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  1. Hello, Is this what you mean? Cheers, Peter Plant with images tags and worksheets v2018.vwx
  2. Thanks for your help Scott. That makes sense but the OIP still remains blank for both distributed weight and length although the customisable dialogue has the correct data. My real question then is if the fixing to the ceiling is unknown but we know the weight limit on a 12m bar is 70kg/m how do we make a 'system' out of it for Braceworks calculations? Cheers, Peter
  3. Hello, What is the best way to have the functionality of Braceworks in a fixed grid room? The lighting bars are 12m long and have a capacity of 70kgs/m. I use the Lighting Pipe tool to draw a 12m bar. Then Modify>Create Symbol. Braceworks>Convert to Truss and it becomes part of Braceworks. When I customise the pipe in the OIP I give it a Rigid X section and a material (which one to choose is above me so a random choice at the mo). Filling out the distributed weight at 70kgs/m seems like the correct thing to do yet when I go back onto the page it is 0kgs in the OIP. The other thing is how do I attach this to the roof? There are no dead hangs or motors so it's not the point load but the distributed load I need. The only way I can think of though is to add a load of dead hangs every metre and have an allowable weight of 70kgs. Any insights gratefully received. Cheers, Peter
  4. This has been reported. Cheers, Peter
  5. Subdivision surely?! See 46 sec video (no audio) Cheers, Peter SM.mp4
  6. Savvy Linesets is unbelievably brilliant once you understand it's capabilities. Worksheet, plan and section are all linked and all interact with eachother. Really brilliant! Cheers, Peter
  7. I've just re-downloaded the file to send to someone and I noticed that if I draw anything, say in Top Plan or otherwise, such as a line, rectangle or sphere all the fields in the OIP are set to '0'. Never seen that before! Actually if pasted into a new file the OIP reports correctly. Cheers, Peter
  8. Not sure if this thread is of any use: Cheers, Peter
  9. Actually these are installed in the normal libraries. /Libraries/Objects - Ent Stage/Cable Protectors.vwx You can always do a search in the RM. Cheers, Peter
  10. Hatches can have a background colour but it is only one. As TKA says Tiles are the way to go. Cheers, Peter
  11. Thank you Sarah for making this metric capable. I'm sure your swift work will be appreciated by many more users around the world! Cheers, Peter
    A really well made scissor lift that interactively goes to whatever height required in the drawing. An amazing example of the power of Marionette and what a great community there is in the Vectorworks Forum. Cheers, Peter
  12. This is amazing but it does not accept units other than Imperial. So users can not put in '7m' but have to work out what it is in feet and inches (22' 11.59" ie 23'). It is only the USA, Liberia and Myanmar that use the outdated Imperial system. Please can these wonderful free marionette shares take into account units that the "The Rest of the World" are using please?! Thanks, Peter
  13. Check the getting started guides: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2018/getting-started-guides/site-design Cheers, Peter
  14. Yes we're on fibre optic at work and our internet connection speeds are blazingly fast. Yet the VSS portal is noticeably the slowest website I regularly go to. I bet lots of users never bother going there because it is so tedious... Cheers, Peter
  15. Yes I have reported this as a bug on 29th Nov. I think we'll have to wait for the next service pack. The missing fields are: Low Hook to load trim Speed Voltage Total Chain length Hoist Weight Chain Weight Hoist wt with Chain You can still access the fields via a worksheet which I enclose. Cheers, Peter Hoist missing OIP SP2 worksheet.vwx
  16. Dear Stephan, Incredible! Really amazing Marionette. Cheers, Peter
  17. The problem is, how do you define what is 'Technical Support' versus 'Training'? How would it be policed? I don't think you'd be able to, and the tech support (tech training) teams would end up being huge. Peter
  18. Yes I have reported this. It would be good if they stuck to the system. Cheers, Peter
  19. The 'Insert Truss' tool is like the 'Lighting Instrument' tool. Any symbol, even a chair, inserted by those tools become Truss objects or Lighting devices respectively. Likewise the two commands: Convert to Truss and Convert to Instrument - same thing. A 'Truss' is a higher level object than a symbol just like a Lighting Device. Think of it as a 'Truss Device'! Cheers, Peter
  20. Dear Wesley, Works for me: Using the Straight Truss tool, place one 12m long on the page. Make connection interval 3m. Import a 3m horizontal truss. Select Straight Truss and go Spotlight>Object Conversion>Replace with Stock Symbol. In the dialogue choose the 3m truss symbol in the pull down. The symbols will then replace the Straight truss. Select one of them and go Braceworks>Convert to Truss. Say yes to all instances. These are now all one truss system. Check in the OIP 'Select System objects" to confirm. Cheers, Peter
  21. Hello, To remove a workgroup folder you need to go to the Vectorworks Preferences>User Folder and select the workgroup folder there and 'remove'. I don't have any problems unchecked the tick box next to the 'Update Plant DB...' so not sure why you're having that problem. Maybe remove the w folders first and see how it goes? Cheers, Peter
  22. Hello, Digitalcarbon has the most efficient method and thanks for outlining the process, very clear. Just as an aside, sometimes using the Render Bitmap Tool (RBT) can be a very nice way of creating the 2D representation of a 3D object needing to be hybrid. In the enclosed file the size is 1.14MB which is higher than Digitalcarbon's 877KB but obviously looks quite different. A bit of fiddling might yet be able to be done with the image in the OIP to reduce further. Anyway I mention this as it's not a well know method and can be quite visually informative. Cheers, Peter Dough mixer RBT.vwx
  23. Hello, If you want individual control without having to duplicate the symbol several times (one for each colour) maybe consider using a 3D label Legend? If you select each one you can give it a different fill colour - but you have to do this manually. A bit of a drag with a large rig but don't forget the powerful 'Find & Modify' command in the Spotlight menu is a quick way to select objects with a certain criteria e.g. position or rigging type. I don't think it's possible to colour the 3D label with classes but some bright spark might work out a more elegant solution. Snapshot and file enclosed. Cheers, Peter Lx_Colours.vwx
  24. Dear Rob, Slightly off topic sorry, but while we're at it it is a real drag when placing a hoist into a drawing that you get a load of unwanted classes. This goes against all other Spotlight PIO's where the user can choose to add classes and/or have them automatically fill with standard classes which is great. Please can there be an option so it behaves like all the other PIO's in this regard? Thanks, Peter
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