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  1. vassen

    Apartment cropping

    Peter for the line weight of the crop, may i know where you increase it?
  2. vassen

    Apartment cropping

    Thanks for the advice Peter
  3. vassen

    Apartment cropping

    Hello everyone, Am quite new to vectorwork. I have tried to look how to crop apartment without having to draw a poly-line on my sheet layer but i have not seen any post. may be i miss it. Is there an option that when we create our viewport, Every wall end are close at the end? Please find enclosed a PDF with 3pages. Thanks for your help and advice. Apartment.pdf
  4. vassen

    Conversion of wall to black

    Thanks for the advice Gerard..... for my case all wall have already been created....
  5. vassen

    Conversion of wall to black

    Hi Tamsin, thanks very much for the advice. It's working.
  6. Hello everyone I have been trying to figure out if it's possible to change my wall into black or any other color in when going from design layer to sheet layer in vectorworks. But so far i have been able to convert in gray only in my sheet-layer. I was told that i need to re-draw the wall which is quite time comsuming. It's possible to guide me if ever you know how to do the conversion? Find enclosed a vectorwork file with the wall and a PDF was what my client expect to have in hand.... Thanks for your help and guide. Wall.vwx Wall style.pdf


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