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  1. @Jim Smith I did end up making a hatch on the annotation layer. But by doing so, you lose the opportunity to use other settings like shadows. Not that I need those effects in this case, but with the surface hatch not accurately depicting the wall, all the additional effects are unavailable.
  2. Thanks @Christiaan. I saw your post from a while back. I attempted to adjust the H & V fields in the render tab as you described. Its a fair amount of effort and still looks terrible.
  3. I am having some difficulties with the hatches. I likely have an overly complicated wall set-up here, but I was trying to use two different materials. Anyhow, it seems to be working well in open GL, but in hidden line, on sheet pages, the surface hatch does not align, mainly the brick. Is there a way to get those to line up? It is set up as a surface hatch associated with a texture.
  4. Thanks @Matt Panzer but it seems the height value changes the actual height of the door. What we need to be able to change is the sill height of the garage door in the wall. Similar to what we are able to modify the window objects.
  5. Thanks for the workaround Perter. Unfortunately, I have entered into the world of stories on this one. It is confounding that you wouldn't be able to set the sill height of a door, especially a garage door. It seems that many of the BIM functions in Vectorworks require some workaround. It's a frustrating set-up.
  6. Is there a way to lower the sill of the garage door? It seems to be tied to the slab of the first-floor story, but I need it to drop about 12" below the floor level of the first floor.
  7. @Wes Gardner Thanks Wes. That does make sense.
  8. I may have stumbled on a solution! In the wall style, I changed the top value for the materials to "relative to top of wall" and follow wall peaks. Ss this the preferred method?
  9. Hi Everyone! We are attempting to model the house pictured below. There are several intermediate roofs and overhangs, notably the one in the rear. The first floor has a ceiling height of 10'-0," and the rear living space jumps to 12'-0". We can't seem to get the walls to the correct height. We have tried increasing the wall height and fit walls to the roof. Neither of which took the walls to the right height. I would imagine there is an easy solution, but it is beyond my current understanding. Any help would be fantastic.
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone, probably ought to just jump in!
  11. With this great sale going on... I was wondering what the group thought of upgrading from Vectorworks architect to designer, for the addition of landmark toolset. I know there a few site related tools that would make life a bit easier, specifically I recall one that modifies the site model to building's foundation wall. Or perhaps I dreamt that one! We are a small group of architects working mostly on residential and small commercial projects. I'd love to hear what you think.
  12. Thank you both. I will certainly give both recommendations a try. At the end of the day, we want to use the software to create the sections and elevations instead of just utilizing it for plan, and door/window information as we have been doing for some time. It's frustrating that there has to be a workaround for something that so fundamental to architecture. Maybe I'm off in the weeds here, but I don't think we have many projects that actually exist on one continuous plane. They are always modulating is section.
  13. I have tried to keep everything on the Floor-01 layer and move the slabs through the z offset. This could be an option but I'm not sure how to get the walls to follow the change. Is there a better way to set things up so changes are updated automatically?
  14. We are making the leap from a hybrid 2D/BIM workflow to a total BIM workflow. (or at least trying to make the move) I wanted to see what the group would start setting up the stories for a project like the one pictured below. It's a pretty simple IBC townhouse project on a slightly sloping site, dropping about 40" from the north to the south. The floor to floor height on all 6 units is 10'-0" but the finish floor steps down with the site. And while similar, all the units are not the same. I wouldn't think you would want to make a story for each condition, but I am also unsure as to input the offsets for walls, slabs, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.


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