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  1. OneDrive Support for Cloud Rendering Would be great if we could use Onedrive just like you can Google Drive and Dropbox. Onedrive is free with Office so seems silly to pay for another service
  2. I have a Working File open, with the Project File stored on VCS. I go to File > Publish and chose a Sheet Layer with SLVPs, then: PDF Store and Process on Vectorworks Cloud And choose the same folder as the Project File Then Publish But I get this error? I'm doing something wrong here, right? But why does it let me get that far?
  3. One thing I love about Resilio Sync is that it provides plenty of information about sync progress. While not all of this information is necessary I do find the actual speeds and the peers I'm syncing with very useful, as it make it easier to understand if there is something wrong or not. I also find Resilio's menu bar icon clearer than any other sync service I use. It's not animated but when it's syncing the icon clearly changes with a large up and down arrow plonked on top of the normal icon. I find the little round animated dot on the Vectorworks icon too inconspicuous.
  4. I'd like VCS for Teams. What we have now is more akin to VCS personal plan. I don't like that there's no interface to administrate groups and shared folders. I want to be able to centrally manage folders and who has access to them without colleagues having to do anything at their end. At the moment an individual has to share folder(s) to everybody else. And then those people have to accept them and add them to their Home Screen. It makes for a lot of jumping through hoops and it's all a bit messy and unintuitive.
  5. If memory serves me correctly we can only use vwx standard files to generate 3D models with Cloud Services, not vwxp project files. Has this changed? Because when I right-click on a vwxp file on the web portal it will allow me generate a 3D model, but: I'm not seeing what I expect to see. Is the last save and commit meant to set the view? After right-clicking on a vwxp file and choosing generate 3D model, there's a link provided explaining how to prepare your file before generating the model, and this only mentions vwx files, not vwxp files https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/prepare-vwx-files-for-cloud-processing/?app=VECTORWORKS#three-d-model-vgx-file
  6. When sharing a folder in Vectorworks Cloud Services . . . The dialog for team member permissions offers no feedback to know which option is enabled. The dialog options do highlight individually via hover, but no confirmation after click to select. Is this intended? I would prefer some notice notice of status, such as underscore or background highlight. -B
  7. Revit files can import to vectorworks with varying time commitment and uncertain success. Wish is to upload rvt file to Cloud Services for conversion. Notify when ready for download. -B
  8. Is there any reason why Vectorworks Cloud Services only allows integration with Google Drive and Dropbox? More and more users are utilising many other online sharing platforms (specifically in the current working from home situation) such as Microsoft OneDrive and Box as well as a myriad of others. Does VW have an arrangement with Google and Dropbox, or is it just another one of those things that no-one has thought might be useful to the users?
  9. I have been trying to create a model using cloud services so that my client can see proposals for a site. I have stripped back the vwx file as much as I can and when I upload the file to cloud services to create a vgx file, it just gives a blank screen (54.3 MB of blank screen). Can anyone help - Vectorworks UK support is closed for the holidays and I need to get this sorted by the time my client comes back from the Christmas break. I've attached the file and a link to the vgx file (cannot upload in here) https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11eb490c469a136a8fce0e8109945acd/ Albion - December 2020.vwx
  10. Hi VW Brain.... I am having an issue with Cloud publishing. I have a simple drawing that has about 6 lights (Plug-in ETC and ARRI fixtures). Tried publishing a single sheet render to the cloud and the final product comes back too dark with no lighting. Tried rendering on my local machine (iMac 2019 VW 2020) with the exact same settings etc, and everything was fine. Same occurred when I tried to export (via Cloud) an orbital animation of the same scene. The PDF attached is the Cloud version of the export and the Jpg is what I was able to do wiht the local machine. I might be missing something obvious, but the cloud version is not working. Anyone encountered this before? Concept TLMOP format.pdf
  11. Hi, As a Vectorworks Service Select member I use cloud publishing a lot. Lately I started noticing that the changes that I made only appeared in my PDF-drawings after publishing two or three times. When you select Store and process on Vectorworks Cloud in the publishing dialog, it always asks to save the file first before publishing. That makes sense, because I want my latest changes to appear in my PDF's. But I think the problem is that the publishing starts before the upload is finished. Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. Hi, When accessing a panorama tour via Vectorworks Cloud Services on a browser, switching to the cardboard view (via the cardboard icon on the lower part of the screen) gives a 90° counterclockwise frozen rotated image. I tried both in Safari e Google Chrome and on different devices with no success. Via Nomad app direct opening a panorama file works smoothly as expected. Should I submit this as a bug? Thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, The Vectorworks Cloud Services team is very excited to announce two Machine Learning-based features: Stylize images: Vectorworks Service Select members can use Vectorworks Cloud Services to create an artistic design from plain renderings, making them more interesting with almost no effort or time. Upsample images: Vectorworks Service Select members can create a low resolution rendering in Vectorworks, and then use Vectorworks Cloud Services to upsample the rendering, to get a good-quality rendering in less time. Here are the simple steps you can take to try these features: Step 1: Sign in to https://cloud.vectorworks.net. Step 2: Right click on an image file that is uploaded to your Vectorworks Cloud Services account, or drag and drop into the window to upload, and select Stylize image or Upsample image. Works for panorama images as well! . Step 3: In the dialog box, select how and where to save the output image, choose one of the predefined styles to apply to your image (for Stylize image), or the scale (for Upsample image) and then select Done to get the cloud job submitted. Step 4: To see a detailed status, select the Status button at the top right of the page. Please try them out and let us know if you like them or how we can improve them. Have fun! The Vectorworks Cloud Services team
  14. Hi there, I needed to export a A0 papersize drawing with rendering fast. So I turned to Cloud Services. But I got a major error on the exported file. I think this has something to do with the difference how lighting symbol rotation is handled between vwx19 and vwx20. This rearranged all my Label Legends. So a lot is unreadable or confusing now. But when I render the same viewport on my computer it gives the correct output. Having read some of the other articles about the 2d/3d label legend differences between vwx19 and vwx20. I came to the conclusion that this may be related. Below are 2 examples. A screen capture of the output from cloud render A screen capture of the output from my laptop. I understand that you want people to switch as fast as possible so you don't have to service multiple platforms but this is just anoying. @klinzey @BSeigel can you guys shed some light on this?
  15. I'd like to be able to use Nomad but it's often not capable of coping with our building models. They're just too big. I look at Twinmotion (which uses Unreal engine) and Archicad's BIMx and wonder why we appear to be so limited with Nomad.
  16. My dropbox folder is on an external raid array, I am unsure how to tell cloud services where my dropbox folder is as I can't find a setting that allows that. Anyone?
  17. Augmented reality (AR), which superimposes a computer-generated image on a real-world view, is now available for consumer mobile devices, making immersive and compelling viewing available to everyone. In response to the fast-moving development of this technology, tech companies are creating new workflows. As a prime example of this, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. has added AR capabilities to its free Vectorworks Nomad mobile app, specifically a new viewing mode that is available on iOS devices that support Apple’s ARKit technology. While many third-party ARKit-based apps are available on the App Store, few exist for viewing CAD/BIM models. None allowed Vectorworks users to view their models in AR directly — until now. Nomad already had a 3D model viewing mode that let the user orbit around a model or walk through a model. However, with this new viewing mode, users can view Vectorworks models at their actual size and in context with the real world to make design decisions before they are built. The AR viewing mode removes the barrier between the virtual model and the real world, helping users and clients to better understand the design at scale, as well as illustrate potential design problems and facilitate discussion about the design. A few key benefits of the new technology that’s available to designers in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries include: · Ease of use: Simply upload a 3D Vectorworks model to Cloud Services and select “View in AR” from the Nomad app. · Effortless manipulation: Use standard gestures for zooming in and out, and move with an iOS device to experience a model in the current reality. Vectorworks users are already embracing the new AR technology. “As a must-have companion to Vectorworks, Nomad with AR represents a defining moment in working interactively with models,” said Brian Goodridge, principal at Thor Studios. “It’s a powerful tool when designing kitchens and custom cabinetry, because AR allows me to project my Vectorworks models into real-world spaces. Clients are now able to view and interact with my new kitchen designs inside their home before the cabinets are ever built.” The new Nomad AR mode works with Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system and devices that support the ARKit. Users must have one of these iOS devices to be able to run the AR viewer: · iPhone 6s and 6s Plus · iPhone 7 and 7 Plus · iPhone SE · iPad Pro 1st generation and 2nd generation (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9) · iPad (2017) · iPhone 8 and 8 Plus · iPhone X “The Research and Mobile teams have been demonstrating prototypes of this technology in various forms internally and at public events, learning about the technology and gathering feedback,” said Alex Nicol, mobile team manager at Vectorworks. “This is the first iteration of AR for Vectorworks, and we won’t stop here. As users begin adopting the new technology, we’ll continue making enhancements based on their feedback.” To learn more about the new AR functionality in the Nomad app, watch this video. Download the free Nomad app from iTunes.
  18. On November 16, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc.’s Cloud Services was named winner of the Cloud Based Technology of the Year 2017 award for the Construction Computing Awards. Vectorworks Architect software was also named runner up for the Architectural Design Software of 2017 award. “Leveraging the power of cloud computing is a huge productivity improvement, saving hundreds of hours a year,” said Lyuben Hadzhipopov, cloud infrastructure manager at Vectorworks. “Before the Cloud, computational-intensive tasks like photo-realistic rendering could take hours and sometimes even days. This would cause huge delays in work productivity as designers waited for these tasks to complete. By subbing these tasks to the Cloud, the web can handle processing, leaving your local machine free so work and collaboration can continue as planned.” Improved Cloud Services were released in Vectorworks 2018 software this past September, and designers can now easily share designs, drawings and 3D models with clients and partners by using Google Drive, in addition to Dropbox, which was previously available. The Cloud Services web portal has also been updated for better file organization, along with an easier-to-use sharing interface and the ability to generate Web View Virtual Reality links of files in the cloud. Additionally, designers can now render a 360-degree view of a 3D model with the panorama feature, and then export the file to cloud storage, receiving a link to view the rendered panorama on a laptop, desktop or any mobile device. “Looking forward, Vectorworks is investigating new innovations to bring to its Cloud Services, like augmented reality capabilities and other collaborative capabilities, which would give Vectorworks users new ways to interact with stakeholders in the design and construction process," said Hadzhipopov. Vectorworks Architect is an industry-leading architectural design and BIM software that helps connect the entire design process from concept to construction in one platform. With Architect, designers can take on a project of any scale, from urban planning; to residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional buildings; to interior renovations and fit outs. Known as “The Hammers,” the Construction Computing Awards showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions for the effective design, construction, maintenance and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing and civil engineering projects of all sizes. The winners were announced at the twelfth annual gala event at the Radisson Blu Edwardian in Bloomsbury, London. Over 220 guests came to see the result of the readers’ online voting and judging panel’s considerations. A full list of the award winners can be found here. Videos and photos of the gala will be available soon, and there will be a full round up of the evening with a mention of Cloud Services in the November/December 2017 issue of Construction Computing Magazine. Details for the 2018 awards have been announced. The date of next year’s awards event is November 15, 2018; project submissions and nominations will open in early July. More information about next year’s awards event will appear on the Construction Computing Awards website in March 2018. To learn more about Vectorworks Cloud Services, Vectorworks Architect and other offerings, visit vectorworks.net.
  19. I'm trying to do some VW cloud publishing, I managed to get it working with the default Cloud Services Folder, but when I tried Dropbox it I get this,: The resultant PDF is like 834bytes (Blank). The VWX is sync'd in my company's dropbox folder(s) where it lives, and I also exported the file to the same folder. I have given cloud services permission for full Dropbox integration. I suspect that the way I use aliases might have something to do with it. Basically we use dropbox as a company, but the folder organization that works for the majority, sucks for me and there is too much time navigating, not enough time doing. So I do something like below: My Company wants: Dropbox > Current > Client > Show Name > Layouts and Renders (there are other folders, but this is only one I care about) What I want to see: Dropbox > Working Plots which shows a list of all the current shows by show name that points directly to the respective "Layout and Renders" folder of each. I accomplish this via some applescripting and aliases. However when I added full dropbox integration to Vectorworks Cloud Services my dropbox then shows: It seems to just hang while syncing remaining files, which based on the sync icons in my Working Plots directory, it has X's at all of the aliases like that's causing it, or if VW cloud services is in some sort of endless loop trying to index my dropbox account. I'm not sure. But it works fine without the integration. Do aliases break the integration? Can anyone offer any help?
  20. Since the apparently unannounced cloud services update, I've noticed that 3D viewports in my vectorworks files are being rendered as wireframe. This is causing problems with my workflow, as I typically work on a laptop which really isn't suited for rendering at all. Is this a bug or did you get rid of this feature without telling any of your service select subscribers who may have been depending on it?
  21. When I open up the Nomad app, it initially says "You are in offline mode", and my files don't show up - even though the device is connected to the internet. I'm not able to change preferences or anything in offline mode.
  22. I repeatedly have the problem that I place a VWX file in my cloud services folder, but it fails to generate a 3D model for viewing in the Nomad app. The file is there in the Nomad app, but says "3D project Not Generated". I press the recycle symbol, it tells me I need to process the file to view in Nomad, Would I like to process the file. I press Yes, it tells me it's been submitted for 3D model generation. Then it shows as "Processing for 3D viewing" for a while, before reverting back to "3D project Not Generated". Trying again gives the same result. Sometimes I'll upload something and it'll work, but I can't work out anything particularly different about the files that succeed. Is there anything I can do to files in preparation, to make success more likely? This feature is very useful for sharing with clients and for presentations but it's not much good if it doesn't work reliably.
  23. Is there a way to increase the size of the fonts used by VW in menus and OIPs? My eyes are getting less sharp and although the screens have become larger the fonts don't seem to.
  24. I just received a notice to update Vectorworks Cloud Services to version, but when I click on the provided link for the release notes, the most recent version listed is 5.0.0. I'm a little wary of updating without knowing what is being updated — what's in the new version? Is it recommended for 2016 and 2017? Thanks.
  25. Has anyone used Vectorworks Remote on a Mac with VW2017? I wanted to try it out but I can't seem to get it to connect. Its on the same network and I can ping my desktop from my iPhone. I've tried the QR code connection and a manual connection. Both fail. I'm not sure what else to try. Thanks, Kevin
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