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  1. At each update, I am always a bit afraid that I will get even more issues 🙂. But I will give it a shot. Little by little, I start to be a firm believer of this strategy... Most of the text I have them in the annotation space anyway because they are only related to one layout. I still believe that some very general texts (like levels or room names), typically texts you can use for more than one layout, are better in the design space because this way you don't need to copy them in different layouts (and update them multiple times). I could however imagine changing my habits... Once more, thank you Matt for your dedication.
  2. I am using VW 2021 SP 1. I have just sent you the file. Subject : "Horizontal section (topic from 01.21.2021)"
  3. Thank you Matt for your answer. 1) Merge Structural Objects with Same Fill do the trick BUT some lines vanish. I could of course enable Add Profil Line, but it is not as nice since I need various line thickness. Plus, It won't resolve the lines-that-vanish-somewhere-in-the-middle-of-the-wall issue (see bottom right corner next to the door). 2) The text "- 3.00" is actually a data tag. Does that change something to the problem ? Its Z-height is correct and shouldn't be visible. Also, why does it not shows its frame, like in the picture ? If I add the same label in the annotation space, then the frame shows up correctly.
  4. Hello, I am exploring horizontal section. 1) Why the components don't join properly (it looks like two separate walls) ? In plan they are joined properly together. 2) Why can I see the text "- 3.00" which should be hidden by the slab above on which you can see the text "126 m²" ?
  5. Super nice inputs, thank you very much !
  6. @Tom W., @zoomer, I mean everything that could be part of a floor but are vertical more than horizontal. For instance when you need to insulate your screed... See images below : I was wondering how you would do it. 3D model it ? Or patch it directly in the layout ? Or is it just going too much into details and you would produce anyway a 2D detail ?
  7. After having studied several workflows, I can confirm that @zoomer and @Christiaan advices are really good. Thank you. Question : How would you create vertical linear elements in floors, typically sound insulation for floating screed ?
  8. With this solution @Kevin K, you solve the elevation thickness of the slab in elevation (under the "59200" marker), but now everything that is beyond the cut line has one single color which is your grey. It doesn't look bad tho. However (and sorry if I might be too picky), what I would like to do is being able to give more than only one attribute for objects beyond cut line (for instance grey 0.05 for the surface hatch and black 0.10 for the other objects). In this case, this means we cannot use Objects Beyond Cut Plane. If we don't use Objects Beyond Cut Plane, it means we have to be able to control lines thickness of an object when they are cut AND when they are in elevation. This is the case for walls (as described earlier) but not for slabs as explained below. After having done further tests, my conclusion, sharing @jeff prince one, is this one : Section Pen Attribute for slabs components doesn't work as expected. That's it. After all, I would say that @Kevin K way to do it, is still the best way.
  9. Sorry for the delay. There we go. TEST FILE.vwx The thing is I want 2 colors in elevation. Grey for the hatch and black for the other lines. The green is just for the test (makes it more obvious) but it should be grey.
  10. First, thank you very much @jeff prince and again, @Kevin K, for your answers. I feel relieved, since I use exactly the same strategy for the attributes in Advanced Section Properties, which means I cannot be completely crazy ! Look at my section, it doesn't. Cut wall take on their component attributes, and walls beyond section line take on the wall attributes. Based on my test, slabs don't do the same thing. (If I am not completely crazy). Okay, I am not completely crazy. I tested it and that was also my feeling. This could be a nice idea. I will give it a try. But notice that it is the 180° reverse logic compare to the walls. So, we give walls class attributes, their section lines thickness. And we give slabs class attributes, their elevation lines thickness. Then, we override the slabs lines thickness when they are cut and we override the walls lines thickness when they are in elevation. Honestly, I'm pretty sure VW want us to be crazy. Exactly. This is the whole issue with this. So, I use the same setting as you with the Objects Beyond Cut Plane setting to force each lines beyond cut plane to be thin and black. Now, I want my Surface Hatches to be grey. But they become black because of this override. Well, no problem, I untick Objects Beyond Cut Plane. But now my slab in elevation has a thick line ! This is exactly the reason why I try to solve this slab lines thickness issue. Yes, it is correct ! This issue is actually linked to the previous quote. The green is just for the test. I actually want them grey, which is also a color 🙂 Don't be sorry. I realize my whole post is arcane. You are very kind and patient. Thank you for this.
  11. Now, I understand. I have no special edge conditions... Everything ends square. No offsets. Look, if it doesn't even work properly with simple settings, why would I want to make it even more complicated ?
  12. I was confused because I couldn't find "Automatic Plan" anymore but it is actually hidden until you select the 3D Locus tool. My bad. Sorry. By the way I'm happy to have learned the existence of this Analysis Tool.
  13. That was it @markdd ! Super nice, life changing ! Thank you so much !


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