterior/Interior Side and Core Layers.
  4. We need to have the capability to group and organize layers and sheets by a sort of param., to grouping layers by stories and phases, sheets by type of documentations (presentations, drawings, Coordination...) and set of drawings (100: Plans, 200: elevations), same things for viewports.
  5. Yeah i forgot the temporary dim... those little things make a lot of improvement in the workflow, making the edition a lot, A LOT faster Im and Revit user by the most of the time and i need to say that the time i save in documentation and edition its a lot. Yes you can design more easy and robust ways with VWK, but when you are in CD and forward (Even in Schematic), you lost a lot of time
  6. Work with a intelligent dimension tools that work not only with points, but that can understand walls/slabs/Roofs faces and core components faces, as objects edges... improve the workflow, reduce time and errors constraining and associate the dimension. The competition have this from the beginnings, its time for VWK not lose another version without this improvement.
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