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  1. I'd like to use line end markers in the design layer, but they always appear way over-sized on the sheet layer. Can someone advise me as to how to achieve this functionality? Thank you
  2. I can insert an image function in my plant list to show the symbol next to the plant name. When I do this though it shows the symbol with all the classes on so I can see the hydrozone, irrigation, and interior linework. Can I control which classes it shows?
  3. I would like to be able to select landscape areas by fill style. If I have a site with 10 different plant palettes and each palette has about 50 landscape areas associated with it then I have to manually select each landscape area when I want to edit the whole group and end up wasting a lot of time. Currently I can only select all 500 landscape areas with the object type option on the Select similar tool.
  4. Yes! Thank you, I was thinking to myself, gee I've never used a camera that warped at the edges so much, except a fish eye lens... but why would anyone want that for a professional rendering?!
  5. Anyone? Another file is having these problems. Clearly its something to do with the program...
  6. Yes, I tried normal perspective it doesn't seem to make a difference. Perspective angle didn't take the warping away, just made it less. I'd prefer to use orthogonal though. The problem I have is it doesn't show me the camera view from where I placed the camera, it shows me a view from 100s of feet away from the site model
  7. I'm trying to use the renderworks camera but some buildings are slanted and warped. Can anyone advise what setting to use to get an accurate perspective? Thank you
  8. Hi, how does one convert a working file back to a regular file? I tried saving a copy, but it opens like a working file. Thank you
  9. Hi, I'm using project sharing for the first time. There are three people sharing- two successfully checked out files. The other person's vwx program crashed as soon as they opened the working file. Anyone else have that happen?
  10. The problem persists, my door 2d symbol was showing the open gl view when in top/plan view.
  11. I have a file with 2D plans that I added a 3D model to later in separate layers. I finished the model, did a couple rounds of revision on the 2D (including copy+pasting new work from other consultants into this file) and the file has been working fine. Then today I open it and the 2D symbols have polygons (other 2d symbols) as their 3d component. They never had a 3D component to begin with. The ones that did have a 3D component were showing the wireframe view of the model even when in Top/plan view. I solved this by deleting the objects in the 3d component, but am still curious if I did something to cause this that I can avoid in the future. Also the polyline buildings I drew are not visible unless I am in that layer. They disappear as soon as I go to a different layer, even though their layer and class are on. I solved this by going in to the model layer and just using the flyover tool. That seemed to do the trick. Any guesses as to what's going on there? Is this just my graphics card not refreshing? (AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB) Thank you.
  12. I can't get the problem to repeat, it's working now. This has happened on another file recently though.
  13. No, when I close it it then continues the line to the other end point (not stopping at midpoint).
  14. I use compose to create a curving polyline line from 2 arcs. Lately it creates a polyline, but it ruins the S curve by trying to connect one of the ends to the mid point. Can anyone advise? Thank you. Images below are 2 arching lines before composing and what it looks like after composing:
  15. Yes, # 2 was my problem I was pasting into a row that already had a header. Thanks for the work arounds!
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