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  1. @Hans-Olav Thanks for the attachment. Would it be possible to help me to know how you perform it please?
  2. @Pat Stanford i have done the same thing but vectorwork deleted the whole things when i try to cut the roof
  3. vassen

    Site Modelling

    @Art V Thanks for the info. Will try that out.
  4. vassen

    Site Modelling

    @Art V Hi Art V thanks for your help. After i adjust what you say i came up with as attached when keep rendering on Projected there is the green part which remain but if i choose Existing rendering the light green part goes away but Grade Limits Automatically appear in red
  5. vassen

    Site Modelling

    Hi Hans, Thanks for your help. Attached is how it look like after adjusting the layer Z value. Is there a way to reduce the earth part (brown part) in the site model?
  6. Hello everyone, I have been trying to use site modelling. Maximum elevation : 63460 Minimum Elevation : 58500 I was able to model my site but when i reference my Building on the document, the terrain appear on top and my building under it. i have created a PAD then created Creating Grade Limits Automatically. See attached what happen to my modelling Thanks for your guide.
  7. Don't know if you still having this issue. Press on "J" then click on the place where the site modifier is, a dialogue box should appear
  8. @Pat Stanford Thanks. This one work perfectly. Example, if i have a roof of Height 800. If i want to cut at the height of the roof at 455 then will add another roof on top to get the right slope am looking for, are we able to do that? There are two type of slope in my roof. Attach you will see that i want to do with the roof. In the attached images only the orange part was generated automatically. The roof below is just a simple rectangle drawn at the slope angle i wanted.
  9. Thanks Pat. I have drawn a 2D retangle on the Roof top but it does not allow me to Clip surface
  10. Hello everyone... 1st point Is there a way to cut a roof generated by vectorworks like we can do in Slab? I want only some part of the roof? Or do i have to create the surface with the extruded surface. 2nd point Can we insert symbol in an extruded surface like we do in wall with windows?
  11. Thanks Tamsin, will check Roof Faces as i have other project which involve Mansarde Roof. If it work will post the result hear.
  12. Thanks for your help. I have find a way of doing it with extrusion.
  13. Thanks Wes Gardner.... there must be way of doing it..... if i got to do it will you guys know....
  14. rDesign Thanks for your help... will check into it.
  15. Hello everyone, has anyone in the grope create slope/incline wall? I wanted to create mansard roof by using incline wall don't know if its gonna work out. Mansade roof is easily been created using Extrude along path as shown in the attachement. In the Mansarde i have to do Dormers so i think the Extrude along path will not work as i am no able to cut in the roof. Thats why i wanted to try with Slope/incline wall to see if it possible to create this roof Are there any way of doing this kind of roof to include Dormers in it? Thanks for your help.


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