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  1. Hi, As a Vectorworks Service Select member I use cloud publishing a lot. Lately I started noticing that the changes that I made only appeared in my PDF-drawings after publishing two or three times. When you select Store and process on Vectorworks Cloud in the publishing dialog, it always asks to save the file first before publishing. That makes sense, because I want my latest changes to appear in my PDF's. But I think the problem is that the publishing starts before the upload is finished. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I managed to make a working Marionette example. The network checks if a three dimensional line intersects a NURBS surface. Marionette Network can be found here:
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Description This node calculates where a line (not a line segment!) and a plane intersect. Input / output The plane is defined by its normal vector and a point on the plane. The line is defined by two points. The output point is where the line and plane intersect. Example Usage The example in the file combines the node with the Get Distance node to check if a three dimensional line intersects with a NURBS surface. This network can be used to create several simulations that can answer questions like: Do sunrays reach a balcony? Is the church tower visible from a window? Etc. Script is based on: https://rosettacode.org/wiki/Find_the_intersection_of_a_line_with_a_plane#Python The node uses numpy. Thanks to DomC for creating a numpy importer node. Niels Timmer March 2020
  4. Hi all, In my model I have a straight three dimensional line (3D polygon) and a solid object (extrude or generic solid, for example). Does anyone know how I can determine if the line intersects/crosses the 3D object? I hope someone can help. Best regards,
  5. @Marissa Farrell The problem disappears when I restart my computer/VectorWorks. I don't have a file (yet) where I can reproduce the problem. Or are you interested in any file where this problem occurred? @Stephan Moenninghoff Yes, using the menu instead of the keyboard shortcut will not break undo.
  6. Hi all, When I'm working with the Marionette-tool, very often I get these problems: The OIP does not update when I select different objects. I can only change properties this way: right-click > properties Cmd + z doesn't take me one step back, but a lot of steps. Meaning that cmd + z very often erases my work for the last hour. Redo doesn't work. Edit > Undo doesn't have this problem. Are others also facing these issues? I use Vectorworks on both MacOS and Windows, the described problems occur on both operating systems.
  7. Hi, I made a simple Marionette Object where I use this node. When I click on 'Select Symbol...' nothing happens. Could you have a look at the file I attached? Thanks in advance, 191202_SelectSymbolFromFolder.vwx
  8. Yes, it would be great if this would be resolved. I had the same problem:
  9. For an apartment building I work with spaces to determine the area of each apartment. My client would like to have the netto area of each apartment, without the area occupied by the shaft. I drew the outer walls of the apartments, and a wall around each shaft. Then with Inner Boundary mode selected, I create the spaces. Works fine. But after a while the reference point of the space moves to inside the shaft and the area of the apartments is displayed incorrectly, because it now shows the area of the shaft. On the attached image it shows the issue: apartment no. 50 has changed its size to the size of the shaft. Does anyone know how to resolve this? (I hope the description of my issue is clear, English is not my native language, feel free to ask questions)
  10. Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately, I'm not there yet... As you can see in the attachment, I have a list with points that I use to create a polygon. I know which vertices need to be arc vertices, but the Change Vertex Type node doesn't work apparently. Could someone have a quick look at it? (next to the Marionette object is the shape that I would like to have in the end) 190712 ChangeVertexType.vwx
  11. I'm currently facing the same problem: the compose node doesn't work inside a Marionette Object. How would this workaround look like if one of the lines is an arc? (I have two arcs and three straight lines that form a closed shape together)
  12. Nice, it still works in 2019. Saved me a lot of time!
  13. Yes, now it makes sense to me. Thanks for your replies! I finished the Marionette network and have my first working Marionette object in a building model.
  14. Thank you, it works! I was almost there... Now I'm curious: what is the difference between the Contents node and the Ungroup node? The output formats (hObjs) look the same.
  15. In the attached file I have three Marionette Networks. The first network is simple: it extrudes a polygon along a path. The script knows which polygons to use, because I named them 'Profile' and 'Path'. The second network is almost the same, except that instead of one path I created multiple paths and grouped them. The third network is almost the same as the second network, but the third network is wrapped. What I would like is to use the group of paths as 'Control Geometry'. But when I select the wrapped network and the group of paths, right-click and then 'Convert to Object Node...', both the wrapped network and the group of paths seem to disappear. How can I fix this? ExtrudePath.vwx


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