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  1. Since the apparently unannounced cloud services update, I've noticed that 3D viewports in my vectorworks files are being rendered as wireframe. This is causing problems with my workflow, as I typically work on a laptop which really isn't suited for rendering at all. Is this a bug or did you get rid of this feature without telling any of your service select subscribers who may have been depending on it?
  2. The publish command is internally referenced as "Batch Print" PROCEDURE SavePublish; BEGIN DoMenuTextByName('Save',0) ; DoMenuTextByName('Batch Print',0) ; END; RUN (SavePublish);
  3. I've noticed, now that I've gotten to using worksheets for project documentation, that a lot of functions that I've come to expect in Excel aren't implemented - even simple things like modulo. Are there any plans to flesh out the math functions in worksheets?
  4. Seconding all of this. The amount of work that goes in to fixing my viewports now is ridiculous between all the various spotlight tools. At the very least, the classes need to be configurable. I have my basic templates set up with the classes and sheet views, but now that work is all undone with the new classing.
  5. So what's up with the hardcoded classing for lighting devices and hoists? It's frustrating having to reclass everything after its placed to match our standards, whereas before it was as simple as select active class, drop fixture/hoist/etc.
  6. I also would love a way to control the default class assignment through the OIP, or at least a way to prefix it. The current way of just arbitrarily classing items messes with my carefully arranged classes and viewports!
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